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A Mature, confident man does not seek to shock and attract the attention of flamboyant accessories and garish labels. He appreciates the proven quality, practicality and style.

To see a better man, you need to look at his shoes. What can you say about its owner pair from Tommy Hilfiger?

Brand Story

Brand was founded in 1979 by the American designer Tommy Hilfiger. In 1984, the debut collection of designer conquered fans elegant and at the same time, comfortable clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger can be called the founder of the “American” style. This is a unique symbiosis of elements of sportswear and timeless classics. The images offered by the designer, dynamic, beautiful and relevant at all times.

Another line of the brand Tommy Hilfiger - shoes, as stylish and practical. It is not for fans of ostentatious luxury and glamour. This shoes is designed for lovers of quality, minimalism and carefully crafted details.

The Range of men's shoes is very rich. Modern man can find the suitable pair for any occasion-business meetings, leisure or walks along the sea coast.

tommy hilfiger shoes

Leisure Shoes and active lifestyle

For exploring the city can not do without light and stylish sneakers by Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes (photo attached) made from a combination of natural materials-cotton and leather or suede. These shoes are more suitable for the summer season. The model is available in several colors: white, beige, grey, brown, red, black. Usually included are extra laces of a different color.


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tommy hilfiger shoes photo

Demi shoes have a high ankle and is made entirely of genuine leather. Outsole molded, rubber.

Espadrilles from Tommy Hilfiger – the rubber-soled shoes without lacing. Often with elastic side panels. Flexible sole and upper made of breathable fabric, perfect for long summer walks or car driving.

Everyone leading an active way of life of men in the locker must be sneakers. From Tommy Hilfiger are made of genuine leather or suede. Decorative inserts made of cotton, sole of rubber. Shoes are not only very comfortable but also have a unique stylish design. Never athletic shoes looked so elegant.

A Line of shoes for relaxing complement light summer flip-flop Slippers and clogs from Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes for a beach vacation comfortable and beautiful. Depending on the preferences of summer sandals from "Tommy Hilfiger", you can choose any material: rubber, textile or leather. In such shoes even on the beach you can look luxurious and stylish.

Shoes for formal and semi-formal events

Formal receptions commit to a specific dress code. In the events of such plan for men must be classic shoes or oxfords, be sure to lace up.

The Range of men's shoes is very wide: different texture, silhouette and shades. All models combines the quality of the material – 100% leather or suede, signature stitching and a soft comfortable lining.

Loafers are suitable for semi-formal day events. It's the shoes without lacing, a bit like moccasins, but have a heel and tassels of leather. Loafers Tommy Hilfiger (shoes for men) is available in several colors, in addition to the classic black and brown meeting blue, Indigo, and even yellow. All of them are made of genuine leather and suede and feature a classic and contemporary design.

tommy hilfiger footwear

Autumn and winter shoes

Shoes for cool autumn and early spring from "Tommy Hilfiger" can emphasize the individuality of any man, regardless of his preferences in clothing. Under the classic double-breasted coat, youth Park or a biker jacket – for any style, you can choose shoes or boots by Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes for cooler weather made of nubuck, leather or suede. Models with a high shaft features a lace-up or zipper.

Winter boots inside is doubled with artificial fur, high-quality stitching make the shoes waterproof and very warm. Rubber sole prevents slipping on ice. The shoes do not look bulky and are perfect for any kind of winter outerwear.

tommy hilfiger men's shoes reviews

Customer Reviews

The brand has its fans who prefer other brands namely Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes mens reviews is mostly positive. Buyers note:

  • Design. Laconic and stylish. A big plus of the design is that it is never trendy. In the collection there items that next season will not be relevant. This is a great investment in high-quality practical shoes that can be worn for several years, not afraid to look old-fashioned.
  • Quality. Shoes well stitched and worn for several seasons. Does not absorb moisture.
  • Comfort.
  • Price. For brand shoes cost reasonable and fully justified. High-quality natural materials and perfect tailoring are worth it.


  • Buyers note that some models are “bolshemeryat”.
  • Sometimes there is a marriage when ordering from online stores. This was not order branded shoes only from official website manufacturer.


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