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This figure as the benchmark return used in the calculation of the single tax on imputed income or, simply, PT. It was introduced with the aim of supporting the activities of small entrepreneurs and facilitate the calculation of taxes. This tax exempts the entity from having the calculation and payment of several others. However, applying a simplified form can only the organization of specific activities.

The benchmark return of imputed income represents the amount of return per month for the selected unit of physical parameter. The company is obliged to produce a record of physical performance alone. It is here that specialists are faced with the problem of settlements and methods of their implementation. The fact that the government action under the simplified taxation adopted, and the development of specific guidance to do not. Can long to review and analyze the Tax code or legislation of the Ministry of Finance, but is well-described recommendations not be found.

That is why the benchmark return is calculated on the basis of the books of the single tax on imputed income, which also allows to take into account physical indicators. However, entities have a choice, because they can unsubscribe from the simplified system. Then they will not count the imputed income, and make full accounting statements, which require additional resources. As you know, the standard form of accounting requires accurate reflection of any movement of assets, while the simplified system allows to track only the changes in the intangible assets of the organization and the movement of its fixed assets.


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From the legal acts follows that the two above-mentioned embodiment, the accounting can be used in the enterprise at the same time. In this case, the specialist shall keep a separate book, recording the expenditure and revenue part. In addition, the book is filled with imputed income, which must be sent to the tax office to check.

The entrepreneurs also pay the imputed income. The benchmark return is then calculated on the basis of physical indicators. Besides, they usually don't have to pay value added tax. Of course, simplification does not concern the management of cash operations. Necessarily the presence of cash book, income and expenditure orders and other standard documents.

Now, let us consider the process of calculating the indicator of basic profitability. On the basis of the book on keeping the UTII need to compile a complete list of physical indicators in accordance with specific activity of an enterprise. These include the number of employees, number of transport facilities, the size occupied shopping space and even floor space. You should then conduct a comparative analysis which will take into account a basic yield and physical indicators for each activity of the entrepreneur. It should be noted that the hall area is specified in square meters, to Express them in numeric value, you must use the table provided in the books of PT.

The benchmark return used in the three main methods of calculating the unified tax on imputed income. The first method is based on the collection and processing of statistical information reflecting the results of specific activities that are strictly defined by the legislative acts. Under the second method takes into account the amount of the tax payments actually transferred by the organization to the accounts budget and off-budget funds. The third method is considered the benchmark return for each facility recommended for reduction or increase of the coefficients.

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