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Lovers observing the underwater Kingdom I think that the most popular aquarium fish-guppies. These kids are a subspecies of the family Poeciliidae, with more than a hundred and seventy diverse types of viviparous freshwater fish.

There are varieties of guppies (photo and title we will present in this article) that can adapt to life in temperate salt water.variety guppy

Distribution in nature

This breed of fishes brought to Europe from the island of Trinidad, where they live in fresh clear water and feed on live food (groves mosquitoes, grubs, moths, mosquitoes, small insects). In natural conditions, guppies are much smaller aquarium. Varieties of guppy fish found in the North of the Amazon, in Venezuela and Brazil, South America on the Islands of Barbados, Trinidad.

They are undemanding and can live in different conditions. For this reason, they sometimes can be found in small cool waters. Surprisingly, the wild population lives in the Moscow river in the town of Lyubertsy, and these exotic fish are not even afraid of the harsh Russian frosts.

Gender differences

All varieties of guppies (photos you can see in this article) have some common characteristics. First of all it concerns sex differences. Viviparous the female does not lay eggs, like the vast majority of fish, but gives birth to live fry. It is noticeably larger than the male — its body length ranges from 3 to 7 centimeters. From the male can be distinguished by the coloration that is not as rich and colorful, and if a female is waiting for the offspring, then her belly increased. In individuals living under natural conditions, — colourless tail fins and greyish scales, the inhabitants of the aquarium, breeding types, have a bright color.variety guppy


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Males do not exceed a length of four inches. They are distinguished by the copulatory moveable pen, called gonopodia. It can be with a claw and without it. It is the organ of reproduction. Males have a great pedigree, beautiful and long tail. Thanks to him, the small body seems much larger.

Types of guppies

Guppy Varieties, photos and title which can be found in almost every Handbook on aquarium, astonishingly varied. In this article we will introduce you to the most popular ones.

Poecilia reticulata

This is the most common aquarium species, belonging to the family Poeciliidae fish. Specimens of small size, the lifetime of which in the aquarium is three years. This species was bred by crossing the wild samples.


A Fish of the family Poeciliidae has a beautiful multicolored coat. She has a pointy mouth, and some members of the species have stripes on the sides and a round spot near the tail. Males grow to four inches, females — to five. These fish like lightly salted water and prefer to live in a separate aquarium. Owners need to know that this form can not be crossed with regular guppies.

Guppies of Sandler

This is a close relative of the common guppy was first described in 1937 by Franklyn F. bond, who found her in the lake Laguna de Patos (Venezuela), but then the fish became popular. Moreover, until 1975, was considered extinct. Today, there are a great number of subspecies of this fish. Varieties of guppy aquarium of Sandler, we will present you below.

Females of this species, as a rule, Golden or silver color, and males — bright color throughout the body. Guppies of Sandler significantly smaller than their counterparts, their size does not exceed four inches. Lives a fish is not more than two years.

Types of tails and fins

Today, the variety of aquarium fish, guppies can be divided into two categories: color and type of fins and tails. Tail the tail may have a different length and shape. The longest it globotech individuals — equal to the body length. Dorsal fins of all the species raised at the base. The type of tails of fish are divided into:

  • Globotech — with rounded tips;
  • Plagioclastic — reminiscent of the flag;
  • Vualehvostki (or skirt) — the plumage resembles a veil;
  • Copahost — pointed like a spear;
  • Linkworth — has the shape of a lyre;
  • Dual sword — the lower and upper feathers similar to a sharpened sword;
  • Top of the sword — upper caudal rays pointed and have the shape of a sword;
  • Triangel — the triangular tail, which resembles not a fully opened fan;
  • Eurohostex — reminiscent of an open fan with a rounded tip.

Guppy: varieties of color, photos

All existing types of guppies — it's breeding, artificially bred varieties of the usual fish. The most common color is blue with red, yellow tails and red fireworks, the German red blond, Berlin gold, tomato, and others. varieties of guppy photo

Yellow German guppy

Fish have a distinct yellow colour: from light yellow to bright lemon. A breed developed by German breeders, has a delicate Golden hue, the scales shimmering in different colors — from deep ultramarine to light blue in color, head white fish.varieties of guppy photo and name

Moscow blue guppy

Are characterized by intense and brilliant blue, from pale blue to the color of the dark night sky. Selection categories have beautiful plumage, and its body size reaches 4 and 5 centimeters.

Moscow blue-green

Have blue-green color with black, blue, Golden and white specks. Head silvery light.

Red blonde

Its unusual name, the fish was named for the bright red color which predominates in the coloration of the tail. The head is white and body is whitish with Golden coating. varieties of guppy photo

Carnation carpet

This fish is the tail resembles the ragged edge of the flower. It is painted in orange-red or orange with dark patches, reminiscent of the intricate pattern of the carpet.

Venezuela Japanese

The Dwarf variety of guppies with colorful color. Has multi-colored red, black, green, Golden, blue spots and stripes.

The Black Prince

This spectacular fish was bred in Moscow. Individuals are distinguished by black colour of the caudal fin. Head with whitish silver and gold tones. The fins also can be Golden, silver, purple and blue.

Red dragon

Alai a kind of guppy. Her body can reach (and even exceed) four centimeters. Elite representatives of this species are red even eyes. Some specimens have white, dark and Golden highlights.guppy fish varieties photo

Tiger king

Fish is rich colored tail in orange and yellow tones resembling the skin of a tiger. He's a fan of the type.

Green Cobra

One of the most popular in our country, breeding forms. This variety of guppy has a greenish-Golden color with a white glow body, which is very similar to the scales of a Cobra. The tail is yellow-green tones with brown stripes and spots, which also lead to the Association with a serpent.

Guppy Berliners

Predominantly colored in different shades of blue: from blue to deep purple. Head and tail feathers white. Dorsal fins — a fiery orange.

Guppy mix

This species of aquarium guppies were obtained during the breeding of various luxury fish. Has a clear and deep color-luxury class.types of fish guppies

Neon guppy

This view features a silver neon stripe on the back. The tail is painted in sky blue color, abdomen and feathers of Golden and white. Distinguishable dark, white, green flecks and iridescence.

Guppy sunset

The bodies of these fish, no longer than four inches are painted in neon silver hue, fins are usually lemon yellow and the tail feathers have red edging, resembling a flickering candle flame.

Guppies of Sandler: varieties

And now, as promised, we will tell you about the varieties of the smallest guppy — the Sandler. Among them are interesting specimens.

Blue star

Representatives of the species have blue back and bright orange wings of the gills. In all individuals, regardless of gender, the tail has a fan shape, the males in dark colors painted the lower rays. They turned into small xiphoid process. varieties of guppy photo

Blue snake

This species gets its name from the complex pattern of snake skin that is on each side of the body. The caudal fin is colored blue, and the upper part of the tail is framed by a white stripe.

Campona El Tigre

A Subspecies of guppy Sandler living in the inflow of El Tigre in Venezuela. Currently there is no reliable information about ...

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