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All people know that natural is better than artificial significantly. The same applies to fabrics. In this article I want to talk about tissues, namely, to decide: poplin or calico – which is better? What each of them are good and what to choose?

poplin or calico which is better


In the first place is to say that it is all cotton materials, which are always well evaluated by the people. In fact, they are natural, allow the body to breathe, do not cause a variety of allergic and other skin reactions. A distinctive feature of these tissues is still strength, which is very important.

Bed linens

Before a person can become a choice: either poplin or calico, or satin. What is better in the case when you need to buy linens? Because these materials are used for its production. Can occur a logical question: "what is the difference if all of these fabrics were cotton?". There is one thing – it is a special weave of each of them, and that gives the desired effect. However, it should be said that some sly manufacturers of bed linen in the manufacture may add some synthetic fiber which is similar in nature with cotton. Therefore, when buying a bed linen is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients (look for the label "100 % cotton"), and not to rely only on their hands and feelings.

poplin what is this fabric


To Understand the issue "Poplin or calico – which is better?" preferably in stages. We begin with a fabric like calico. It cotton with plain weave. It is worth saying that this fabric is most often used in the manufacture of bed linen. Blame - the optimal combination of "price-quality". Choosing a bed from calico, you should know that it has some great properties that everyone will like:


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  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Hygiene;
  • Excellent saving pattern for many years.

Reviews of many Housewives say that these bedding sets can withstand many washings without losing its color and having a relatively low cost. With regard to the manufacturing process, the distinctive feature of this fabric is that it is no problem to make any picture (the structure of the fiber allows it). However, it has its drawbacks. Of the three, poplin-satin-calico, this fabric is very rough, and its rough surface is not to everyone's taste and choice. However, for those who are not important tactile component, this material is the leader when choosing bed linen.

poplin or calico or satin, what is better


Analyzing the theme of "Poplin or calico – which is better?", need more details to stop on this fabric, like poplin. By its nature it also of cotton, in the production method is used again plain weave. However, the caveat is that its composition can be added silk, viscose, wool, and even synthetic inclusions. The peculiarity of this fabric is that it was made for use two strands – thick and thin, so it is as if ribbed. Many people may ask the seller: "Poplin – what is this fabric?". After all, to see at first glance the differences is impossible. If you look at the sheeting and poplin are near, few people will find some special features. However, all can be felt. So, poplin softer, smoother, has a smooth surface and desired by many Shine. Interesting will be the fact that the wear resistance of sheets of this material are also very high and practically not inferior calico. However, it is worth to enumerate the value of such material, as a poplin.

  • Retains shape and color;
  • Material pleasant to the touch;
  • Retains heat, absorbs moisture;
  • Hardly wrinkled.

It is Worth saying that in the operation of bedding of poplin feels great, it can be washed at different temperatures, including at 100°. Also, many will like it and the price of such sets, it is relatively low.

linen poplin


When Choosing bedding and quickly: "Poplin or calico – which is better?" - it is necessary to pay attention to a fabric like satin. What features does it have? This is a cotton fabric which is produced by a special weave is very thin and twisted thread, thereby providing the effect of gloss magazine. Hallmarks of the collection of this material will be:

  • High strength
  • Practicality;
  • Pleasant tactile feel.

For many will seem important is the fact that underwear is not inferior to his silk equivalent, but is more affordable. Drawing on this material can be applied to any, during washing it does not lose its color. There is a coupon satin, when, for example, duvet cover and pillowcase executed in different techniques, have different pattern, but same color scheme. Mako-satin - Egyptian type of cotton, the manufacture of which use technology of mercerization (for strength and Shine). One thing worth mentioning is that slightly overpaying for satin bed linen, it is possible to obtain not only a beautiful set, but also the highest quality.

linen calico

What to choose?

So what to choose? Here every man must see what he wants to. The most affordable price linen - coarse calico. However, it is not suitable for people, which are important for tactile sensation, because it has a little rough texture. Followed by poplin. What kind of tissue is this – clear. Bedding sets from her will be more pleasant, after all, have a smooth structure. However, other characteristics, including pricing, almost similar to the calico. Well, the most luxurious option would be the satin, which will please even the most pampered customers. Nice structure, great view, all the necessary characteristics – it can be found in satin bed linen. And for many become the main is the fact that there are so beautiful pictures, that bed can become not only a necessary element of life, but also decoration of bedroom.


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