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Today, at the height of fashion sneakers on a high sole – semi-sports shoes wedges. These models are very comfortable and practical for everyday wear and match with lots of styles of clothes.

The Authorship of such models as sports sneakers belongs to Nike, but now such shoes produces many firms. It was made for use as natural materials-leather and suede and dense textiles and leather.

sneakers on a high sole

What is sneakers

This model of shoes combines details of sports sneakers and shoes. This mix is liked by foreign stars, and then the fashion for sneakers has spread to almost all over the world. What are the names of sneakers on a high sole, you know all the avid fashionistas of the world. Although in the past they were able to imagine a semi-sports shoes with wedge heels, today these models have become trendy and stylish.

Sneakers – great for girls of low growth, because in order to seem higher, you do not need to wear stiletto high heel. Enough to wear wedge sneakers and immediately solved two problems: the growth will visually increase, and the image will become the fashion.

The Main styles of clothes with which it is recommended to wear sneakers, can be different. Photos of sneakers on a high sole show stars, and the fans skillfully imitate them.

what are the sneakers on a high sole

To create a trendy image in the ensemble with sneakers, must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A Great tandem is obtained from the combination of sneakers and jeans. The image perfectly complement the actual vest pattern.
  • To jeans and sneakers you can wear a sweatshirt with trendy print.
  • Wedge Sneakers go well with a casual style that appeals to many fashionistas.
  • Chic sneakers on a high sole look with cotton pants, beige or khaki. A plaid shirt. This way not only fashionable but also very comfortable.
  • Slip-on sneakers can be combined with light dresses, such as chiffon. In cool weather the image can be supplemented with a slouchy sweater in the same tone.
  • In cold weather, you can wear sneakers and warm coats of drape or jacket.

Summer shoes on the platform

Today such shoes are firmly entrenched in the wardrobe of fashionistas and can be worn even with skirts and dresses. This season in the trend comfort, therefore, creating an image with sneakers wedge, you can wear a mini and a Maxi, a variety of shorts and pants. A combination of incongruous colors will be very fashionable in the new season. Especially popular are the gold sneakers on a high sole. Photos of popular styles publish the famous fashion magazines.


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 photo of sneakers on a high sole

Will the Original image, if you wear short shorts or a mini skirt and bright shirt, and as a fashionable highlight will be the sneakers. For the summer season they are made of textiles of different textures, so it won't be hot.

As the fashion jewelry to the outfit with sneakers perfect beads long length and wide bracelets, but you can do completely without jewelry. There is only one restriction, it is not possible to wear sneakers on a high sole, – it's a business suit.

Sneakers for girls

For baby girls wedge sneakers will also be an excellent option. They are comfortable and will be on a walk, at school or in the garden. Leg in such shoes does not get tired, well fixed through Velcro or wide rubber. These shoes will be the highlight of the image of the little fashionista.

"what are the sneakers on a high sole?" – this question can only ask those who are not in the trend. Ladies love sneakers and wear them successfully with your best outfits. Especially the image looks bright with skirts and sport dresses.

sneakers on a high sole photo

The Sneakers for the winter season

Winter manufacturers offer models that are made of special material. The material is absolutely moisture proof. The lining is usually made of natural materials, such as sheepskin. This combination of materials protects feet from winter slush, and it keeps them warm.

Sneakers on a high sole – are not only fashionable but also practical and comfortable shoes. Under such a model, you can wear almost anything and look very stylish and fashionable. Especially these shoes will appreciate the active girls who don't like to sit still. Even after spending all day in sneakers on the platform, the fashionistas do not feel fatigue in the legs.

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