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In Russia, the pots were so long ago. To them it was good to cook in a traditional oven. The pot was placed in it and the bottom lined with charcoal, that is, it is on all sides covered with heat. The pots were of different shapes and sizes, with some cooked soup, porridge in the other, in the third boiled water.

Today meals baked in modern ceramic pots, which differ in design, they can also put a dish on the table. Very tasty fish in the pot.

This dish is now made from organic materials that retain the brightness for many years. Some pots are coated with glaze. It is recommended to put them only in a cold oven on the bottom rack that is not cracked.

The New pots before using in the oven, it takes hours to soak in cold water. If during cooking the water has evaporated, then pour need only hot. We offer you several recipes that say how to cook fish in pot. Change them to your liking, feel free to experiment with seasonings, add new components or replace some products other - in a word, be creative.

The Fish in the pot, sauteed with vegetables

For prigotovleniya take 1 kilo of fish, two carrots, parsley root, onion, three-percent vinegar (2 tablespoons) vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) tomato puree (1 tablespoon), salt and sugar. Gutting the fish, separate the flesh and cut into slices. Onions, parsley roots and carrots cut into strips. The pots are lubricated with oil and put them in two or three layers of fish, shifting her vegetables. The upper and lower layers must be a fish. From top to pour the oil, vinegar, add tomato puree, sprinkle with salt and sugar. Pots tightly closing lids, put in oven and simmer on low heat for about an hour.


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The Fish in the pot, stewed in sour cream

You Need to take 500 grams of fish fillet, two onions, 1 kilogram potatoes, greens, a half Cup of sour cream and salt to taste-pepper. Cook the potatoes in their skins, peel and cut into slices. You can use raw, but it will be quite hard, as this recipe uses sour cream containing lactic acid. Fish cut into pieces and sprinkle with pepper and salt.

Grease the pot with oil and place the fish on top put the thinly sliced onion and sliced potatoes. Then pour them with sour cream and put in a cold oven. Fish stew on medium heat for about forty minutes - forty-five. Before serving in the pot poured the chopped herbs.

The Fish in the pot, stewed in brine

Take three hundred grams of fresh-frozen fish, pickles, a few tablespoons of brine, five mushrooms, a half of lemon. To prepare the sauce take two cups of fish stock, one tablespoon flour, butter (3 tablespoons) half a glass of cucumber pickle, juice from the lemon halves, onion, chopped parsley root (1 teaspoon), salt. Defrost the fish, gutting, opolaskivaniem and cut into pieces. Put the fish in the pan. Pour the brine and stew until ready. Separately saute the cucumber, the mushrooms should be boiled for twenty minutes, then drain and finely chop.

The Sauce is prepared as follows: podrumyanivaya in butter the flour and dilute hot fish broth. Once all the clumps disperse, pour the rest of the broth. Add the chopped onion and the parsley root and cook on low heat for ten minutes. Then the sauce need to drain and add the boiled brine and boil for another five minutes. Then vlite lemon juice, salt, and again strain. In the prepared sauce you need to add the butter (one spoon) and quickly stir.

Put into a bowl for baking fish pieces, mushrooms, cucumbers, pour contents of sauce, place in oven on low heat and boil for fifteen minutes. Ready pots with the fish, you can decorate slices of lemon. Bon appetit!

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