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Everyone knows that for many cats are one of the most beloved pets. They are loved, cared for, groomed and cherished by millions of people around the world. And this is not surprising, because such fluffy animals have a lot of positive qualities. It's no secret that today there are a huge variety of different breeds of cats. All of them, as a rule, differ in a number of signs and features. One of the most famous and popular breeds today is the European cat.

Origin and history of the breed

Versions of its origin are very contradictory. There is evidence according to which, the European breed of cats appeared at the time of the spread of the Roman conquerors in European countries. However, there is another opinion that says that it has existed since ancient times in the courtyards of peasants (separately located). According to other sources, since the nineteenth century, breeding has been carried out in Germany, England, Sweden and France.

Undoubtedly, the European shorthair cat, whose photo can be seen in our article and in many other sources, is a very common pet today. Its first standards were recorded back in 1925. Its modern type was initially similar to the British shorthair, and only in 1981 it was officially proved that the European cat is an independent breed. However, this species is still not recognized in English countries, although many Europeans are known to live almost all over the world.


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The popularity of Europeans in modern times

The European breed of cats is considered one of the most widespread in the territory of the Russian Federation. Its number is quite numerous. However, no matter how strange it may seem, many amateurs and the corresponding clubs in Russia began to treat Europeans somewhat disdainfully. They consider them an ordinary breed that does not deserve special attention. Many similar clubs do not even want to breed such species as European smooth-haired cats. They consider this occupation to be thankless work, because this breed is not very popular today, as well as not quite commercial and quite complicated in the breeding process.

Solely due to the presence of a few enthusiasts, you can see these beautiful animals at various special cat shows, but in a fairly small number. A European forest cat may also be present here. At the same time, this type of animal still takes part in the main show of the "Best in Show" exhibitions along with numerous other breeds, and in some situations wins.

People very often keep simple domestic representatives of the feline family, which do not quite meet such a standard as a European cat. And this is not surprising, since the presence of short hair and the usual appearance of an animal is not yet an indicator of Europeans. At the same time, any breeds have their own standards that cats must meet.

Genetics, or as a result of which the breed of European cats arose

The European cat, whose photo can decorate any wall or album, belongs to natural feline breeds. This species developed without any special outside interference from humans. If we consider ideal similar animals of such a breed, then we can say that they are absolutely free from genetic interaction with other breeds.

In the process of breeding such a variety as the European breed of cats (photo in the special literature is proof of this), the selection of the best types of producers is carried out, certain efforts are directed to ensure that the result is a healthy and stable livestock of such pets. And in order to give any specific universal description to such cats, you need to try very hard, because this process is quite complicated. In addition, there is also the Burmese European cat and a number of other species of this breed.

Appearance and characteristics of Europeans

She is a beautiful, healthy, statuesque and harmoniously built cat. At the same time, the animal has a bright and unique personality of its own. Such cats are affectionate and kind, but unobtrusive and do not require increased care (compared to such a variety as the European wild cat). This breed is considered sanguine in nature. In other words, its representatives are balanced and at the same time playful right up to old age. At the same time, they can quite easily adapt to any rhythm of their master's life, but they do not fully obey him. In addition, they are considered excellent mousers and rat catchers. All these signs create a unique image of a real cat.

Thus, the European cat is a breed that has developed in a very natural way. At the same time, breeders did not participate in the process. Back in 1982, its first standard appeared. Breeding began in England, in addition, it was supported by Germany, which drew attention to the special natural specific gift of these unusual animals. Already at the Berlin Exhibition (1938), a pied piper cat was shown, serving as an unsurpassed defender of barns. And in 1997, they also tried to separate such a breed as the European shorthair cat, whose photo is now far from uncommon, into the so-called “Celtic”, but this name has not taken root.

