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To outerwear the off-season includes such practical things female wardrobe, like a leather jacket and a leather skirt. Choosing apparel made of leather, women are more motivated by their public image than protecting the body from the cold. Ladies know that leather jackets and blazers always look popular and stylish. Main – to awaken imagination and to create their image, which, however, is not a problem for many women.

Designers and fashion

Jacket – this combination of comfort and practicality in the offseason. Anticipating the desires of women to make changes in her wardrobe, literally capturing social trends and moods, the designers create new collections of jackets of various styles, colors and textures. Designers also do not lose time by developing new styles of jackets based on existing ones. Each season they create leather ladies jacket made of genuine leather, play with the form of a collar or sleeve, lengthen or shorten the product. leather jacket and leather skirtHowever, designer jackets Haute couture like a work of art, they defile the models on the Haute couture shows. In these cases sewn single instance – and it's very expensive. For such a model is characterized by the absence of curves and the presence of the author of the seams. The purchase of such a sample can not afford the secured fashionista. And the fact that you wear every day girls and women, is called pret-a-porter, or French – “ready-to-wear”. This is a quality leather women's jacket made of genuine leather, which focuses not on creativity, but for comfort and practicality in everyday life. That is, given the high fashion is made in real clothes. These jackets are not much cheaper and are sold in boutiques and Department stores.

Models of leather jackets

Leather jackets are not out of fashion ever. Each season brings the strokes and directions in styles and colors. For example, never goes out of fashion stylish Moto jacket is popular among the youth. It looks spectacular with numerous studs and spikes. Wears her youth with ripped jeans or a fitted leather pants. Jacket Aviator is also in the youth trend, they fit in well with the sporty style and are combined with pants of all styles. Original look pencil skirt with leather jacketThe Aviator. In fashion and leather jackets-biker jackets, which received its name because of the asymmetrical cut. They are cropped and feature metal zippers obliquely.


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Popular colors of leather jackets

The Style of any model gives the color. And monochrome shades are always in fashion. One of the most popular and sought after colors – black. It creates a classic a finished look, especially if it is a women's leather jacket with skirt strict cut. To the European classics include outerwear red. The most elegant option – white the jacket is made of genuine leather. But due to the fact that the white color is a little fat, such models are only recommended for a slender lady. Beige creates femininity in the image and will look great with business dress or simply skirt. Red, brown, and yellow jackets are perfectly combined with dark and light bottom and are suitable for the wardrobe of young girls. Leather jackets and leather skirts in blue colours were and still are favorites of the fashion on all the runways of the world.leather jackets women's genuine leather


In the wardrobe of every modern woman needs to have a key item fashion individual image skirts. It will never go out of fashion, because in it the woman looks elegant. Skirt can only improve, to change shape, silhouette, design, while remaining feminine and graceful. Particularly impressive look of the skirt, noble luxurious leather pertaining to everyday trends.

But no matter how beautiful leather skirt, it will not necessarily good to sit on the girl. Even the models in fashion shows not all leather skirts are suitable, but what about the ladies who want to look stylish, but have not model; the shape of the sample. To make a successful choice and create a complete image, you need to understand the variety of styles of leather skirts created by fashion designers.

Types of leather skirts

The important parameters of the skirt is its length. Depending on the growth of a girl is calculated-length skirt.

styles of leather skirts

It can be micro - and mini-skirts (above the knee), as well as styles MIDI and Maxi (almost to the floor). As a variant-length at knee level.

The Fit of the skirt may be different, but from its length, often depends on General perception. Micro - and mini-skirts are not made to sew leather. Is rather sports or beach. But the options for MIDI, Maxi and knee length look very nice. MIDI length or Maxi allows you to hide the shortcomings of legs and shape.

The Silhouettes of the skirts are divided into straight, extended or narrowed down. Playing with all these parameters, designers also have an infinite number of models of leather skirts which allow women to build your individual image.pencil skirt with leather skirt

Skirts leather

A Classic among all models – this, of course, the pencil skirt. This is not just a part of the wardrobe – it magically transforms the silhouette of the woman, creating the correct lines. Beautiful skirt made of genuine leather knee-length or MIDI. With a fitted style it visually lengthens the figure, so you can easily select it for any body type. There is only one exception: will not look this skirt on women with narrow hips, because it emphasizes this style. Since the model of pencil skirt versatile, she has unlimited opportunities to complete the image.

The Inverted glass reminds of the bell skirt. Initially, somewhere in the XVII-XIX centuries, this skirt was Maxi length. But in the modern shortened form, it appeared in the XX century. Looks very modern this leather skirt in a version of the mini and to the knee. Suitable for all body weights. The pomp at the top increases hip even those who they are not broad by nature.

The Skirt is a-line natural leather looks best in a version of the mini or at knee level. This is the best solution for ladies with curvaceous.

leather jacket for women with skirt

Also noteworthy model style, cargo, military style. Usually the length of this skirt is above knee length, it is supplemented by a belt, caps, lightning. In this case, a great kit will be a leather skirt and a leather jacket or blazer.

The Tulip Skirt owes its existence to Pierre Cardin. It combines the model "pencil" and "bell". Thin genuine leather, draped or made a smell at the top conceals problem areas of the girls “body” and round the buttocks.

The Godet Skirt made of genuine leather looks spectacular due to the contrast of the top to a peplum or low-waist and bottom, consisting of several wedges. This skirt – herself with restraint and elegance. models of leather skirts

Leather skirt "the sun" and "the bell"

These skirts are the easiest to cut. Due to the softness and elasticity of the product look extravagant. Models came from Spain, but not all could afford such a luxury. Too much tissue you had to have for sewing these products. And leather – expensive material at all times. Enterprising fashionista Coco Chanel shortened the skirt to knee. The model of "sun" made with a whole piece of skin has no seams. Leather skirt polyanna single back seam. Both skirt Drapes beautifully. Beautifully these styles look with high belt covers the waist. leather skirt dress bell


By Themselves, leather skirts and leather jackets of course soloed in any created image. Things-companions, such as: shoes, various handbag, any accessories – picked directly created by the ensemble. For example, under black Duo can be worn suede boots. Suitable bag with the original invoice. Shoes is chosen according to this principle: the shorter the model the skirts, the higher the boots. Ankle boots fit long skirts to the ankles.

Articles of leather has always been a subject of adoration of women of fashion. If you do not know how to combine things to look decent, maybe the article has helped you in this direction.


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