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Candied fruits are used in many dishes or as a standalone dessert. People who care about their health or seeking to lose weight, interested in what the candied fruit, the calories which seems high. What is this sweet treat?

Candied – fruit or pieces, berries or vegetables that have been cooked in syrup and then dried a little. They are not a jam, it is not a single mass. They should contain 80% dry matter. These are the standards to be followed by manufacturers, but it is actually not always this product complies with the standards.

Now consider the composition of the Goodies. Data are presented per 100 grams of candied fruit. They contain 54.5 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein. In addition, this product is rich in vitamins, including vitamin PP, A, C, b vitamins B and beta-carotene. Candied fruits also contain sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Such a rich composition says about the benefits of this product.

Caloric content of candied fruit equals 216,4 kcal. This, of course, a lot, but we must not forget about their nutritional value. So use candied fruit as food is necessary. Especially for the sweet tooth. Candied fruits can replace sweets. It's delicious, and benefit a lot more. So if you can't indulge in eating sweets, eat a candied fruit. Their high calorie, so eat them in small amounts.

But not all the products on the market are equally useful. The candied fruit should not be too bright color. They are actually much paler than the fresh fruit. So if you found the candied bright colors, so the producers have added the dye. Be aware this is not an indicator of quality, and Vice versa. Choose dainty pale coloring, it will be much more.


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Sometimes candied green issue for kiwi or mango. This is actually the core of the pineapple. This cheap product remaining from the processing of fruit, dishonest manufacturers use for the production of candied fruit with the addition of dyes.

Properly cooked candied shall not clicking to highlight the moisture. They should also not be very hard or crystallized. If when lowering the candied in boiling hot water last painted, but this delicacy is present the dye. Perebiranie during the preparation of candied fruit dissolve in hot water. This product is not useful because it lacks nutrients.

Candied fruit should not have a sharp taste or smell. This indicates the presence of essences.

To Store candied fruit in a dry and cool place. They are absolutely not sensitive to temperature changes, so they can even be frozen.
If you have chosen the right fruit, the caloric which does not bother you, then feel free to eat them for food. They are successfully used in the preparation of many desserts and pastries. They are also used for decorating.

Candied fruits can be cooked at home. Take one kilogram of orange peel, 1.2 kilograms of sugar, three cups water and a little citric acid (3 grams). Orange peel should be soaked in cold water for three days, constantly changing. Then cook them for about 20 minutes. Prepare a syrup of water and sugar. Drop the peel into the boiling syrup and remove from heat. Leave them aside for 6 hours. Then again cook for 5 minutes. This procedure repeated 4 times. In the last entry added citric acid. Cover recline in a colander, and then dried in air. That's how you make at home candied. Calorie they the same as those bought in the store.

Now you know about this treat almost everything. Know how many calories are in candied fruit and what is their composition. So feel free to use them in food, but in moderation. In this case, the product will only benefit.

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