What vitamin in garlic? Benefits of garlic and what vitamins it has?


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For over five thousand years people apply garlic not only as seasoning but also as a component of drugs of alternative medicine. Does that surprise you? Let's see how useful garlic is, and what vitamins it has.what vitamin in garlic

The Basic qualities of garlic

First of all, the garlic-a natural antibiotic. The substance allicin, which is part of this vegetable, perfectly struggling with numerous viruses and bacteria. For this reason, garlic was used in ancient times during various wars and plague for disinfecting wounds and treating colds.

So what is the vitamin in garlic provides such properties? First of all we should say about such microelements as selenium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium. To obtain a therapeutic effect, it is sufficient to use only a few cloves of garlic. This product contains hydrogen sulfide. Scientists from the U.S. found that this substance has a positive effect on the heart muscle. It is the hydrogen sulfide relieves spasm in the blood vessels, thus preventing the development of strokes and heart attacks. It should be remembered that this substance is volatile and is present in a product for long. That is why the product is best consumed fresh.

Where to use garlic

Often garlic is used as seasoning for meat, vegetable dishes and salads. It even added to the marinade. However, few people think how much and what vitamins are contained in garlic. While putting the product in the end of cooking so it does not lost its useful properties. Often such spice used in Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, garlic is also used in folk medicine in the manufacture of medicines and in cosmetics, in various masks.what vitamin is contained in garlic


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What vitamins are part of the garlic

So, what vitamin is found in garlic? I guess if you are reading this article then you are interested. It is important to know what vitamin in garlic is generally available, and which one is important.

Was said Above about the allicin. Of course, this is not a vitamin in nature. Because it is formed as a result of destruction of cells of the product. Its predecessor is alliin, which is contained in the cytoplasm, and allicins in vacuoles. Besides, allicin is an unstable substance. In one clove of garlic it very little. That is why, to get the daily requirement of this component, you need to eat a lot of condiments. In one clove contains only 1 micrograms of allicin.garlic what vitamin contains

Other vitamins in the composition of garlic

What is the vitamin in garlic most important, we responded. However, there are other, including:

  1. Carotene. This element is responsible for vision, and for the state of the mucous membranes of the human body.
  2. Ascorbic acid. This vitamin is known to all. In fact it increases the body's resistance to infections. Besides the component has tonic properties.
  3. To Avoid the appearance of unsightly “stars” on the skin will help the garlic. What vitamin contains product? Element R. it Should be noted that this vitamin strengthens the capillaries.
  4. Also in the composition of garlic include vitamins of group B. Their main function-is to take care of our nervous system. It is worth remembering that the lack of them leads to the development of severe depression and permanent ugly mood.

Of Course, there are other beneficial substances in garlic. But these are the most useful. And in the product data elements contains the most.how many vitamins in garlic


And you know why vampires it's because of the garlic? What vitamin contains this seasoning? The first sign of blood-sucking creatures – very pale skin, sudden and severe weight loss, lack of energy and sleepiness in the daytime. It should be noted that similar symptoms occur in humans when infected by the parasite. To cope with them helps garlic. It is a pity, other genetic blood diseases they do not heal.

Benefits of garlic

What vitamin is found in garlic, depend on the beneficial properties of this seasoning: strengthen blood vessels, support the cardiovascular system as a whole. In the latter case, it is not recommended to start taking the garlic immediately in large quantities, if the organs themselves are weak initially. It is better to eat little by little, starting at the kink of the day.

Of Course, this seasoning is perfectly fight viral infections and strengthens the immune system. However, to use it in this case it is possible only in a fresh kind, as the heat treatment deprives the product of useful qualities. Another option – pickled garlic. Most of the vitamins it retains.

It is Worth remembering that garlic has diuretic properties. This is a sure sign that the product has a positive effect on the urinary system. Moreover, with the use of garlic the absorption of carbohydrates and fats is much more faster and better. But it is worth remembering that in the presence of certain problems of the gastrointestinal tract to use the seasoning should be careful, since the product is rather sharp.benefits of garlic and what vitamins it has

Garlic and male health

Garlic contains substances that enhance potency. Apply the product for such purposes regularly. In the end triggered a cumulative effect. This will allow in the day when there should be a meeting with the chosen one, intake of garlic with a quiet heart skip.

Garlic for women

Garlic is also useful for women. Indeed, in its composition has natural antioxidants that help slow down the aging process of the entire body, making the skin more radiant. It should be noted that seasoning normalizes the production of the female hormone, which affects the passage of menstruation. This product will allow to solve problems with a cycle and forget about the visit to the doctor for a long time.

In conclusion

Now you know what vitamin garlic contains and protects the body from many problems. It should be noted that this product was used even in ancient times, when there was a viral infection. If health allows you to eat garlic, do not ignore them. This product can improve your health. Most importantly, follow all the rules of cooking with this seasoning, to preserve its useful properties.


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