Basic guidelines and rules for parents whose children attend kindergarten


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Speaking about the upbringing of a child, parents often mean certain words and actions that should affect him. But in fact, parenting is about working on yourself. Adults make demands that kids begin to resist over time. In order for the educational process to be successful, there are certain rules for parents.


Adults do not always think about what they need to change in themselves, but they persistently try to remake children. To raise successful and happy people, moms and dads need to know the main nuances.

  1. Patience. This is the most important thing for parents, because children like to test them for "strength". If patience is not enough, it is very difficult to adequately treat a crying and capricious child. The physical and moral health of the baby depends on this quality. When love and mutual understanding reign at home, children are happy and get sick much less often. Hot-tempered mom and dad are not the best "gift" for the child's psyche. If this memo is remembered all the time, the rules for parents will help to avoid scandals and misunderstandings in the family.
  2. Honesty. Trust is almost the most important component of any family. This also applies to the relationship between children and parents. In no case should adults lie to children, as they can kill their faith in people. Do not underestimate the child and assume that he is still small and stupid. Parents' lies bring a lot of problems to the offspring in adulthood. If a word is given to a child, it must be kept.
  3. Unobtrusive. Children always subconsciously question their parents' words, so they prefer to check everything on their own experience. Watching your child make mistakes is very painful, but you need to realize that it is inevitable. Excessive obsession will only alienate the baby. But, of course, parents should explain everything and warn their children.
  4. Flexibility. Compromises are important in any relationship, so moms and dads need to leave their principles for other cases. Parenting is about agreements and concessions. This is the only way a child can become a harmonious person. Also, do not forget that all children are individual, and you need to look for an approach to everyone.
  5. Sense of humor. In life it is very difficult to do without it, especially in the process of raising children. Meeting difficulties with a smile and not being afraid to overcome them is the privilege of strong people. The child will follow the example of his parents and easily solve problems without dropping his hands.


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Parenting is interesting!

Parents who understand that raising a child is interesting always find time for their children. They do not consider motherhood and fatherhood a heavy burden.

But every parent should definitely find time for themselves, because people sometimes need rest. And happy and joyful mom and dad are the dream of every child. Everyday worries and troubles shake the nervous system, and breakdowns occur at the most inopportune moment. If there is a desire to "explode", in no case should you do it in the presence of the baby, even if he behaves badly. Before starting the educational process, you need to calm down.

If you follow these rules for parents, raising children will bring only pleasure.

Going to kindergarten

Children's institutions are not an easy test not only for children, but also for adults. There are rules for parents. There is no need to be afraid of kindergarten when performing them. In order for the adaptation of the baby to be easy, it needs to be prepared in advance for visiting the institution. First of all, it is necessary to bring his regime as close as possible to the kindergarten and teach the child elementary self-service skills. All conversations about the garden should be only positive, then the baby will feel like an adult and serious.

What should parents whose children attend kindergarten know?

In order to avoid conflicts between employees of the institution and moms and dads of children, certain rules have been developed for parents. There is no need to be afraid of kindergarten, you just need to prepare.

  • It is necessary to bring the child before the set hour so as not to violate the approved regime.
  • Parents personally bring and pick up children, all exceptions are discussed with the teacher of the group and documented.
  • You can not pick up children later than the time specified in the Charter of the institution.
  • The child is not transferred to persons in a state of intoxication.
  • Parents are obliged to bring only a healthy child in clean clothes and shoes. There should be a change of clothes, Czechs and a physical education uniform in the locker.
  • The child should not be allowed to bring sharp parts, small objects and other elements that may be dangerous to children into the garden.
  • Parents must provide all necessary certificates about the child's health status, as well as report any changes to personal data, such as address and phone number.
  • The parent is obliged to pay the prescribed fee for the garden up to the date specified in the Charter, as well as comply with other provisions prescribed in this document.

These are the most basic rules, which will help to avoid trouble and build good relations with the kindergarten staff.

What should parents of schoolchildren know?

For a child, school is a real stress. There are a lot of new and exciting things there, besides, it's not an easy task to sit through all the lessons. Therefore, all children are very tired. There are rules for parents of schoolchildren that will help to establish the learning process. First of all, it is compliance with the regime. There must be a long sleep, proper nutrition and moderate physical activity. Watching TV should be limited to 30 minutes a day. It is useful for the child to be in the fresh air more. It is important that the student has a positive attitude, so it is better to start the morning with kind words and jokes.

There is no need to read a long lecture to a child. Apart from fatigue, they will not cause anything. It is better to praise a little schoolboy for the fact that he managed to work on his own for several hours.

Requirements for parents

The rules for parents at school will help establish good relations with teachers and management, so you definitely need to know them.

  • If parents want to communicate with the teacher, it is necessary to arrange a meeting in advance. You need to come to school with an identity document. The guard should be informed of the surname and first name, as well as the purpose of the visit.
  • You can not bring bulky bags to school. As a last resort, they should be left on duty. If the arrival of adults is unplanned, the guard finds out the purpose of the visit and lets them pass, accompanied by the administrator on duty.
  • The rules for parents at school state that it is necessary to wait for the child until his classes are over at the entrance to the school building.
  • So that the student treats the educational process and teachers respectfully, parents should never speak unflatteringly about teaching staff and allow them to be late for classes.

Baby safety

Until the child becomes quite an adult, his safety completely depends on the parents. It's not enough just to tell the kid about the various threats that may be waiting for him. It is necessary to know the rules of the road. For parents, the main task is to explain to the child in an accessible way how to protect themselves. It is very important to show everything by personal example, then children will behave cautiously in the future.

What do I need to talk to my baby about?

The child needs to be told the following:

  • Why do you need a traffic light, what do its colors mean.
  • Explain the traffic rules and their importance.
  • Tell about how to cross the road correctly, also clarify the difference between the roadway and the sidewalk.
  • Parents should tell the baby about what to do in a dangerous or difficult situation. First of all, it is to call for help. If the child is older, then he can call adults. The rules for parents state that they are obliged to make sure that the child knows how to use the phone and knows the main numbers that may be useful to him. You can put a cheat sheet in his pocket.
  • Explain what road signs mean, describe them and demonstrate them clearly to the child.
  • Teach the child to use ground and underground passages and tell about the "zebra".

The safety of the baby is the task of parents

The child should clearly understand that the rules of behavior for parents on the road also apply to him. Therefore, in no case should you cross the road in the wrong place.

When mom and dad set a good example to a child, it is fixed in his subconscious. And then, even in adulthood, he will behave the same way as his mentor.

If you follow these safety rules, there will be one less reason for parents to worry. They will be sure that their child will not get lost in a difficult situation and will take care of himself.

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