The nature of European smooth-haired cats and their features

As for the nature of these animals themselves, it is quite difficult to describe their disposition. This is because each individual is a bright personality. In most cases, she is quite statuesque and very beautiful, in addition, she is unpretentious and unobtrusive, and also easily fits into the modern rhythm of the owner's life.

In the nineties, at a special exhibition in Prague, numerous Moscow owners of similar European shorthair cats made contacts with amateurs from France, they also like to engage in this breed. In European countries, it is usually carried away by the French, Czechs and Italians.

If we consider the American countries, then there were also and now there are lovers of such a species as the European breed of cats. In general, an absolutely normal domestic cat became their favorite, and some time ago many engaged in the process of breeding it. However, they gave special preference to animals with a silver-marble color. At the same time, the standard of American shorthair cats is somewhat different from European ones, but in fact they are the same animal. In addition, silver-marble cats are very often imported from America and often win various European competitions.

Availability of European cats' color solutions today

To date, in many color forms, the European shorthair cat, whose photo is common in many sources, can compete even with the well-known Persian and so-called Oriental shorthair cats. These individuals managed to get even to the third place in the list of the most popular cat breeds. At the same time, they were ahead of such as the well-known Abyssinian and exotic. European shorthair cats are beautiful, stately, healthy and harmonious animals. Quite a few experts claim that of all such cats, this species is the only real cat.

Attitude towards Europeans in various countries of the world

It is very strange, but in Russia and in many European countries, many pet lovers are quite dismissive of such a species as the European forest cat.

At the same time, when such short-haired guests from America appear at many exhibitions, they receive no less attention than representatives of the Persians. In reality, the shorthair cat from European countries is in no way inferior to American individuals, and they are also quite close varieties.

Care for Europeans

It is necessary to bathe all representatives of shorthair breeds no more than once every five months. This process is the main means of grooming, while for some individuals, the usual licking is enough. It must be remembered that bathing is prohibited more often than the specified period, since very frequent washing leads to degreasing of the wool and makes it dry, and also increases its fragility. For the same reasons, you should not use powder, because it is necessary exclusively for the care of the fur of Persian cats. European smooth-haired cats usually bathe before special exhibitions, but sometimes they can get too smeared, then the cleaning process should be accompanied by certain rules.

Rules of care for such cats

Usually a common problem with claws. It can be solved quite easily - they just need to be trimmed or filed. This procedure can be done as early as three months.

As for the ears, they should always be clean in cats, cleaning should be done as soon as they become dirty. It is necessary to check the contamination at least once a week. There may be fat, various dust, as well as natural secretions, they are removed with a special cotton swab.

When caring for the fur of European smooth-haired cats, you can use special brushes, combs and so-called slickers. The latter are special brushes with the presence of thin and frequent metal teeth. But at the same time, you need to remember that their tips should not be too sharp, so as not to damage the pet's skin. The breed of short-haired cats (when compared with long-haired cats) does not need too frequent combing. This process should be carried out only during the molting season.

Bathing features

It is necessary to fill the bath with warm water, while placing a small terry towel on the bottom. This will help the cat feel more confident. In order not to get shampoo or soap foam into your eyes, you need to drop a couple of eye drops immediately before bathing. In addition, you can take a strong bag and add a portion of shampoo there, and then put the animal there. The head remains outside at the same time. After that, half submerge in water. Thus, the cat can wash through the pouch.

Who are European cats?

Based on the above, the conclusion suggests itself that European cats are quite special and individual animals. They are very difficult to describe unambiguously. In general, they are cute, healthy and harmoniously developed. They are quite unassuming in care, as well as kind and affectionate. These are their main features. In addition, the main features of smooth-haired cats include the fact that they are never imposed and have increased poise. At the same time, the animals are very playful until old age. Such cats easily fit into the life of their owner, but they never completely obey him.

And another useful and characteristic feature is that such pets are considered excellent rat catchers and mousers, which is very effective in the household. Therefore, the choice in favor of European shorthair cats is fully justified.

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