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A Delicious and simple cake on kefir chicken will appeal to children and adults. This dish is simple and quick to prepare. Also suitable for decorating the festive table. We propose to consider the recipe maker pie on the yogurt with the chicken.

Pie filling

This cake recipe yogurt chicken will take no more than an hour of time. And its calorie content will delight all who adhere to a proper diet and watching their weight. After all, a hundred gram serving has only 200 calories.

Products necessary for the preparation

Ingredients for the dough:

  • Kefir-0,5 liter;
  • Flour & ndash; 0.35 kg;
  • Vegetable oil-0,1 liter;
  • Eggs – three pieces;
  • Sugar – one and a half teaspoons;
  • Baking powder – one teaspoon;
  • Salt & ndash; one and a half teaspoons.

Pie on the yogurt with chicken

For stuffing:

  • Chicken breast – a pound of it;
  • Potatoes – 0.1 kg;
  • Onion – 0.1 kg;
  • Herbs & ndash; single beam;
  • Cumin-one teaspoon;
  • Salt and pepper-to your liking (on the tray);
  • Margarine – how long;
  • Munk – how much will be spent (on cookie sheet).


Pie yogurt chicken is cooked pretty fast and easy. But for more understanding we will build the recipe step by step:

  • Fundamental and a key pie yogurt is not so much filling, how much dough. For its preparation take first oil (optional), salt, egg, sugar and baking powder. If you have no baking powder, it's easily possible to replace soda. However, you need to add a little bit, about two times less than of baking powder. To extinguish it with vinegar, because in the yogurt enough of their acid.
  • Pour the yogurt into a deep Cup and break the eggs and add the vegetable oil (if you use it in the recipe). Then add salt, baking powder (soda) and sugar. Whisk well by hand or with a blender.
  • Gradually add the flour and use a blender.

Filler pie yogurt chicken


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  • Filling no less important than the dough. It can be cooked to your liking, not necessarily to follow exactly the recipe, you can add ingredients or remove some from our list, for example, potatoes. If you cook exactly according to the above recipe, we first need to clean the potatoes and wash it. Chicken also need to wash and remove the skin and bones (if any).
  • After the above procedure should be very finely chopped meat. Then slice the potatoes. It, by the way, is not pre-boiled, as raw potatoes adds more juiciness. Fold the sliced products in a separate Cup.
  • Onion and greens are cut also, and then add to the bowl of stuffing. After that, the stuffing and add salt and pepper, put cumin. That's all, the basic preparation completed, it is thoroughly mixed.
  • A Baking sheet greased with margarine and sprinkled with a little semolina. Then poured half of the dough and spread with spoon. This dough is spread all the stuffing and only then fill the remaining part of the test.
  • An Oven pre-heated to 240 degrees. Then put him in the pan and reduce the temperature to 170. Bake for about 45 minutes, but check periodically. Because all ovens are different, and therefore the power they have is different.
  • Once formed Golden brown pie on the yogurt with chicken is ready. This dish can be served both hot and cold. Both options are very tasty. In addition to course, you apply the cream.

Pie on the yogurt with chicken recipe

It should be noted that, if desired, chicken can be pre-boil, like potatoes. Onions also can be put not raw, and fry in a pan. For other recipes yogurt can replace mayonnaise. The taste will be others, but the pie filling will also be delicious. And baking this cake takes less time, about half an hour.


It was a recipe for a delicious meat pie with chicken, but it can also be cooked with cheese, vegetables, other meats or mushrooms. Any of the options are very tasty, fragrant and able to truly decorate any holiday table. We hope our article was useful to you, and chicken pot pie on the yogurt you like!

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