The best time for conception


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The Best time for conception – the period for 4-5 days before ovulation and day of ovulation. Making love after more than five days prior to her may not produce the desired pregnancy. There are several methods that can be used to pinpoint the time of ovulation. The period of oocyte maturation and its output every woman is different. Usually ovulation occurs every two weeks since the last menstrual cycle, but it can happen in any other the best time for conceptionDay. The best time for conception is approximately 12 to 16 day cycle, if a woman has regular menstrual cycle (28-32 days). Another method, which will help to determine the onset of ovulation is the basal temperature measurement. You need to measure it in the morning, not rising with bed. If the temperature went up, you know that ovulation has begun, and this is the best time for conception.

Many parents want the baby's gender was known before birth, and even before conception. Some want a girl, and someone dreams about a boy. Since ancient times people tried to predict a baby's gender based on a variety of methods: numerology, consumed products and so on. Currently, these methods are still popular. determining the sex of the child by date of conceptionHas Developed a special diet for young parents, there are many ways to calculate the days of ovulation, in which the probability to conceive a son or daughter of the most high. The determining the sex of the child by date of conception is possible, and with the help of many online calculators where you must enter the date of the first day of the last menstrual period or estimated time of conception of the baby. Some wealthy people also use the way of replanting already fertilized egg with a particular set of chromosomes. But one thing all parents agree: no matter what sex the baby is born, as long as it was healthy! Therefore, the best time to conceive a child when both parents are thoroughly prepared physically and mentally.


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But sometimes, despite all efforts, pregnancy does not occur. There are a lot of reasons, but before you despair and go to the doctors, you can try the method of conception of the baby in a certain position. Sometimes, the reason may lie in the bend of the uterus, then the sperm will be difficult to reach the egg. the best position for conceptionThe Best position for conception in this case – pose "a man behind”. The woman can lie on your stomach, and to be in the knee-elbow position. If problems in the structure of the reproductive organs are not available, use the conception of “traditional” posture, in which the seminal fluid reaches the “destination”.

Sometimes parents want their baby born in a certain season or even in a particular month. This should be prepared in advance, carefully choosing the best time for conception. In this case, can help special calendars and tables, of which there are enough on the Internet, and careful monitoring of your body during menstruation and ovulation is able to bring a significant event.

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