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Insulin pump-a device for metered-dose subcutaneous administration of insulin on individually set for each patient with diabetes program. It is an alternative to multiple injections of insulin with syringes.

  - Injection of insulin occurs in very small doses, which prevents surges in the blood sugar levels, makes possible the use of the device in the youngest patients and in patients with low insulin requirements. In addition, the device can monitor the level of glucose in the blood, which is displayed on the screen of the device. Therefore, more and more patients using Insulin pump diabetes.

The Dispenser consists of an electronic part, which sets the mode of insulin therapy, capacity for insulin of the remote control. The introduction of drugs is carried out through a thin plastic catheter that is installed in the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen. Consumables for the device are a reservoir for insulin, a catheter, a cannula, the sensor control blood sugar, and batteries.

The pump is used short or ultrashort insulin action, thereby improving control over the fluctuations of glucose in the body. Insulin served in two ways: basal and bolus. Basal flow is continuously held in an individual mode for providing insulin to the body at night and in between meals. A bolus dose associated with food, or with correction of blood sugar. The shape of the bolus is chosen for each user and the specific situation. Using the device can adjust the dose depending on the blood glucose level, the residual level of insulin, the type and quantity of food intake, physical and emotional activity.

Insulin pumps are widely used by patients with diabetes. Most popular in Russia use devices Medtronik because of their quality and reliability. Models are constantly improved by the manufacturer. Pump MMT-715 is the easiest to use and program. Model MMT-722 has a function of blood glucose monitoring in interstitial fluid of the subcutaneous tissue, displays the analysis results on the screen in real time and stores them in the memory of the device for 12 weeks. Upon the occurrence of critical episodes, the device emits an alarm. This allows the patient and physician to adjust the dosing is the most adequate to avoid severe hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Pump Veo MMT-754 is constantly monitoring the sugar levels and is able to automatically stop the flow of insulin by lowering glucose levels. This device is ideal for use in children and adults with high insulin sensitivity, because it has minimal step-by-step dosage basal sprays.

Insulin pump today is the most convenient way of diabetes treatment that allows patients to live a full life.

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