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For the Sake of beauty, you can go to great lengths, even to learn to knit. Especially true to buy this skill this year, because all sorts of trend accessories style hand made. First and foremost, this applies to hats. Today, the header needs to be not only stylish, but also to perform its main task - to protect your head from wind, snow and frost.

What is in fashion this season?

The fashion World does not stop to bring bright colors to the gray urban everyday life. Variegated colors are always at the peak of popularity. But do not lose relevance classic range: pure rainbow hues, gray tones, and pastel coloring.

Fashionable hats this season pleasing variety of styles. But any extravagant or outrageous antics from designers in the field of headwear we did not wait.

fashionable hatsAbout models and fashion everything from necks to budenovka. Let's order.

What styles are particularly popular this season?

To Answer this question – means to list all existing varieties of winter hats. Depending on preferences, you can choose any of the fashionable hats – winter you are not afraid.

Particular attention should be paid to ultrapopular styles. These are fashionable knitted hats knitting:

  • Classic with pompom - similar to children's;
  • Cap with a visor - there are many versions;
  • A La budenovka - long near the ears hats with ties;
  • Stockings - stitched at the end of the knitted “pipe”;
  • Snood - scarf is sewn with each other.

Stylists advise to pay attention to the combination of headwear and accessories. Colors offer to choose not only in accordance with the fashion trends, but also those who would create a bright and cheerful contrast.


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women's hats fashionableLet it be said that women's hats, fashion styles – this is the peak of difficulty and skill. We present a short description of the styles, "lifehack" for wearing simple and schematic fashion hats.

Classic beanie with pompom

Not long ago, hat with POM-poms were worn only by little kids, and the classic cone with a soft ball was considered almost shameful for a young lady. A simple model will manage even the novice, if he discerns the front and a seamy loop, and can score. Actually, it is. Dialed the number of loops required in order to encircle the head. This will be the width of our hats. Continue to act like the opposite sex.

Use one color scheme or more, make geometric patterns, combine different threads. This will allow you to get a designer product which will appeal not only to you but also attract the attention of others. Unnoticed obviously will not.

In order to get the classic hat, which is suitable to surround the jacket and the short jacket is knit elastic 1x1 or 2x2. Make a wide scarf. When the length of the segment will be enough to completely cover the head – simply shrinks and stitch length. It remains only to sew the pompom of yarn or fur.

If you like to wear hats with a lapel, it should be knit into just as many as you plan to bend. For fixing use a usual thread. Enough to make a few stitches with three or four sides.

Romantic person can make fashionable hats knitting using a variety of braids, patterns, embroidery. Quite original look hats, on which is sewn a small bubo Fox or wolf tail.

Cap with a visor

A Classic knitted hat with pompom is quite compatible with a small visor. Original it will make a great and sustainable canopy, like baseball caps. Nestandartnie what will be his form, the better. But functionality should not be forgotten.

fashionable hats knittingDo Not disdain the masters of knitting, and adding a wide and short of the canopy to the oversized beret. He gives the usual hat charm. Besides, this takes universal. With the right choice of color and style, it will perfectly complement the luxurious fur coat, and biker jackets.

Visor do not add to a small beret is a classic. In addition to the canopy, a useful addition to the usual caps will be knitted “ears” so as not to freeze in the cold.


Abruptly broke in and entrenched in the wardrobe of the fair sex, women's caps, fashionable in this season - hard to imagine. The modern version – a low pointed headdress with extensions on the sides. Most of these fashionable hats are knitted entirely of purl loops, which look solid. The secret is hard to imagine that it should be possible to fit snugly to the head. Otherwise will not hold the shape.

But where do without experiment? Winter hat budenovka long gone beyond its classical forms: braids, cones, strips, circles. What did not see on the modern hats.

fashion winter hatsIt would be Useful to add a few words on the lining. Wool, especially if it fits tightly, and spoils the hair and cause unpleasant itching. To avoid this, it is enough to sew silk lining.


Stockings – something like a Joker's hat. In fact, they are very simple. As in the case with the classic hat with pompom, promazyvaetsya the fabric of the necessary width to cover the volume of the head, sewn in length, but the tip is not tightened in a bun, and sutured along. It looks like it's a popular cap for boys, the times of the Soviet Union, with a comb.

She is dressed as you wish. You can tuck the edge of the cap and pulling it seam almost up to the head. And you can make free, stitch and the rest of the fabric down on one side.

The Main condition for wearing – the seam should be positioned from the forehead to the crown. If you do not sew the top, you can get something between Sodom and cap-stocking. That's where true freedom for experimentation.


Cowl – are sewn on the ends of the scarf that wraps twice around the neck, one part rises to a head, and the other remains. It quietly can be worn as a scarf. Unusual looks knitted accessory, if both parts of it to raise the head and spin like a turban.

Fit in the cowl like the classic rubber band and braids or other patterns. Such headwear – a real transformer. This shawl, and the ensemble of hat and scarf, and even boa. Entering the room, you don't have to wear a Snood in the hands or search him. Simply unroll and wrap the neck like a scarf, or lower your shoulders soft and cozy shawl.

fashion knitted hats winterUnusual look double snudy. Need to knit a scarf twice as wide as it should be a finished product. First stapled edge along the length, then fasten to each other the ends of the formed pipe. In addition to the unusual appearance, get a very warm accessory to any cold weather.

diagram fashion hats


Even the most fashionable hats need to be complemented. The trend of the season – flowers. Massive and bulk brooch in the form of roses will decorate any cap. And it is not necessary that the flowers have been described by botanists. They can be both very real and fictional. Materials the emphasis is on plastics, though not averse designers and precious metals, but then the size of the jewelry should be much more modest.

Fashion knitted hats winter this year advises to decorate and buckles zips. But use them for the basic appointment, and as edges, jewelry, replacement lace. Original flower, lined with buckles, split in half, add to the hat of any type: from classic and austere to the daring and youth. The main thing-do not overdo it and successfully positioning them to avoid damaging the face and not catch the hair.


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