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Currently, in our country there is a huge number of insurance companies that are willing to provide the necessary services at any time. Insurance expectant mothers – is a separate activity that SK are doing very reluctantly. The fact is that pregnant women are exposed to many more risks, compared to other categories of citizens, especially when it comes to long journeys. Because in any emergency situation, the threat to health and life is not only the woman but also her unborn child. Therefore, only a few of the companies that insures pregnant women when traveling abroad.

Benefits of insurance

insurance for pregnant women while crossing the borderPregnant Insurance when planning a holiday outside their homeland provides a lot of advantages.

It includes the following insurance programs:

  • LCA for new moms;
  • Insurance of pregnancy and childbirth in case of departure to another country;
  • International medical insurance.

In Order to understand more clearly what are the benefits of each variety of insurance programs, it is necessary to elaborate on them.

Voluntary medical insurance for expectant mothers

LCA is one of the most popular types of insurance programs in our country.

This travel insurance pregnant women travelling abroad, allows to calculate, according to specialists, at:

  • Free medical services;
  • The ability queue to pass the diagnostic procedure;
  • Free call a doctor;
  • Free visit to the dentist.

LCA is available in all European countries included in the Schengen area, therefore, making it, you get a full guarantee that you will always be provided with qualified medical care free of charge.

Insurance of pregnancy and childbirth, when traveling abroad

enhanced insurance for traveling abroad pregnantThe Design of this type of insurance is very difficult, because most insurers do not provide such services. In addition, the insurance for pregnant women when traveling abroad has certain limitations. This is due to the fact that women gestate the fetus, are subjected to many risks. As stated in the reviews, terms of insurance are determined by the company individually, but the policy loses its power at 25 weeks gestation.

International medical insurance

MMS is one of the best quality and most complete insurance programs, including the largest range of services.

Under the policy, the expectant mother can get:

  • Emergency medical assistance;
  • Free routine examination, advice and treatment in any country;
  • All costs related to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • The ability to choose any hospital, physician, and the delivery team;
  • Emergency hospitalization in case of childbirth and pain free;
  • Free stay in the hospital after childbirth, the necessary treatment, if necessary.

Thus, if you are in the later term of pregnancy and plan to go abroad, then this medical insurance for travel abroad pregnant is the perfect solution.

What items of expenditure not covered by the insurance for expectant mothers?

health insurance for travel abroad pregnantWomen in my reviews often draw attention to the fact that none of the insurance programs moms not cover the following categories of expenses:

  • Abortion;
  • The birth of a child prematurely.

With regard to the latter, the insurance policy covers costs associated with a premature birth, if they were carried out because of the existing threat to the health and life of the mother or the baby.

Limitations of policies on pregnancy

A Conventional health insurance program includes all costs related to pregnancy, namely the provision of emergency medical care, if the health and life of the fetus or of the mother is endangered. However, the policy is valid only until the twelfth week of pregnancy, after which it will be cancelled. It is written in the contract because the insurer doesn't want to take on additional risks.

Extended insurance for travel abroad for pregnant women covers a much more categories of costs, up to 31 weeks of gestation. The size of insurance payments under the policy, experts say, canto vary from 10 to 50 thousand euros.

Actions upon occurrence of insured events

insurance for travel abroad for pregnant IngosstrakhIf during your stay abroad any insured event provided by the contract, you need to contact the insurer for one of the phones specified in the policy, and to provide their personal data, social security number and the exact address of your current location. Representatives work 24/7, so get help at any time of the day or night. Insurance for travel abroad for pregnant assumes full supervision of the client throughout his stay in the medical institution.

What to consider when choosing insurance program?

Thinking about what insurance program to choose, the expectant mother must consider the following points:

  • At what point in the pregnancy can be furnished insurance;
  • Size of insurance payments;
  • For a time in a foreign country is valid policy.

Equally important is the reputation and reliability of the insurer, however, the above aspects are key.

The validity of insurance policies

travel insurance for pregnant women travelling abroadAny insurance for pregnant women when traveling abroad, regardless of its species, is valid for 12 months from the moment of signing of the contract between the insured and the insurer. The payment is made in full at the time of signing documents. The insurance applies for the duration of the stay abroad, starting with the moment of crossing the border and ending with the return home. If you plan on regular trips abroad, you can make a one-time insurance contract for a period of 12 months and on each trip to use the services of insurance.

A Few words about the pitfalls

Every pregnant insurance policy when you travel abroad insures against certain risks, and cover some overheads, therefore, not to be in an unpleasant situation, we recommend that you carefully read the insurance contract at the time of booking. Special attention should be given to what cases are recognized by the company insurance.

Most insurers pay the costs associated with hospitalization of the expectant mother to the hospital when the need arises, as well as the first doctor and urgent diagnostic procedure. All costs associated with delivery and content of mom and baby in hospital, abortion or premature birth, not kompensiruet, unless they were artificially stimulated because of the arisen threat to the health and life of the mother or child.

What the insurer it is better to choose?

Unfortunately, the domestic market is not many companies provide insurance services to women who bears a child and is going to travel abroad. The giants of the industry prefer not to mess with this direction because there are too big risks. However, there are some insurers who can be insurance for pregnant women when traveling abroad.

"liberty insurance"

insurance for pregnant women when traveling abroadOne of the Russian leaders in the provision of insurance services. The insurer offers consumers the program “Standard” that allows you to insure expectant mothers with a pregnancy, not to exceed twelve weeks. The volume of insurance payments amount to 20, 50 and 100 thousand euros. Insurance for two weeks, which applies to any country in the Schengen area is one thousand rubles.


A Small company offering expectant mothers a special program that allows you to insure yourself for the duration of stay in a foreign country during the period of pregnancy up to 24 weeks. The policy covers all expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies, abortion in the event of a threat to the life of the mother, as well as measures to preserve the pregnancy. The maximum size of insurance payments is 5,000 euros.


Insurance for travel abroad for pregnant women in Ingosstrakh, in addition to the main items of expenditure, covers medical services for the treatment of allergic reactions and solar burns. The size of the payments may amount to 30, 50, or 100 000 EUR or USD.

IHI Bupa

This is a major Danish insurance company providing various insurance programs around the world. Insurance for pregnant women while crossing the border from IHI Bupa covers all costs associated with providing emergency medical care to expectant mothers, gestational age does not exceed 36 weeks.

Insurance policy over the Internet

insurance for the exitthe border for the pregnantIf you are planning a holiday abroad or business trip, however, time to go to the office of the companies, the insurance for pregnant women when traveling abroad can be issued online. Today, such a service provides only three domestic companies:

  1. "liberty" – insurance expectant mothers with a pregnancy up to 12 weeks when traveling abroad.
  2. "Rosgosstrakh" – basic insurance program pregnant women with a pregnancy up to 31 weeks, which includes the costs of providing emergency medical care.
  3. "the European tourist insurance" – provides insurance services to expectant mothers, gestational age less than 31 weeks. In addition to the basic risk covers the costs associated with premature birth, as well as providing medical care and maintenance of the newborn in the hospital.

For the design of the policy should go to the official website of the insurer, to fill out the online form and make the payment on the insurance contract.

To Issue an insurance policy when going abroad or not is a matter. But better not to risk, because can happen anything.

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