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One of the most promising participants in the Russian real estate market, particularly in the joint construction, is the "Rosstroyinvest". Reviews of investors are saying about the leading role of the construction company year of Foundation, in 2002, because the range of activities is wide enough. The company not only builds residential complexes and office buildings, turning to her and Industrialists.

rosstroyinvest reviews shareholders

Finished objects

A Pioneer for construction in Saint-Petersburg brand new facilities in the company "Rosstroyinvest". Reviews real estate investors have been primarily inspired by the magnificent fountain complexes (Square of Lenin, Finland station, Moscow square), where light and music shows have become a favorite spectacle of St. Petersburg. Here willingly and for long periods of time walking and visiting, we can say that the fountains began to play the role of a business card of the city.

A Special pride of the capital the second was the skyscraper "Alexander Nevsky" - also the brainchild of the company "Rosstroyinvest". Reviews investors mention a unique panoramic view of the river and entire city from the viewing platforms of St.-Petersburg. And, of course, the apartments of the residential complex - there is truly a new quality and absolute convenience. The architecture is magnificent in this regard, the city not only suffered from innovations, residential complexes high-rise type only complements and adorned St. Petersburg.


Only since the creation of the commissioned buildings with a total area of over million square meters. They are all built by construction company "Rosstroyinvest". Reviews real estate investors list the advantages of commissioned buildings unique architectural solutions in infrastructure development all residential complexes, and noted the relative affordability of high comfort.


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In addition, the excellent transport accessibility is a trait of commissioned objects. The apartments with quality finishing from the finest materials, exceptionally comfortable layout. Buildings "Rosstroyinvest" is always rented and rents in time, which, of course, everyone expects their client is planning on purchasing an apartment directly from the developer. If the person is correct, he will not regret making such an important purchase. The most important thing. "Rosstroyinvest" (St. Petersburg) choose reliability.

LCD Staraya Krepost


In choosing a Builder it is also important to ask the number of orders from the state diagram of contract sale of apartments. In its activity the company "Rosstroyinvest" selects the large scale construction works. Its assets - designing and reconstruction of both local and Federal levels, much has been done in the framework of the state order. For example, the aforementioned music-light fountain complexes. On the waterfront of the Smolenka built the Lyceum of radio engineering, in the Nevsky district, a beautiful building of the police station, where the opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

All projects to list in this article is simply impossible, so we will focus on some, but make more specific and a broad overview. Developer of the "Rosstroyinvest" high priority to the responsibility to clients, its construction guarantees reliability and quality. That is why the company was awarded a number of prestigious awards, including "project Builder of the year". Apartment "Rosstroyinvest" sells with an additional guarantee of protection of interests of clients registering treaties clearly consistent with the Federal law on joint construction. This company can be trusted.

On the banks of the Neva river

"real estate Fair" was announced, the sale of finished apartments in the next phase of construction of residential complexes "Peter and Catherine the Great" under construction located near the metro station "Fishing" on the banks of the Neva. The number of apartments sold there are studios, one-, two - and three-bedroom apartments, offered as a kit with the trim and without it. "Rosstroyinvest" prices do not inflate, despite times of global crisis. This proposal was the most advantageous on the real estate market.

For Example, the Studio in twenty-five square meters costs only one and a half million rubles. There are programs installments without interest with the first payment of ten percent, and the price of the apartment remains the same as would be with full payment. The main banks of the city provide mortgage programs. This is an extremely good price for a high-quality performance of construction. Each apartment is magnificent Windows, spacious balconies, up to twelve square meters. Noiseless lifts, wheelchair, intercom. Design and decoration of halls, which few can match.

LCD Zolotye Kupola


Houses in the complex two in twenty-four and thirty-two floors, where there are premises for shops and other services. There is a children's garden, educational center and a Museum exhibition at the cultural center. Themed playgrounds are already organized, as well as recreation areas and walking paths. Motorists will get indoor Parking and also outdoor Parking.

The Architecture is original, despite the fact that preserves the purity of the style, because the images of this ensemble represent the great Russian Emperor and Empress. Specific characteristicsthis apartment complex is just great: most of them overlooking the bend of the Neva river and the city. Other completed and still under construction but already well-known complexes: "House of chimes", "Alexander Nevsky", "Old fortress", "the Morning star", "the Kremlin stars", "the City of masters" and "Golden domes", "wild strawberries" - accepted into their ranks no less wonderful creation from the "Rosstroyinvest".


The personality of the great Russian emperors, inspired the group of companies "Rosstroyinvest" is so that the appearance of the building in Regal splendor not inferior to them. In addition, a picturesque place, as if personifying the country, which the emperors ruled, add to the atmosphere of the complex and a sense of beauty and comfort. The more that infrastructure, both internal and external, is very well developed. The views are quite spectacular, visible not only the bend of the river, but forest Park and the stunning architecture of the city.

The Location of this residential complex provides transport accessibility is optimal: close to the ring road, which is very convenient for motorists, there is guest Parking. Social routes are well developed and are still developing, although the inhabitants now and at bus stops for long periods of time transport are not waiting. And fans will be happy to walk beautiful landscapes and picturesque surroundings. The distance to metro is about two kilometers. The maximum number of services, however, you can get right inside the residential complex: kindergarten - yard, school - close. It is a modern area of the Nevsky area, provided with all social infrastructure, one of the most beautiful places of Saint-Petersburg, and also one of the most comfortable.

rosstroyinvest prices

LCD "Old Fortress"

Thirteen-storey building of reinforced concrete with high speed and completely noiseless elevators with apartments type Studio, one-, two - and three-bedroom in the historic district Murino - place inhabited, with a developed infrastructure is one of the most successful creations of the "Rosstroyinvest". Prices, despite the Central location (the building of the district administration is opposite) does not "bite". Studio 622 1 070 rubles, for example, a two-bedroom apartment 4 512 600 rubles. The place was very well chosen, about a mile from the metro station "Devyatkino". Bus stop directly outside, five minute ride by minibus or a bus residents can already get on the subway.

