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Pasta is inexpensive, quick to prepare side dish for meat or vegetables. A delicious dinner any hostess can cook literally for half an hour. Especially if the fridge is already stockpiled boiled pork, chicken or beef. It remains only to prepare the gravy or vegetables and healthy, hearty dish is ready. 
Today we offer you several recipes you can cook not just pasta with chicken, but the pasta with any other type of meat. No less tasty.

Chicken sauce "Delly" with a side dish of pasta
To make pasta with chicken, in accordance with the traditions of Oriental cuisine, we will need condiments (curry, pepper, turmeric, pickled ginger, cloves and cardamom powder), 2 boiled medium size Breasts, soy sauce, a couple of bulbs of medium size, one large fruit of bell pepper and a bit of any vegetable oil, packing of any pasta weighing in at 400 grams.

Heat in a pan the oil and add the chopped julienne peppers, ginger and onions. Fry, actively stirring and adding half cups of broth left over after cooking the Breasts. Boiled meat grind in a blender and spread in a pan. Stew a few moments and add one pinch of seasoning, a few peppercorns, soy sauce to taste. Bring mixture to readiness.
Boil any pasta and place on plates. This also put the mixture of chicken and vegetables. From the quantities of food you will cook pasta with chicken for a group of four consumers.


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Shells with meat under a cheese crust
Of Course, pasta with chicken dish simple. The recipe is extremely simple and quite affordable. But this does not mean that it can't be tasty. Try to cook it at our recipe and you'll be surprised at the effect produced.
To prepare 4 servings you will need chicken fillet 400 g, pack shell size Maxi, any cheese (except processed) 4 large tomatoes, large onion, bell pepper, large, salt, pepper, oil for frying, a couple of cloves of garlic.
Fillet cut into strips and fry in a deep dish. Here add the onions and bell peppers, cut into very thin strips. Tomatoes we scald with boiling water, remove the skins and RUB through a sieve. Add the crushed garlic and pour the mixture into the frying pan to the vegetables and meat. Simmer the mixture until almost cooked.
Boil the shells for a little less time than indicated on the package. Spread in the form or on a baking tray. Stuffed with mixture of vegetables and chicken meat and sprinkle each with cheese. Bake until Golden brown and served with tomatoes and greens.

Pasta with chicken recipe traditional
To prepare this dish we will need one large carrot, onion, oil (preferably olive), chicken fillet 400 g and the same number of feathers or horns.
Shinkuem Vegetables and fry until Golden brown. Fillet boiled and cut into strips. Combine with vegetables and fry until soften onion. Combine with the cooked and rinsed pasta.
This dish is quite self-sufficient, so to add all sorts of sauces makes no sense. But easy vegetable salad would be appropriate.
Another way of cooking chicken with pasta even easier previous. Boiled fillet cut into small pieces, mix with prepared pasta and pour your sauce. 
Cooked pasta without refueling can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple days. So the next morning you can offer the home instead of the usual milk porridge unusual pasta Greek. Heat the pasta in butter and mix them with low fat cottage cheese, sweetened to taste. Sprinkle the top with cinnamon.
Tips on how to cook pasta with chicken, on the Internet you will encounter a great many. But this does not mean that there is nothing new to invent impossible. Boldly experiment with different components. After all, cooking is an art and there is always a place of creative expression.

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