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Today to collect the child in school – the lesson is troublesome and very responsible. Many parents in the eve of the first of September begin to frantically run around the shops, buying clothes, books, notebooks. The choice of briefcase or backpack – an integral component of preparation for school. How responsible dad and mom will approach this question depends on successful education of the child. It is impossible to think that your son or daughter will fit any portfolio, it is not. In the course of daily wear the backpack over the shoulders of a greater role played by parameters such as the weight of the backpack, strength. The children do not always have a developed a habit of dealing with your belongings with care.

de lune packs reviews

School backpack De Lune, which reviews are mostly positive, perfect for primary school students. Below you can see impressions of people who have purchased a backpack from this brand, and relevant characteristics of the product itself. What should pay attention, intending to choose a backpack for school? Why in some cases it is better to overpay, not to save money?

Key features

De Lune - packs reviews, which demonstrate the advantages of this brand. They are now incredibly popular. This was partly because most parents are aware of lying on them. They won't buy a baby that came to save. De Lune - the brand for which you have to pay, but the financial investments are justified.

Multiple offices

This is Probably one of the most important requirements for a school backpack. The portfolio must be convenient to carry. Many offices have pack De Lune avoids the situation where the notebook will be torn or rumpled. Supplies should randomly lying around in the school bag. Books can be put separately in a large Department, and workbooks in the other, smaller one. Better yet, purchase a special folder for that portfolio all lay neatly.


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pack de lune reviews

Pockets on the sides allow the child to bring to school a delicious meal. In other offices you can put a pencil box, house keys, different small, but needed things: money, a purse. Pack De Lune – it's a real godsend for those who appreciate convenience and comfort. Choosing a portfolio of the child, the parent can be rest assured that everything will remain intact.

Orthopedic back

For Those who are thinking about the correct posture of the baby, will like this feature pack. The back has a special orthopedic properties and helps to fight the signs of spinal curvature. Orthopedic Foundation prevents the development of scoliosis and other disorders.

schoolbag de lune reviews

It is Known that children don't always want to sit straight. Someone even preparing lessons, forget about the correct position of the head is strongly tilted, which often leads to impaired vision and posture. To keep back health will help De Lune (bags). Reviews of them contribute to the popularity of the brand.

Massage Wide straps

Too significant a detail somehow overlooked by many parents. Meanwhile, failure to do so leads to excessive fatigue of the student, the emergence of bad mood. Straps school backpack must be broad and strong. One of the classic models - pack De Lune 7 116. The reviews are purely positive, emphasizing the advantages of the model. This portfolio has all the necessary characteristics in order to make the learning process as comfortable as possible.

school satchels backpacks de lune reviews

Massage Wide straps will help to maintain the health of your baby: he will not have curvature of the spine, as all the load will be evenly distributed throughout the back.

Reinforced bottom, comfortable grip

If you think about it, it is also an important factor. It is no secret that not all children like to carry a briefcase behind. Some of them prefer to keep the backpack in hand, and it is not always favorable impact on maintaining the quality of the product. Do not think that the portfolio will bear to be around while studying. Children at recess to communicate, play, run. Backpacks often fly them to the ceiling and, respectively, from this activity can come into disrepair. As a rule, the schoolbag have to change once a year, and it happens more frequently.

pack de lune 7116 reviews

In addition, sustainable bottom largely extends the lifetime of the product. Children for the most part completely are not configured to protect your stuff. That's why so often broken line, lost stationery. A rare child will be needless to worry about losing things or that she was always the new girl. School life itself involves a rather high level of activity and concern.

Pack De Lune reviews:

Many parents, especially the young, getting on the school market, will be lost. A variety of things today is so great that in this case it is easy to become confused. Meanwhile, I want to choose for your child all quality. De Lune is a company seeking to produce goods, made with love. You can trust her well-being and the health of your own child, but only if you correctly will make the choice. In many ways, the achievement of this goal contribute school bags, backpacks De Lune. Reviews of them significantly influence on the minds of adults. Because each of us want to remain confident in the future, that child will feel comfortable.

Some parents say that the pack has served the child through elementary school (that is, from first to fourth grade) and it was not necessary to change through the year. That's great, saves the family budget. Due to its durability, the product can last several years and will not tear even the most active of the student. De Lune - packs, which help parents to form their own, individual perspective on concepts such as quality and reliability.

school frame satchel reviews de lune

The backpack Weight reaches one kilogram. It's quite a bit, given that some school bags twice. If you put it in the books and notebooks, you get about three pounds. Such weight it is capable of daily wear even a first grader.

The Price of the container

Speaking of school backpacks, an important question would be: how much is it worth? Some parents, for various reasons, prefer to save. Others want to buy their children the best of everything without worrying about price. The brand still requires some financial investment, but they pay off in a year. You don't have to re-buy the backpack and spend your hard-earned money. From 3500 to 5500 rubles worth backpacks De Lune (bags). The reviews about them are positive, which allows timely to make reasonable conclusions.

Thus, the choice of a backpack for a student – it is the task of parents. Taking the right decision, you and the child will be happy with the purchase. There is every reason today to choose a school frame satchel De Lune. Reviews about it are just spectacular.


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