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Bactericidal devices are just an ideal option for disinfection of indoor air. The use of emitters in kindergartens, hospitals, as well as in apartments where there are children is especially relevant. Today we will find out what quartz lamps for the house are, reviews about them, and also find out which unit to choose for a room and a group in kindergarten, so as not to harm the child's health in the end.

Classification of devices

Depending on their purpose, quartz lamps are divided into 3 groups:

1. An open radiator.

2. Closed unit.

3. Quartz lamps of special application.

The outdoor device is mainly used in hospitals and kindergartens. Ultraviolet emitters of this type eliminate bacteria and viruses on all possible surfaces, as well as in the air. But there is an important point here: at the time of turning on the unit, it is necessary to withdraw all people, and if they are bedridden patients, then they need to be covered with blankets.

The quartz lamp of the closed type is placed in medical, as well as in preschool institutions. The peculiarity of this type of device is that during its operation people can not be taken out of the room, which is quartered.

The most popular type of device in question are blue special purpose lamps. They are most often used by the population, as well as medical workers. People with the help of such a device eliminate various diseases of infectious or bacterial origin. And in hospitals, this unit is always used in dentistry to make the polymer filling of teeth harden faster, and in the hospital, human organs are treated with such an ENT emitter.

Ailments in which it is recommended to use the specified device

There are specific diseases, the course of which can be greatly facilitated with the help of a quartz lamp. Among such ailments are the following:


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- bronchitis;

- runny nose of allergic origin;

- various diseases of the respiratory organs;

- sore throat;

- rhinitis;

- tonsillitis and pharyngitis;

- various female diseases;

- skin diseases;

- tuberculous bone lesion;

- wounds;

- broken bones.

This is an incomplete list of problems that a closed-type quartz lamp can cope with. If there are health disorders, then be sure to tell the attending doctor that you have such a device in your house. It is possible that a specialist will prescribe additional procedures using the unit in question.

Choosing an irradiator for preschool

An open-type irradiator must be accompanied by documents for the sanitary inspection station. The passport must contain the date of its production, which must be stamped, and also specify clear terms of operation. Quartz lamp for kindergarten is used in such capacities: 15 or 30 watts. The calculation should be carried out by the volume of air:

- OBN-35M device: 15 W - 124 cubic meters, exposure for 0.5 hours;

- OBN-75M lamp: 30 W - 248 cubic meters for half an hour.

Consider the above recommendations with examples:

1. The game room in the group has a ceiling height of 3.5 m and an area of 70 sq. m. Calculation: 70x3.5=245 cubic meters. This means that an irradiator with a power of 30 watts is needed for such a room.

2. The locker room has a height of 3.5 m and an area of 20 sq. m. Calculation: 3.5x20=70 cubic meters. This means that a device with a power of 15 watts is suitable for this room.

The irradiator can be fixed on the wall or on the ceiling, and it is better to expose it for the period of processing the premises.

Quartz lamp for kindergarten should be selected according to the above method. For such institutions, the OBN-35M and OBN-75M devices have proven themselves well.

Opinions about radiators for preschool institutions

Most parents whose children go to kindergarten, where quartz is carried out with the above-described lamps, are satisfied with the result. They are sure that thanks to these parting the kids have become less sick. And parents are also satisfied with the low price of these units. The educators have their own opinion on this. As for the effect, they are definitely in favor of such devices being operated in a group, but there are comments about the functionality. So, the paint on the devices peels off over time, and the most significant disadvantage is that manufacturers have not thought out a shutdown timer for such models. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the time and not miss the moment when the lamp should be turned off.

Choosing an irradiator for an apartment

Devices with a power of 8 and 15 watts are suitable for home use. It is very important to wipe the device with a dry cloth every time before use, otherwise the level of bactericidal radiation will abruptly disappear in a dusty lamp.

For rooms up to 10 sq. m. An 8-watt OBN-20 lamp is suitable for m, you need to use it for no more than 20 minutes.

For premises from 10 to 30 sq. m. m it is recommended to purchase an OBN20 device with a power of 15 watts. The usage time is no more than 15 minutes.

Some people buy such lamps for their homes: "qUartz-125" and "qUartz-240". The first device is designed for an area of up to 40 sq. m, and the second - up to 80 sq. m. M.

Opinions about radiators for apartments

Quartz lamps for home reviews are mostly positive. People note a significant improvement in their health after using the Quartz-125, qUartz-240, and OBN-20 emitters. Also, users are satisfied with the democratic cost of these devices.

