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The Ural region has long been a leading tourist center with developed infrastructure and transport network. This region, every year attracts more and more tourists who are eager to witness the unique natural resources, mountain ranges, towering majestically over the terrain, and, of course, to fix undermined the physical and emotional health.

red carnation sanatorium Tyumen

Many tourists stay in specialized guest houses and recreation centers. Professional medical care also offers “Red carnation" (Spa). Tyumen is 34 km away. The health resort is located in a quiet location on the shore of lake matyushino surrounded by an amazing pine forest. A dispensary began operations in 1987, it was formerly a summer camp.

You can come Here on the weekend to find peace of mind. Implemented Spa vouchers 7, 10, 14, 18, 21 days. It is a true oasis of sweet serenity, green area of old trees, where you forget about everyday worries. A huge area is fenced and is under video surveillance security company.


resort red carnation Tyumen reviews

Sanatorium “Red carnation” (Tyumen) was restored many times, so all the buildings look decent. To stay built five-storey cottages. At a time Wellness centre can receive and accommodate up to 360 people.

Featuring the newly arrived tourists apartments of different class and size. The smallest room (standard) with an area of 14 m2 equipped with a large double bed, EN-Suite bathroom. Available compact freezer and TV. You can book larger suites with two rooms (bedroom, living room).


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red carnation sanatorium Tyumen photo

The room has a balcony, microwave, furniture. Regardless of the category your Windows will come out of the forest, a scenic lake or Park area. Everything is renovated, clean, are cleaned daily.


Near the residential buildings housed a spacious dining room divided into two rooms: small with a capacity of 80 people and a large, up to 200 guests. Each area has air conditioning, so on hot days here comfortable temperature. There are 4 meals a day order system. For people with certain diseases serves a menu with dietary dishes.

resort red carnation g Tyumen

Year-Round guests eat fruit, vegetables, herbs and fish specialities in the dining room of the medical center «Red carnation”. Sanatorium (Tyumen) to care about your customers invites you to visit the local coffee shop located on site. The institution you will be treated to fresh pastries, cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, meats, pizza, different drinks. The rest in the dispensaries will be useful, Wellness and delicious.

Therapeutic programs

Guests arriving for treatment by the voucher is required to receive consultations of qualified doctors, pass the necessary tests. The health center has the following specialists: therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, dentist, orthopedist, pediatrician. After conducting clinical and laboratory research, the doctor determines the treatment plan. The treatment is not complete without the use of mineral water, turpentine, carbon dioxide and aromatic baths and mud therapy, hirudotherapy and phytotherapy.


Impaired blood flow helps sharko shower, underwater massage. All modern treatments are available in the centre of the “Red carnation”. Sanatorium (Tyumen) is actively used in the treatment of physiotherapy (laser treatment, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, and other methods). With musculoskeletal pathologies shown therapeutic workout, walking, exercise in the fitness hall under the supervision of a specialist.

Leisure and service

It offers customers outdoor pool filled with thermal water, which has a positive effect on the structure of the epidermis (temperature 35 degrees). There is a Playground for sunbathing, there are dressing cabins, showers and a bar. There are daily dance and poetry. Arranged sports and entertainment competitions with the participation of guests.

thermal pool

It offers guests a library, creative circle (embroidery, knitting), gym. You can enjoy a guided tour of the health center “Red carnation" (Spa). Tyumen (photo resorts presented in the article) is famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage, architectural buildings, museums and other objects, which will be interesting to see nonresident individuals.

The bored young guests. They are intended for sports activities: bicycles, table tennis, scooters, roller skates, checkers, football and basketball field. There is a room. In the summer enjoy beach: you can swim, sunbathe, frolic in the sun, ride on the catamaran and boat.


Pleasant emotions has not sanatorium “Red carnation" (Tyumen). Reviews are mostly positive. Campers say they like the quality of service, diverse and fresh food, the professionalism of the medical staff.

The Atmosphere of peace and tranquility surrounds this place, so it's so comfortable and sincere. If you want to spend your vacation, to treat the nerves or internal organs, you can visit the Wellness centre “Red carnation" (Spa). Tyumen meets with hospitality every guest and gives a good mood.


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