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An Important share in the development of a child (or even equal in importance to logical component) is a creative activity. That's why kids from childhood bought a lot of bright toys, picture books, coloring books, and materials for painting and sculpting. Older kids can increase the benefits of creativity twice, combining the mental with crafts, thereby still developing fine motor skills. And the best option for such a combination – children's collages on the theme of “Spring”, “House”, “Toys” and so on, as long as the task was familiar to the child and extensively for imagination.

First Idea: birdhouse

three-dimensional collage on the theme of springChildren from an early age acquainted with the seasons, incorporating the appropriate concepts and associating them with certain processes and images. Therefore, such a topic would be easiest for the child, even if it is just starting to work with this kind of work, like applique. And because in this case you will have to work with paper, scissors and glue, it is better not to leave their child unattended, and that would be much better to help him. To begin to create application on the theme of “Spring”, you need to choose the most simple method. The best option would be a simple composition with birds on tree branch and the birdhouse made of paper. You can also implement this idea of fabric to make a three-dimensional collage on the theme of “Spring”, but this is a task for the children is much older. The child in the process worked with paints and creative approaches to color selection, do the colored paper on their own: to do this, first draw everything on a sheet, then cut out the elements and paint.


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children's collages on the theme of spring

Preparation and process

To create an application on the theme of “Spring”, we need a dense drawing paper of A3 or even A2, brushes (can be replaced by a sponge), watercolor, markers, scissors, pencil and paper for cutting out all the elements of the composition. So, put a sheet on graph paper and draw on it with all the details: left side – the tree on the right – birdhouse on walkers, and in the space – six birdies in a curved droplet, wings half-circles and leaves. Now lay on the table a newspaper or oilcloth and coloring all the elements to your taste, not forgetting to constantly change the water in a glass for rinsing brushes, to paint does not mix or contaminate. Next, wait for about 15-20 minutes until they are well dry. To speed up the process you can use a warm Hairdryer or put all the colored items on the well-lit windowsill.


applique on the topic of spring

At that time subject to processing and the drawing paper: you can draw on it the heavens and the earth, that is, divide it horizontally in half and paint the top half blue and bottom-green and plain, in any delicate shade. Again give them time to dry. Now, in turn, we glue all elements onto the prepared base, placing birds and wings on top of them in an arbitrary order. And to complete our application on the theme of “Spring”, with the help of the marker dorisovyvaet the sun and, for example, the cell in the empty spaces. While birds added from white paper legs and beak and eyes dorisovyvaet. You can also circle the marker all the elements so they stand out from the background, and the leaves to represent veins. All done!

The Idea of a second: alley

The older Children for development and abstract thinking can take the idea a little more complicated. So, applique, middle group, the theme of “Spring”. It can be not just of colored paper, and cuts sheets of old Newspapers and magazines matching colors. It will require plenty of time and talent, as it is important to cut pieces of different sizes and link them so that they clearly create the image of trees on the Avenue. This is a pretty difficult job since it requires attention and concentration on a shared vision of the future picture, so as to make the application on the theme of “Spring” will only children with strong creative thinking. Parents can actively help in this process: cut with them coffee leaves, come up with a General idea of the story, so they will be able to strengthen their relationship with children.

applique middle group the theme of spring


To simplify the task, select the sheets of three colors: blue (for heaven), grey or purple (for track) and green (for the trees). For the latest elements of an application need paper of different colors, and it is better to have all the pieces on the working surface in separate containers according to the palette: a darker – for the trunks and branches, more light – for the leaves. To create application on the theme of “Spring”, you in the correct order to start to glue the parts. To simplify this problem with a simple pencil and ruler draw on the basis of (Whatman) for parts: departing 1/5 of the width of the sheet from the bottom side, draw a horizontal line. This is the horizon. Next, divide it in half and from the resulting points draw diverging downward arc, indicating the approximate boundaries of the track.

Create a composition

Now depicted the approximate shape of trees: to create the effect of diminishing prospects they should be located opposite each other on both sides of the alley, and the thickness of their trunks gradually decline towards the horizon. So, now cut the logs: track and sky can be made from larger parts, the same way, glue the first, but for the branches and leaves will need small pieces and thin (straight and curved) strip. In addition to the green paper shades that can be used and simple white, with printed text on it, it will dilute the bright song and make it more interesting. The main rule of creation of such application - always try to have a General picture, and then all must succeed.

Third Idea: painting of fabric scraps

to do applique on the topic of springVery colorful idea will be appliqued on the theme of “Spring clean” made from bright fabric scraps on cloth of a neutral color. To use this technique you how to create wall paintings and ornaments linen, blankets, towels and even clothing items. As a basic idea it is possible to choose a composition in the form of flowers and birds. For this you need to collect various scraps of fabric shades of green for the stems and leaves, yellow-orange – for the centre of flowers, and any other – for the petals. It is not necessary to choose one-pieces, by contrast, are much more fun to look picture if its elements will contain their own fine drawings. It can be patterns of lines, stripes, small polka dots, that is, such that they do not take the focus and didn't really stand out from the crowd.

Creating an application

applique on the topic spring has comeTo start using chalk at the fabric on the selected pieces will draw all the necessary elements: one-piece small flowers and large individual petals, leaves of different shapes, stems of straight and curved lines. You can also cut and one or two birds in a simple silhouette in profile with wings on the side. Now, lay everything on a cloth so it looked finished and harmoniously combined colors, outline all the contours of the chalk, not to forget the location of the elements. Next you need to sew them all on the machine by means of a seam-zigzag. First fasten the stems and leaves, and then – petals and whole flowers, and finish all the yellow circles in the center of it, then ironed the pattern of iron in the steam mode. So, our picture in the technique of applique from scraps ready!


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