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The older the child gets, the more demands are made on him. For example, children of the younger kindergarten groups do not have to prepare for school, but in preparatory groups children purposefully develop skills that will be useful to them further. And this is in any institution. The drawing lesson in the preparatory group is focused on preparing the child for school lessons. Its main goal is to test the imagination and the level of moral readiness for a change of scenery.

Main topics of classes

Of course, children draw in kindergartens, and quite a lot. But about once a week a special class is held. Drawing in the preparatory group takes place on a certain topic. The most basic of them are:

  • Spring;
  • Winter;
  • Summer;
  • Autumn;
  • Space;
  • Animals;
  • Nature;
  • Transport.

Sometimes there is a very special, interesting activity. Non-traditional drawing (preparatory group) implies the use of any other material suitable for depicting thoughts, not paints.

What kind of technique

This approach allows the child to develop comprehensively. That is, he chooses what kind of material to use in order to realize his idea in life. For example, children often take colored cardboard, from which they make applications, which also belong to an unconventional method of drawing, if they are decorated with paintings. Sometimes kids choose oil crayons or wax pencils. They are convenient to draw with, and most importantly - they do not dirty your hands and clothes. Drawing classes in the preparatory group, although planned by educators, are usually completely controlled by the children themselves. It is they who decide how and with what their drawings will be made.


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THeme: winter

In December, January and February, educators usually ask exactly such a topic for classes. Children decide what exactly they need to create on paper. The drawing lesson in the preparatory group on the theme "Winter" usually includes the image of such elements:

  • Snowflakes;
  • Winter forest or nature;
  • New Year's houses and decor;
  • Outdoor games;
  • Favorite winter games.

What do babies portray? Usually these are classes for imagination: everyone decides for himself what is more interesting and closer to him. For example, many people draw sleds or skis, their family on the street, the new year at home, winter nature. Children really love freedom in creativity! In the preparatory group, the kids usually already know exactly how this or that element is drawn. For example, that the Christmas tree can be represented by several triangles, and the house consists of other figures that they are familiar with.

Educator's task

If the child does not know how to depict this or that element, then the head should prompt him, show him, help. This is his main task. In addition, the educator should talk about which figures will help in drawing, what they are called, where they can be seen. All this knowledge will be useful later for children at school. Moreover, some educational institutions do not even accept poorly prepared kids to school.

The task of parents

A drawing lesson in the kindergarten preparatory group helps the child to develop. The task of parents is to support all the initiatives of their children, to tell them exactly what knowledge they will need in the future, why it is important, why it is necessary. And, of course, to draw with him at home. Classes in kindergarten are not enough, it is worth paying attention to home exercises.

Theme: space

This is one of the most important subjects for drawing in kindergarten. Why? Because space exploration is so interesting! What kids usually draw:

  • Rockets;
  • Planets;
  • Stars;
  • Asteroids;
  • Comets;
  • Aliens;
  • space cars.

And this is far from the limit of fantasies. It is noteworthy that the drawing lesson in the preparatory group on the topic "space" is accompanied by a teacher's story about what space is, what is in it, who are astronauts, what they do, why it is important and necessary. These are not just art lessons, they are whole interesting mini-lectures that affect the development of kids, their thinking, their perception of the world.

Theme: spring

This theme is very similar to winter, although it naturally has its own peculiarities and nuances. Firstly, the drawing lesson in the preparatory group on the theme "Spring" includes several subtopics at once. Secondly, educators need to additionally prepare various materials for exercises. What subtopics are commonly used:

  • What is spring;
  • Spring in the forest;
  • Urban spring;
  • March eighth;
  • Easter.

What materials are usually prepared by educators:

  • Why winter is going away;
  • What is a drop;
  • How green leaves and grass appear;
  • What is the holiday "March 8", why it is celebrated, how mothers, grandmothers, sisters are congratulated;
  • What is "Easter", and everything related to it.

All this knowledge will certainly be useful to children in the future. In addition, the school often asks questions about the surrounding world, natural processes, how and what is arranged in nature. Kids who have known this since kindergarten, perceive new information much easier, feel more confident in a new environment, adapt faster.

Why preparation is important

The children, coming to school, at first experience some stress, because the situation is changing, the requirements for them are different, the form of presentation of educational material is completely different, new people are around. And you have to get used to everything! Therefore, it is important already in the preparatory group to start teaching children what can be useful to them in primary school. And prepare them for change. It is noteworthy that it is drawing classes that help kids to perceive new information easier and faster. Child psychologists have proven that information that is served in a pleasant and kind environment is well absorbed. Drawing also contributes to comprehensive development: kids not only do something with pens, but also listen, memorize, and put into practice the knowledge they have gained. It is very important that parents support children's interest in fine art, give them new knowledge and topics for exercises. In no case should these be executive orders, but rather recommendations and advice. Children do not like and do not perceive what is imposed on them, but they like it when attention is paid to their interests. Parents and educators should encourage the initiatives and skills of kids to stimulate their further development. At the same time, errors also need to be pointed out, but in a soft and correct form.

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