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In Late autumn, early spring or hard winter cold ice fishing fans primarily care about warm clothes that can protect you from any whims of weather. It is best to purchase winter suit. The fishing way of life requires exactly this kind of equipment.

Winter fishing suit

Many fashion designers create real masterpieces and caring for the fishermen. And here it is impossible not to mention world famous brand company "Norfin". Winter fishing suit from this company meets the most stringent demands of winter fishing.

Suit Description

Winter fishing suit from "Norfin" is a jacket and bib. For production is used only high quality material. Each element of the suit has its advantages.

winter fishing costume reviews


1. All suture combination jacket carefully taped. This increases the reliability of the model in unexpected situations.

2. In this model use two-way zipper-closure and the valve on lipuchkah. This lock is not jammed and does not diverge.

3. Top coat jacket completely waterproof. This protects the angler in an autumn rain, and winter storms.

4. Also the top covering metronidiazole. At the same time, the membrane allows the garment “breathe”, without creating a greenhouse effect.

5. In the lining of the jacket is hollofil – lightweight thermal insulation material which increases its frost.

6. The jacket is fitted with a detachable hood. With cords sewn into the hood tighten and completely close the face. Also using cords you can control the depth of the hood.

7. At the waist provides a cord lock that allows you to adjust the fit of the jacket to the body for greater comfort. The same cord lock and sewn at the bottom floor.

8. Provided and large internal pockets. They are located on the outside and on the inside of the jacket.

9. To keep mobile phone and documents on the external side has a pair of pockets on the zippers.

10. Comfortable cuffs on the sleeves can be self adjusted to the width of the wrist. This eliminates the wind blowing out, the penetration of cold.

11. On the shoulder panels of the protective material greatly reinforced, sewn in several layers.

12. In the security tabbed reflectors.


1. The main advantage of the helmet can be considered that he, like the jacket that is impervious to water and wind. Membrane fabric allows the body to “breathe”, not to sweat and to feel comfort.


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2. Frost provides a great insulating lining material hollofil.

3. This fishing hat is equipped with a stretchable strap whose length can be adjusted at its discretion.

4. Breast-pocket for storing valuables.

5. Also there are a couple external pockets with locks-lightnings.

6. Increases durability multi-layered durable material, sewn on the knee part and seat part of the model.

7. Inside leg sewn high gaiters prevent the snow.

The costume storage bag.

Although fishing winter suit company "Norfin" looks pretty bulky, it absolutely does not restrict movement, providing full freedom, which is very important when moving over long distances. Very easy.

Besides that the costume is comfortable, it has a sleek and modern design.

Colors decorated in simple, understated tones. This gives the opportunity to use a costume not only for fishing but also for hunting.

fishing accessories winter

"Norfin" – winter fishing costume. Reviews

Buying products of a firm, people do not regret the money spent, and the feedback is often positive.

Many buyers write that I use this suit for several years and do not experience any discomfort. Riding snowmobiles even at a decent speed, you can not worry that the suit will fail. Once again it will show your metronidiazole properties.

There's Also a lot of positive feedback about what the suit is really light and warm. It is impossible to freeze in -400 C. Except in summer, winter suit, fisherman's attribute, you may not need. Possessing excellent water-repellent properties, the suit "Norfin" has saved the lovers of fishing and hunting from the cold rain and dampness. Mostly like the reinforced patches on the knees and seat. They protect from the cold. Many fans of winter fishing and hunting is celebrated as a convenience a large number of pockets.

There Are also negative reviews. Some buyers complain that the costume is created “effect of bath” with active movement. But the analysis of the purchased models shows that these people acquired cheaper models that do not always meet the fishing needs. Therefore, when buying a suit is not worth saving. It is better to take a more expensive model and not worry about comfort.

 you can take winter fishing costume

Women's costumes "Norfin Lady"

Not only men need fishing costumes. Women's winter models are not less popular.

Firm "Norfin" released suit "Norfin Lady", designed specifically for women. This model retains all the useful qualities of men's suit. Water resistant and petroproduct, breathable material, easy and comfortable to wear – all of these characteristics at altitude.

The Suit consists of a jacket and a bib. Jacket is slightly different from the male version. Here there is still inner jacket that can detach. The hood-visor, which is not in a male model. All other elements are the same: lots of handy pockets, reliable zipper and Velcro, tab at waist, cuffs.

There are differences in model bib. Upper part adjustable for necessary volume, have hooks for towels, at the bottom of the pants are zipper-zipper at the waist provides belt loops. In the crotch has a zip closure. The rest of the hat repeats the male model, while retaining all the valuable features.

How to take suit

Thanks to the excellent quality costumes "Norfin" are not one season. Taking out a suit next fall, he became too big. Of course, clothing is not the size will not be as well protected against cold and wind. If you buy new does not work, you can take winter fishing costume. To make it better in a specialized Studio. But if you have some sewing skills, you can take at home.

It is better to Take only the jacket as the jacket can simply be adjusted with straps and clips.

For starters, the jacket rip at the sides. You also need to unpick the sleeves and rip them. With models of the firm "Norfin" it will be very difficult, because the seams are carefully taped. Next you need to measure yourself: bust, waist and hips. Then you need to measure a jacket by the same parameters and calculate the difference. For all measured values of the jacket you need to add 1 centimeter to wear freely was a tight fit and not restrict movement. Cut off excess material, you can begin the stitching of the jacket. You need to correctly sew the insulation and top coat.

Uchiwa winter fishing costume, you need to be prepared for the fact that it is water-and petroproduct significantly reduced because of leakage of seams.

 how to wash winter fishing suit norfin

Care costume

Active wear suit rather quickly the question arises: “How to wash winter fishing costume "Norfin"?”. And make it pretty easy. You only need to follow certain rules.

1. Allowed only hand wash. Contamination at the seams removed with a brush.

2. You cannot use bleach, especially chlorine, softener.

3. Before drying the suit not to twist, and to let it drain by hanging the thing on a hanger.

4. To dry away from radiators, fireplaces and stoves.

5. Ironing iron out.

With proper care care suit will last more than one season and will look as good as new.


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