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Everyone has long known that natural juices are rich in vitamins, acids and essential trace elements. These drinks provide the opportunity for our body to function properly, time to get rid of toxins, and recover from illness and stress.

Perhaps many will agree that not all juices are equally useful. For example, juice drinks, in a large assortment on the shelves of almost all shops and supermarkets, do not contain anything living. Packed in Tetrapak or plastic bottle drink is not only useless but can be dangerous for your health.Manual juicer

No One will argue that the really useful is a natural fresh juice. This drink can truly be considered life-giving for our body, but do not forget that all the useful — useful in moderation. It is impossible to abuse even freshly made juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Only one — two cups a day will go for us for the future. Drink fresh juice is recommended at least half an hour after pressing and no earlier than forty minutes before eating. Such use will bring the maximum effect.

Used for making juices, electric or manual juicers give you the opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks in just a few minutes from any vegetables, berries, fruits and even grains, seeds, and various herbs. If your family has a small child, this unit is a must.

The Use of electrical appliances for natural drinks will save time and effort, but the manual juicer is versatile, easy to use and clean, it is possible to take to the road to the cottage or picnic. Yes, it is a mechanical device much cheaper.manual auger juicer


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Selecting a natural juice, cook which will help manual juicer for you. It is now possible to use not only familiar and favorite drinks, but also to experiment, to seek new tastes. Nutritionists, for example, say that the color of vegetables and fruits has a huge impact on the effect:

  • Fruits and vegetables red in color (tomatoes, krasnokochannoy cabbage, cherries, red peppers, radishes, etc.) - can not only energize, but also to improve the circulation process. Moreover, the tomato juice helps the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the risk of cancer cells. Especially good to eat during pregnancy, but in the stomach it is absolutely contraindicated. For lovers of tomato juice can be ideal hand-auger juicer.

  • Orange fruit and vegetables (carrots, oranges, apricots, pulp and seeds of pumpkin etc.) - is an antidepressant that will lift the spirits and soothe the nerves. "Sunny" juices will help with vitamin deficiency or liver disease.manual juicer

  • Green fruits and leaves of vegetables (cabbage, spinach, kiwi, etc.) - has antibacterial effect and helps to clear the blood of harmful substances. To prepare these juices are better electric juicers.

  • Berries and fruits dark in color (plum, grapes, blueberries) — help for headaches or mental strain, perfectly tone the body and normalize blood pressure. For the production of juices “blue” color is perfect manual juicer.

If your kitchen has a manual juicer, you will help your family recharge and to resist the various diseases and vitamin deficiency. But before you start juicing, turn to the experts. Nutritionists will help professionally to make juice diet, perfect for you or your loved ones.

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