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Sweets – the most joyful part of human menu. Without them life becomes boring and sad. So preparing different delicacies involved in almost all Housewives. And of all the recipes of the most popular desserts made from eggs. They are a tremendous diversity. There are Goodies that are prepared very quickly, there is a delicacy that requires diligence and patience. Combining recipes feature – a delicious result. In this article we have gathered the best options, approved by generations of sweet tooth.desserts eggs

The fastest cookies

The Most common desserts made from eggs and flour. There are a great many, and among this diversity, it is difficult to give preference to something specific. But one of the recipes draws attention to the fact that the embodiment requires very little time – and his in our lives is not always enough. For the creation of the cookies to soften a quarter pound of butter (not warm, not to heat – the natural way). To oil driven two eggs, vsypaya flour (half Cup), half a spoon full of baking soda and-cinnamon. Ginger lovers can flavor cakes and this spice. Knead thin dough, with a spoon laid out on proteiny parchment baking sheet-into the oven for ten minutes, to a beautiful crisp. Remove from sheet need hot.dessert made of eggs and sugar


This is the most famous dessert made with eggs and sugar. Preparing it is easy, if you follow the rules whipping proteins. There are only two:

  1. And eggs, and capacity for whipping must be refrigerated.
  2. The Dishes must be perfectly dry.

Five proteins very carefully separated from the yolks and processed in a mixer to a solid, dense peaks. Then, without stopping whipping, a couple of spoons of sugar is introduced (the glass). Here you need to be patient and to call for help perseverance. The process should last no less than 10 minutes. The mass of the decomposed small slides on the sheet, the oven is heated to 1000 C, and meringue cleaned her for about an hour.dessert made of milk and eggs


Why is crystallization of honey?

Why is crystallization of honey?

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Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

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Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

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Honey balls

Desserts from eggs may include a variety of additional ingredients. In this recipe, are encouraged to experiment with honey. A couple of spoons of this product is slightly heated and mixed with two eggs, one hundred grams of sugar and a half spoon of baking soda. After thorough mixing added cinnamon and half Cup of flour. The dough was thick, but not stiff. From it with wet hands roll balls, placed on baking sheet-into the oven a quarter of an hour at standard temperature (180 degrees).desserts made from eggs and flour

‘bird milk’

Almost the most favourite children dessert made with eggs and chocolate it is really make your own. And he is so much better than store bought. One and a half tablespoons of gelatine soaked in half a Cup of warm water. Through the third hour when gelatin swell, it warms up to final dissolution using water bath. Four protein is well whipped, when they twice increase in volume, gradually vsypaya a Cup of sugar. The whipping continues until the peaks will not be stable. In this moment, without stopping the mixer, poured in cooled gelatin. The resulting mass is poured into the form and leveled. The Hulk hides in a refrigerator until the mixture hardens. Then melted chocolate (again in a water bath), and translates to ‘bird milk’. Dessert goes back to cool; cut it, put a hot knife – so will not crumble chocolate crust.dessert made with eggs and chocolate

“the Yolks of Saint Teresa"

Desserts from eggs popular all over the world. The following recipe came from Spain, but rather – from Avila, so that the "Yolk" sometimes called more and Avila. By the way, where is Saint Theresa, has not been established. The only thing that unites her dessert – a city which is Holy was indeed closely connected.

To prepare the Spanish delicacies 20 ml fresh lemon juice (squeeze your own) get divorced twice its volume of water. In the liquid vsypaya sugar (110 grams, this half Cup) and syrup uvarivaetsja until the spoon begins to drag thread. The liquid is cooled to the point where it can be touched without burns. In pouring the syrup stir until smooth six yolks. A thin trickle at the rim. At this stage osypaetsya dash of cinnamon, and zest to add. In a quiet but not minimum heat, while stirring, the mass is brought to thick. When it has cooled down, two spoons otshivajutsja pieces and crumble in the sugar or powder. Then they are rolled out into balls and laid out gummy cuffs.

Sweet omelet

Following a dessert of milk and eggs could replace the child's Breakfast – and will be eaten with pleasure. Two eggs whipped with half a glass of milk, a pinch of salt and spoon of sugar. Then sapaudia two tablespoons without slides, monkey, and weight five minutes left – to swollen rump. The omelette is poured onto hot, grease the pan, covered and kept for about three minutes until the jump region. Then in the center is laid a thin layer of raspberry jam, and dessert dogadivaetsya until tender. The omelet is folded twice is placed on a plate and poured again jam. Hearty, delicious and beautiful!dessert from eggs in the microwave

“Floating island”

Very quickly prepared dessert from eggs in the microwave, and it turns out very tasty. It is necessary carefully to separate the three protein, add five tablespoons of sugar and beat everything on low speed of mixer until fluffy. Then the mass required to put two teaspoons of cocoa, to increase the speed of mixer and continue whisking. Cocoa is better to allocate a little: is that the proteins from the introduced “pile” settle down and never rise. When you get strong, not falling spikes, weight is shifted either in a large container, or cups, at half the height of the vessel. The workpiece is placed for half a minute in the microwave, with a display capacity of 800 watts. Removed Goodies you can pour chocolate syrup.

Chocolate brownie

This dessert made with eggs and cocoa are cooked very quickly. Besides, I do not have to suffer with a protein-eggs go in the course as a whole. Partial stick of butter (150 g) melted. It's enough to withstand the product half a minute in the microwave. The oil added a Cup of sugar, a large package of cocoa (65 g) and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. After stirring, the mass is alternately driven in two eggs. In between introductions next dessert is well processed with a mixer. Last mixed with flour, about three quarters of the glass. The dough spread on the form and put in the microwave for 4-5 min., selectable high-power mode.

Australian dessert

It will need two chilled protein. They beat until resistant foam with a touch of salt. When the foam becomes a lush, begins podsypaya sifted powdered sugar. Introduced it gradually, a total of half a Cup. After adding all the powder mixing continues for another few minutes. The cream is distributed on a greased paper and put in oven heated to one hundred degrees, a quarter of an hour. The meringue should be hard surfaces, and inside is soft. It is covered with whipped cream, slices of fresh strawberries and mint leaves.Gogol Mogol

Classic eggnog

We examined a variety of desserts made from eggs. But they all, so to speak, chewing. But there is also a wonderful drink that is not only tasty, but also useful. Of course, I mean eggnog. It is scientifically proven that classic design it is very helpful in diseases of the throat. One portion is taken two eggs. They need to be divided into whites and yolks. First hiding in the cold; cooling takes about ten minutes. At this time the second components of a well whipped with sugar and a few grains of salt. Sugar is taken with an eye to their own tastes. The whipping is as long as the masses will not be twice as much. Chilled whites whipped in another pot, too, with salt and sugar. Both masses are connected neatly in the glass, prosypayutsya nutmeg and decorated with whipped cream.


The Original eggnog can vary in many different ways. For example, make it a tonic drink. The egg divided again, protein is whipped with a mixer and the yolks pounded with sugar. A glass of milk is slightly warmed and poured into a glass. On top is poured a couple of tablespoons of instant coffee over the top – the yolk, and in the center – whipped protein. Drink this structure without mixing.


Eggnog can be alcoholic cocktail. And in America it is very popular as a Christmas drink. It is prepared as follows. Four glasses of milk are heated; when the liquid becomes hot, add half teaspoons of vanilla, five buds of cloves and a spoonful of cinnamon. The heating is a little more, but to give the milk to boil impossible. In a large bowl, dozen...

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