But there are also negative reviews, which are expressed in the following: some people, due to their inexperience, purchased devices of the above models, and as a result received not the original, but a fake. Therefore, before buying an irradiator, it is necessary to check the documents, certificates of conformity, as well as the terms of its operation. Other users did not take into account the fact that you do not need to use the device for more than 20 minutes, and as a result they got burns. It is necessary to treat quartz lamps with all seriousness and caution, otherwise you can only make yourself and your family worse.

Quartz lamp "Sun" OFK. Consumer Reviews

Treatment with such a device perfectly strengthens the immune system, brings the body back to normal, normalizes metabolism. The "Sun" lamp will become relevant in the autumn-winter period, when there is a lack of vitamin D. It is a kind of alternative to the sun. Irradiation with this device is recommended for adolescents during puberty, when the activity of the sebaceous glands increases.

Indications and contraindications to the use of the device:

- can be used by children starting from 5 years old;

- people who have dry skin cannot be irradiated with a quartz lamp;

- it is necessary to start treatment with such a device from 1 minute, gradually increasing the time to 5 minutes, no more;

- quartz lamp OFC 01 "Sun" should be used only after prior consultation with a doctor.

Consumer reviews of the device

The lamp "Sunny" has a lot of positive responses. Many, having tried it on themselves and their households, note a significant improvement in health, increased immunity, so that children and the elderly stop getting sick and mope much less.

Cases have been described when children had a runny nose for a long time. Parents tried a lot of vasoconstrictors, nothing helped. However, five sessions of treatment with the "Sun" lamp turned out to be enough for the runny nose to disappear and the children began to breathe well through their nose.

Consumers are delighted with the device in question, because it perfectly helps the whole family to fight diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Also, a lot of positive reviews were collected by the children's quartz lamp "Sunny", used for teenagers. It is a real panacea in the fight against acne and pimples, because it dries the skin, as a result of which the pustule dries up and no longer appears.

Crystal lamp for home use

This device is of an open type, so you need to use it in the absence of people in the room. Quartz lamp "Crystal" is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus. Such an irradiator can be operated in residential and non-residential premises at temperatures from +4 to +35 degrees and air humidity up to 80%.

The Crystal device is perfectly transported from one room to another, it can be placed on any horizontal surface. The main element of the irradiator – a lamp that, when activated, begins to emit ultraviolet rays.

Features of using the device:

  1. Since this is an open unit, in action it can harm a person's eyes, so you only need to turn on and off the Crystal lamp with special glasses.
  2. When the room is decontaminated, it is necessary to ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Follow the instructions for use: carefully remove the irradiator and lamp from the box. Then wipe the appliance with a soft, dry cloth. Carefully insert the lamp into the cartridge. It should be taken out very carefully after use. In order not to damage it, hold it by the base.

Consumer reviews

"Crystal" (quartz lamps for home) has only positive reviews. Firstly, people note the compactness of such devices, ease of operation. Secondly, an undoubted positive effect is produced on patients: they get back to normal faster, they get sick less often. But if you do not read the instructions and do not adhere to its recommendations, then there may still be harm from the device. This applies to the prolonged stay of the switched-on device in a closed room, as a result of which plants and flowers may die.

Application rules

Home quartz lamps, if used incorrectly, can cause serious harm to the body. Therefore, before buying such a unit and starting to be treated with it, it is necessary to go to a doctor's appointment so that he gives the go-ahead for such procedures.

The general rules for using the lamp are as follows:

1. Take out the safety glasses that come with the device and be sure to put them on before turning on the irradiator.

2. It is necessary to start quartering 5 minutes after the activation of the unit. During this time, the lamp will enter normal operation.

3. Do not put the device close to the skin. The distance between the lamp and the problem area should be at least 50 cm.

4. Be sure to use special sunscreens before you quartz.

5. It is necessary to increase the time of the procedure gradually, starting from thirty seconds.

6. In no case should the lamp be used longer than the prescribed time, as this will lead to over-drying of the skin, and in the future pigmented spots may appear on the integuments.

7. At the end of the session, you need to turn off the unit, and it will be possible to turn it on again only after half an hour, when the lamp cools down completely on its own.


Today you learned about devices that help get rid of harmful microorganisms and microbes in the room. These are quartz lamps for the home. Reviews of the above-described emitters are positive, so you can safely go to a specialized store and buy devices such as "Crystal", "Sun", "qUartz-125", "qUartz-240", "OBN-20". The main thing is to check the product quality certificates before buying, as well as the shelf life of the goods. And be sure to read the instructions on how to use the lamp. Be healthy!

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