"Candide" for newborns. "Candide" (solution) for newborns


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The Most valuable thing we have-our children. But no matter how hard to protect them from all adversity, sometimes they do get sick. What happens to the child if he became restless, sleeps poorly and refuses to eat?

Thrush or oral candidiasis

Candide for newbornsWhat is it? Thrush in children can sometimes be, unfortunately, very common. The medical name for this disease – kandidomikozy stomatitis. It literally means fungal infection of the oral mucosa. The disease is very unpleasant, accompanied by a refusal to eat, the child becomes whiny. In addition, oral thrush very quickly passes into other forms: gastric or vaginal. Today candidiasis in infants can be successfully treated. And if you take action in a timely manner, it is possible to do only local antifungal medications. Looked very good in the treatment of thrush drug “candid” for newborns. Long-term clinical trials have proven its effectiveness, and convenient dosage form (in the form of a dense solution) facilitates the use of this agent in the treatment of children.

What is thrush in newborns

Candide solution for newbornsOral candidiasis manifests itself in the form of cheesy plaque on the oral mucosa, cheeks, palate and tongue. Depending on the duration of the disease and the General state of immunity, the extent of the damage can be more impressive. Sometimes the fungus Candida (Candida) affects the lining of the stomach, in addition, by careless washing or wiping can be easily transferred to the external sex organs and settles in the lining of the vagina. Delayed treatment leads to weakening of the General immunity, bacterial infection. To avoid the negative development of this disease is possible if the time to make the necessary arrangements. Today in the Arsenal of every mom should be the antifungal agent for instant response in case of detection of the first symptoms of the disease. One such medication is the drug “candid” for babies reviews which sound very positive.


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What can cause a yeast infection: risk factors

The Fungus Candida (Candida) is a conditionally pathogenic flora. Simply put, to live with him, but whenever he aktiviziruyutsya and attacking the body. Candide for newborns reviewsTo a fungus began to grow uncontrollably, you need a combination of several factors. This can be a metabolic disturbance in the child, associated with, for example, change of diet and introduction of solid foods. Also, if your child recently had an infectious disease or antibiotic treatment, he falls into a risk group. Anything that weakens children's immunity, leading to rapid growth of pathogenic flora.

What are thrush in newborns

A mild form is characterized by small-sized lesions, curd grains are small, odorless, easily removed, the mucous membrane beneath them is not changed. The child behaved normally, not naughty, his appetite remains the same as always. But if mild is not treated or do it incorrectly, candidiasis very quickly turns into a more severe form. How is it displayed? When lesions of this sort the oral mucosa covered by a thin whitish film, the number of “cottage cheese grains” much more. Candide for newborns how to applyRAID completely remove is not possible, and beneath the mucous membrane can be detected bleeding sores. The disease can occur in severe form, when it affects the skin – the lips and cheeks. In this case, self-medication is dangerous, you should immediately consult a doctor. The pediatrician will suggest the treatment plan for drug “candid” for newborns how to apply it correctly and what not to do.

How to use a medicine “candid”

A Candidiasis in the form of light is treated in the following way. A cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, remove particles of plaque. Then apply antifungal drugs: “Clotrimazole” or perhaps “candid” – solution for newborns. A cotton pad moistened, then lubricate the mucous membranes of the baby's mouth, gently and without pressure. The procedure is performed 1-2 times per day in between feedings for not more than seven days. As a rule, this should be enough to get rid of the disease.Candide instruction manual for newborns

In the case of illness of moderate severity, can not do without specialist advice. If you need emergency assistance, it is most correct to draw attention to the drug “candid”. Instructions for use newborn always attached. The scheme will be similar to that used in the mild form of thrush is to use the drug more often should not be. In severe forms it is necessary to remove plaque at least once every two hours with a cotton swab dipped in a weak alkaline solution. Drug “candid” is also used 1-2 times a day, but the therapy takes up to 4 weeks and supplemented with other antifungal and antiseptic.

What happens if not treated?

The Opinion about the fact that the disease ‘self-will”, in the case of candidiasis in children is not suitable. If the yeast infection started, it means that the immune system is extremely weak, and in this case the development of complications – a matter of time. Preventive measures are always preferable, especially if there are no contraindications to the drug “candid” for newborns. Time has not cured the fungus goes lower, affecting gastrointestinal tract, provokes pathological changes in the mucous membranes of the digestive system. In the damaged areas instantly start to breed bacteria Staphylococcus group, and they affect the respiratory system, heart and kidneys. In girls candidiasis in the first months of life causes adhesions of the vagina, which in older age, can be corrected only surgically. Candidiasis necessarily need to be treated with special preparations. For example, “Clotrimazole” (in solution) or drug "Candide" for newborns, the price of which is quite affordable (on average 200 rubles) in order to keep it in the first aid kit.

Candide for newborns price


In the prevention of candidiasis the special role played by restorative procedures to strengthen overall immunity – hardening, walking on air, healthy food. It is also very important to take care of the skin and mucous membranes of the baby after illness, to observe elementary rules of hygiene. As a carrier of candidiasis is often the mother, she should be particularly attentive to their health. By the way, solution “candid” for newborns can be successfully applied and the woman making the application and the swabs on the affected areas. Very often right after the child has been ill, oral form of candidiasis is sick and my mom. In this case, you should try to avoid re-infecting the baby because the infection will proceed much harder the treatment will be more difficult. Therapy drugs "Candide" and “Clotrimazole” shown in the case of other fungal diseases.

Special instructions for use drug

Means “abode” for newborns is not recommended for use by pregnant women in the first trimester. This is probably the only contraindication. But, given that the solution is applied on sensitive areas such as mucous membranes, it is important not to overdo it. Use it more than twice a day is not worth it, the efficiency will not change, while unpleasant sensations like stinging and dryness will surely appear.


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