LCD "Old Fort" is in green and chrezvychaino scenic spot, landscaped areas, rich in trees and shrubs in a vast green area in front of the complex, equipped with bike lanes, benches, pedestrian alleys. Close to playgrounds and outdoor sports fitness equipment. Plus the age-old oak trees and the old water tower - a monument of architecture. Also nearby there is a kindergarten (municipal), supermarket grocery and hardware, cafes, pharmacy, home life. The first floor of the "Old fortress" given over to a fitness center, a supermarket, a café, a bakery where you can buy hot bread.

apartments rosstroyinvest

Courtyard and apartments

The Yard is safe because it is closed to outsiders. There are recreational areas, a great children's complex to play, Parking for guest cars and Bicycle Parking near each entrance (front). For residents there is an indoor Parking lot. Video surveillance adds to the security of all public areas.

Everywhere In the front has space for prams. The halls are spacious and finishing is highly commendable. Stylish, high-quality, one word - design. For lessons on the interests of the residential complex has a cultural and educational center for children and adults.

LCD "Golden domes"

This is a low-rise residential complex, the building block has four floors made of reinforced concrete with a painted stucco facade. Is located in the suburbs eleven kilometers from the ring road. Vsevolozhskiy district of Leningrad region, near the town of Sertolovo, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Housing is the highest class of comfort. But the price is much lower than the same apartments the previous object. Here apartment can be purchased for 1 336 500 rubles, and two-bedroom costs 3 731 200 rubles.

This residential complex resembles a mini-city inhabited by those who choose this wonderful option that combines comfort, ecology and safety with rationality the availability of financial and transport. It is convenient to live not only to motorists, public transport in the ten-minute ride to the metro. The complex sports stadium, school, two beautiful children's garden with swimming pools, sports and cultural educational centers, fitness centre, shopping complex and even its own Church.


Surrounding area

Here you can maintain a healthy lifestyle - both in a spiritual and in a physical sense, moreover, to live in extremely comfortable conditions. A mile down Copper lake, where a landscaped sand beach and three kilometers - Saranskoe lake, both famous for their outstanding scenic views and cleanliness. Directly on the territory of children's Park with entertainment, sports facilities, cycle paths and many others. With the kids and their development will be fine. Yardssafe as closed, with fitted access system. Therefore, in the yards very clean and beautiful, the order in the territories is maintained constantly.

In Addition located directly in the building, fairly close (within walking distance) there is one municipal kindergarten, school, polyclinic, branch Bank and a supermarket. All of this is located in the district of Black river. Here is the perfect combination of living surrounded by nature and beautiful urban comfort, the atmosphere is neighborly, a lot of joy from communication with people and nature. And from St. Petersburg, with its theatres and museums to go far not necessary. LCD "Golden domes" - almost part of it, although it is considered the Leningrad region.

LCD "Kremlin stars"

This residential complex includes the buildings of the business class in the twenty-seven floors with the load bearing framework of the building from monolith reinforced concrete, with high-speed noiseless elevators, which provides four hundred and three apartments. Naturally, they will be more expensive: Studio - 3 836 997 rubles, and three - room- from 10 324 972 rubles.

Why of course? But because it is the Moscow district of Saint Petersburg residential complex meets the demands of housing business class. Built in an area where transport and social infrastructure correspond to the center of the Northern capital. The style of the building is art Deco. The yard is gated, fenced, secure, without a car, but with a children's Playground and a cosy Seating area. The Parking underground. Hour surveillance and Concierge service.


Input the hallways are decorated by designers in the same style decorated sitting area and meeting guests. Just over a kilometer to the metro station "Moskovskaya", a public transport stop directly by the house. On the highway can be equally convenient to the city centre and in the opposite direction to the airport. Again, of course, that everything is available: any shops and shopping centres, restaurants and stadiums, forty schools, colleges, technical schools, institutes, more than seventy kindergartens, hospitals and polyclinics, dental clinics separately, ten libraries, children's theatre, youth Palace, exhibition halls, music and art schools, three pools, tennis courts and gyms. The many parks and gardens. And inside the residential complex provides shopping and entertainment centre and a separate building for the kindergarten.

developer rosstroyinvest

LCD "Gorod Masterov"

"Rosstroyinvest" gave the citizens of St. Petersburg is another magnificent residential complex within the city. Monolithic reinforced concrete construction with ventilated facade of granite shot up to a height of sixteen floors, where a very affordable comfort housing. Here there is only one - and two-bedroom apartment, not too cumbersome for the price, compared to other developers. Deep in the quiet quarter breathed easily and freely, despite the location in the city centre. It is possible to forget about it, not going anywhere.

The Architecture is unique because the project was created in the synthesis of the arts, the formation of the character of St. Petersburg was the construction of outstanding and unique contribution. Neo-Gothic and classicism, art Nouveau, Baroque and constructivism - all city features. Here styles made friends in close communication in the design of individual fragments of the sixteen-storey buildings forming a two policare, where the courtyards are separated. Separate miniature city within a city, where the Association with various guilds of craftsmen whose work was decorated with different era.

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