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Herring, salted – the most simple and inexpensive cold appetizer. It can be found on any table in any corner of our country. However, it was not always so. This fish appeared in Russia only in the XV century, when it, in fact, and learned to pickle. Prior to that, she served as a food for the poor and the poor only in boiled and fried. It is interesting that the name of my fish, most likely, the word “salt”, but using malorossky dialect – the word “strong” gradually turned into the ‘sild”. So even the name suggests that herring should be salted.

salted herringThe Most important stage in the preparation of such dishes as herring, salt, – this is the right choice of the original product. We will not bore you with unnecessary details-it is unlikely the average buyer is able to distinguish the eyes of the Baltic fish from the Pacific. You must know the following: herring for pickling should be large (bold), no visible damage, with the head, with tightly pressed fins, with natural color without signs of yellowing.

The Second important step – proper defrosting fish. Cannot be thawed herring under hot and cold water and in the microwave, even in a special mode to "defrost". The best option – to let the fish thaw in the refrigerator at a temperature not higher than +5°C.

The best and simple recipes

1. Salted herring spicy salted

This is the most simple recipe for pickling. Clean and wash the fish, remove the gills (otherwise the finished product will taste bitter) and place it in a suitable container. Brine: one liter of water, two large spoonfuls of salt, one (no slides) sugar, black and sweet bell pepper and a couple Bay leaves. Bring the brine to a boil, cool and pour over the fish. You can eat in a day.


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2. Traditional salted herringwhat to do if the salt herring

For this dish it is necessary to properly prepare a saturated salt solution-salt you need to add in hot water until, until it ceases to dissolve. The liquid is then heated to boiling, if desired, add spices-mustard seeds, coriander, peppercorns and Bay leaf. Then pour the cooled brine prepared the fish, laid backs up. Capacity you need to leave for about an hour at normal temperature, and then put into the refrigerator for one or two days. Important: if the fish is damaged skin, it will be too salty.

3. Herring salted dry salting

Fish should be cleaned and rinsed, remove the gills, and then thoroughly dry the bird with paper towels. Next, mix 1.5 tsp. salt, 1 tsp sugar and 0.5 tsp of black pepper and RUB this mixture herring inside and out. After these manipulations the fish should be wrapped in several layers of cling film, put in a convenient container and put into the refrigerator for two days.

very salty herring what to doSometimes mistress overdo the spicy pickle or use the wrong fish. The result is a very salty herring. What to do in this case? You can use old and well-tested method: soak the herring in milk. It will become very tender and extremely tasty. Another equally effective method – pour the fish with cold water and every 3-4 hours to change the fluid. In a day all the excess salt will be washed away, however, and the herring will become more fresh. In order to give it some spice, we recommend you shift the fish pickled onions and add a bit of unrefined sunflower oil. More excess salt can be removed if you soak the fish in tea.

All these ways are good, but there is a legitimate question: "What if the herring are salted in the extreme, but I want to eat her right now?" To do this you need to mix the fish with any product that absorbs salt. Of course, it will have to cut a herring and make it into a sandwich or ground beef. As a complement perfect avocado, boiled potatoes and egg whites. The prepared product must be spread on white or black (slightly dry) bread. Very simple and incredibly delicious!

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