The cure "the Snowstorm": a laxative or poison?


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With medication “Blizzard” we meet at school, although the majority of chemistry teachers is silent about it. The official name of this substance is phenolphthalein. snowstorm laxativeIn chemistry it is used as an indicator that in alkalis is colourless and the acid changes color from light pink to crimson. The older generation used this substance for the bluing of linen and for getting rid of constipation. They called this substance: “Blizzard”. A laxative of any kind now often call it such a word.

Why is medicine left in the past?

The Drug has been included in many jokes for a reason. It was called best remedy for cough because the drug “Blizzard” (laxative and not only) come very quickly and sometimes suddenly. The drug is not dissolved in the stomach: in the intestine by the action of acids. 85% of it moves through the intestines from food, 15% goes into the blood. The urine is not the whole drug part of it flows back to the liver. This is what causes sudden uncontrolled action of the drug, lasting 3-4 days. It was one of the reasons why doctors began to refuse medication “Blizzard”: laxative effect lasted too long, sometimes resulting in dehydration. snowstorm laxative price the drug caused many many side effects: vomiting, nausea, strong dizziness. There have been cases of colic, abnormal heart rhythm and even collapse.

A final touch

However, the inconvenience to use and a lot of side effects did not cause complete abandonment of composition “Blizzard”. Laxative, the price of which were within a few cents, many years was popular not only in people but also among health professionals. While in 1999, American researchers have found that the use of phenolphthalein leads to cancer. Blizzard - laxative (manual explains this), on the basis of phenolphthalein. He is in the medical world 14 trade names. The chemical affects the liver even in single dose. snowstorm laxative instructionWith frequent usage of the drugs the patient risks complications such as nerve disease, liver cancer, kidney cancer, epilepsy, tachycardia, etc. That's why in 2002, almost all countries have withdrawn from sale medication “Blizzard”. Laxative now recommend not on the basis of phenolphthalein, and on the basis of plant extracts: the herb Senna, oil of walnuts, etc.


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What else is needed phenolphthalein?

The Cure “Blizzard” is a laxative. In chemistry a substance is used for recognition of acidic or alkaline environment. In the 50s and 60s years of the twentieth century Housewives was dissolving the tablet in water, and then rinsed her underwear. It was believed that since white can give a nice shade. At very low whitening and bluing means it was true. Summer camps used the pill for very bad jokes. Today most of the world has banned not only the production of this drug, but the addition of phenolphthalein in any compositions intended for oral administration. As a laxative medication is not recommended for chemical and plant-based.

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