Energizing drinks. Tea, coffee, energy - which is better?


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In the life of almost every one of us, they are somehow present. Refreshing drinks are designed to energize the body in the morning or when you lose power. And this is their main function. But to awaken the inner energy for the future working day or to relax after all that it is possible different methods, so what drink invigorates the best thing you will have to decide independently, using the guidelines in our article.


Without this fragrant drink will not be able to do a large part of the population. A Cup of coffee in the morning – tradition, developed over the centuries from the time when the grain began to bring to Europe. Recall Peter, who vehemently propagated a new fashion – to drink the coffee – in the environment, then the boyars and advisers. And while many opposed to this Western influence. Today in the understanding of the most refreshing drinks, of course, begin with your morning coffee. Rather, with the caffeine which it contains and invigorates our bodies.Cup of coffee in the morning

Varieties and ways of cooking

Varieties of coffee are many, but for industrial production use mainly the Arabica and Robusta (all other types represent only 2%). Ways of preparing coffee can be radically different.

  • Many connoisseurs prefer to brew a refreshing drink in the pots (in the East) – so it most reveals its taste and aromatic qualities.
  • In America prefer coffee (called drip), where welding is based on the principle of gravity: boiling water comes in and drips into the funnel with ground grain. It is also common and coffee makers geyser type, and the espresso machine.
  • Using a French press (bulb with a special piston that separates the welding) you can also make a great drink.
  • At worst, you can use instant: just dilute the powder in boiling water.

It is generally Recognized that coffee in small amounts (1-2 cups per day) enhances attention, concentration, relieves fatigue. But in large doses caffeine creates dependence, reminiscent of alcohol in the form of light. It can also cause increased blood pressure.


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a refreshing beverage


This refreshing drink has been known to mankind for many millennia. And today some prefer in the morning, drink it a Cup of tea and not coffee. It is believed that the tea is certainly wholesome and delicious, especially if it is brewed correctly. By the way, do not try to brew it with boiling water, as it is doing now many Housewives, and especially to bring those refreshing drinks to the boil. According to the rules, confirmed by thousands of years of practice, brewing should take place in the temperature range from 75 to 85 degrees. And in the ancient tradition of leaf teas and even whipped a special whisk in the warm water. For example, in Japan recommend the use of water temperature, conventionally called “the eyes of the crab”: start to float to the surface of large bubbles reminiscent of the eyes in this arthropod animal.

refreshing drinks instead of coffee

That contains tea

Due to which there vzbadrivanie of the body by drinking tea? First, it contains theine (similar to caffeine substance open earlier). And secondly, there is a lot of useful amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, a positive effect on the human body. Besides, you should probably take into account thousands of years the practice of drinking it as a tonic: the Chinese sages not bad advice!liquor


Energy, today flooded the shelves of supermarkets are gaining more and more popularity, especially among young people. Manufacturers offer a huge list of such products. Liquor (containing and not containing alcohol) are composed of taurine, ginseng, caffeine and guarana extract, carnitine. All these substances are consumed uncontrollably and in large amounts, can cause the body irreparable harm. Besides, it is a recognized fact, these drinks made in a commercial way, cause quite a strong addiction, bordering on alcoholic. So in this article I will particularly want to advertise and move on to the drinks of energy, which can be made easily at home – himself. In addition, they will not cause any harm and on the contrary – will be useful. Refreshing drinks instead of coffee in the morning will boost your mood and charge you with energy for the whole day, helps to cope with apathy and stop moping.

refreshing drinks

Lemon and honey

This wonderful tonic is not only able to significantly increase your performance, but also enhance the immune system and contribute to the mild getting rid of two or three extra pounds. Cook it very simple. Take half a lemon, squeezing the juice into a glass. Add a small spoon of natural honey. Pour hot water (not boiling water). Stir. Drink vigor, ready to use, and of harmony can also add cinnamon powder-half spoon. In addition to this “tea” lots of vitamins and minerals – certainly your body will not be offended.

Orange and cocoa

This refreshing drink, drunk in the morning, raise the mood and provide an excellent mood. And still balance the cholesterol levels and cause a feeling of satiety for a long time (you can take it instead of Breakfast).

Take fresh juice of half an orange, grate into it a little peel of the fruit. Cook cocoa on the classic recipe – with milk. Mix in a 1 to 1 ratio of cocoa and juice with the zest. Drink – fit and active has for a long time.

Ginger tea

This product invigorates not worse than coffee. Ginger helps relieve fatigue, it is especially useful for those engaged in brain exercises quite often: scientists have proven its benefits for human mental activity.

To Prepare just pour grated or cut into small pieces fresh ginger root (tablespoon) boiling water uncool. To taste add honey, mint leaves, lemon wedge (this is optional but, importantly, ginger has been consumed in fresh form and not as powder – so toning effect will be greatly reduced).what drink invigorates best

Herbal teas

These soft drinks have long been prized among the healers, had been taken to strengthen the internal energy. And their recipes have stood the test of centuries. So what to use safely!

Prepare a mixture of herbs: St. John's wort – 3, mother-and-stepmother-3, mint – 2.5, oregano – 2.5, Daisy – 2, corn silk – 2, rose hips (fruit) – 1.5, hawthorn (fruits) – 1, Valerian root – 1, eucalyptus – 1. Grind this mixture and thoroughly stir. Uncool brew with boiling water, adding regular green tea (but you can do without it). Insist in the pot for about 15 minutes. Drink freshly brewed, warm. For taste, add honey.


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