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Cervical lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the regional lymph nodes located in the neck that occurs as a result of infection of various bacteria. The infection enters the lymph node through the lymphatic ducts from the primary inflammatory focus. Cervical lymphadenitis rarely occurs as an independent disease, more often it appears minor, due to the spread of the inflammatory process.


Cervical Lymphadenitis is considered politologen disease, that is, its occurrence can result in a huge amount of reasons. The causative agent is bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, the tubercle Bacillus or the Streptococcus. According to medical statistics, the most common factor that triggers the disease is an inflammatory process that develops as a result of complicated teeth, destroyed by caries. Very often cervical lymphadenitis occurs as a result of other diseases of the oral cavity, nose, ear and throat. For example, it may be stomatitis, rhinitis, suppurative otitis media, gingivitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and septic sore throat. Also trigger the development of this disease are inflammation on the scalp, neck and face, such as: furuncle, abscess and carbuncle. Cervical lymphadenitis in children is always accompanied by scarlet fever, and adults – syphilis.


The Disease at the initial stage does not have a bright clinical picture. But, depending on the nature of the disease, the clinic becomes the severity. Cervical lymphadenitis can be acute or chronic.


Acute inflammatory process starts with a dull pain localized in the place of the affected node, and the restriction of mobility of the neck. Themselves, swollen lymph nodes, and pressing on they are marked by painful. If timely proper treatment, the symptoms disappear in a few weeks. And in severe cases at the node is formed infiltration. Overall health of the patient deteriorates significantly. Appear severe pain in the cervical region, fever, malaise, loss of appetite. A few days later on the site of the infiltrate formed a fistula through which pus comes out. With this disease require long and intensive treatment.


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Chronic cervical lymphadenitis develops after the acute phase subsides and is characterized by constant swollen lymph nodes (not painful). Overall wellbeing remains in the normal range. If the body is infection, which periodically attacks the node, there is a probability of formation of a new infiltrate, and then close the fistula previous.   

If you have developed cervical lymphadenitis, treatment should start with addressing the root cause. For example, to remove the tooth, cure stomatitis, sore throat, tonsillitis. In the acute form of the disease the doctor appoints to the patient antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy. In the area of the affected node can be applied dry heat: compresses and heating pads. Be sure the patient is assigned to anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and antiviral drugs. If you have developed acute lymphadenitis with the formation of infiltrates and fistulas, it is shown urgent hospitalization. In the hospital, as a rule, open the abscess, washed with antibiotic solution and drained.


If the patient fails to seek help, there is a risk of complications such as thrombosis, metastasis purulent infection, sepsis, necrosis.

Prevention of complications cervical lymphadenitis is to maintain constant purity of the body, timely treatment for the qualified help, compliance and the implementation of a physician.

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