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Applique "Plane" – is a wonderful gift your dad or grandpa's birthday, may 9 or 23 February. You can buy a set for creativity, where parts are glued onto the landscape. But look at how you can make a gift with their own hands from scratch.

Make application-picture

Find the image of the plane and redraw it on paper. From the magazines cut out the pattern. Then the plane cut into parts and mark them with a pencil, not to forget location. It is a kind of template. Now on colored paper, outline all the parts and cut them out.

To applique the "Plane" turned out to be voluminous, you need to cut out of paper, even the most minor elements: stars, window, and wheels that create the second and third layer.

Now available on paper or cardboard to draw a landscape. For example, clouds, rainbow, sun, greenery. You can draw with pencils, paints, crayons and even markers. Possible clouds and sun cut from the paper, to emphasize the volume. applique airplane

Determine the location of the plane and glue the Central body. It remains to connect all other parts and small items. Applique is ready! Now you can put it in a frame and hang on the wall like a painting.

Applications "Plane" of colored paper

Five-year-old children can cope with the manufacture not only of paintings, but cards. For cards take the blue cardboard and bend it in half. Then we find the pattern of the aircraft. This can be a real sample or a cartoon character with eyes and a nose. You can copy or print it on the printer.


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Cut out all the parts of the plane from a contrasting colored paper. Paper can I take and check and stripe, and smooth special for crafts, corrugated, and velvet, and self-adhesive. The application of the paper "Aircraft" from each type has its uniqueness. For example, clouds and the sun can make velvet, and the trace of the flight from corrugated paper. applique paper plane

Put the details on the card, cut out clouds. A pencil can be cut around them so as not to disrupt the composition. Now paste all the details. To create a trace of the flight, a circle of white paper cut in a spiral. The middle is glued on one side of the cards, and the end of the spiral – on the opposite. Then when opened, there is the effect of flight.

Three-dimensional collage "the Plane"

In Addition to the postcards, and paintings of five preschoolers interested to create a three-dimensional appliques that you can decorate the room or play with them. To work you need to take construction paper, glue, scissors, rope and sticks (pipe).

This applique in the middle group ("Plane") is done with the help of a caregiver in several stages. Using the template cut out airplane parts

  • Similar to a cucumber, only raised at one end. With the other he sticks out a little rectangle, which is then put on the propeller.
  • Tail and wings are similar in color, oval in shape. The wing just folded in half, one half glued to the body of the aircraft. The tail is also bent in half, inserted between the housing parts and extending.applique in the middle group of the plane
  • The Propeller is carved in the shape of a flower. In the middle is a slot, which is inserted into the nose of the aircraft.
  • The Wheels are drawn as a circle with the axis. In the middle should be a circle of another color, wheel the axle is attached between the parts of the body.
  • The final touch is carved a kind of cab-the eye and glued to the hull.

The Design of bulk of an application

We Continue to produce parts for aircraft that need to be in pair numbers, with the exception of the propeller and tail. These flying machines do at least three. Immediately prepare the rope that will hang the planes, and the tube (stick). Now under the supervision of an adult children start to do the application.

Every detail of the case is glued to the wheel, which is glued to the inner circle. On one side of the plane is attached a small segment of the tail. Completely glued to the body of a flying machine. Then fasten the wings. Is inserted into the propeller. The cab glued eyes. First one detail of her mount to the plane. Between them is inserted the rope and glued the other half of the cabin. applique the plane of colored paper

Under this scheme are all three aircraft. Now on a stick tied ropes around the edges and in the middle, so that then three ends tie up in knots. Now, a three-dimensional applique can be hung in a group or at home for decoration.

As you can see, the application of "Plane" can be very diverse, but in any case the child will be interesting to create an unusual masterpiece with your own hands!

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