What was invented by Mendeleev for the army. The history and fate of the invention


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D. I. Mendeleev was a brilliant Russian scientist-polymath, who made many important discoveries in various fields of science and technology. Many people know that he is the author of “Fundamentals of chemistry" and the periodic law of chemical elements. However, that Mendeleev invented for the army, they do not know everything.


In the Spring of 1890, Dmitry Ivanovich had a conversation with Vice-Admiral N. M. by Chikhachyov, who served as Manager of the Naval Ministry. He suggested the scientist to actively participate in the project on creation of the Russian smokeless powder, suitable for naval artillery. It is known that by the time this already had the armies of France and England.

The gun-cotton was the basis of the existing smokeless gunpowders. It was obtained from cotton wool, which is treated with a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids. In an era of such technology is always kept secret. Mendeleev, without hesitation, undertook the solution of this difficult problem.

Mendeleev colleagues

The Scientist took his assistant L. G. Fedotov and I. M. chel'zova. In early June Mendeleev left with them to London. There he met with many scientists-chemists, and also visited some labs, but none of them have revealed to him the secret production of smokeless powder. Then he goes to France. In the laboratory, C. Saro, he was shown the test of smokeless powder and even given a sample weight of 2 grams. He carefully examined its properties, and concluded that he was unfit for naval guns. This he reported to the Minister Chihachevo.


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The fate of the invention

Soon, Dmitry Ivanovich was offered a job in a well-equipped research and technology laboratory, where he instituted various experiments. In the same year, he managed to open piratology that exceeded all foreign counterparts. It was his scientist and suggested to use as gunpowder.

Prokollagena gunpowder Mendeleev

In 1892, this substance passed the test. Procollagen gunpowder Mendeleev showed excellent results in the shooting of 47-millimeter guns. However, bureaucratic delays and inconsistencies in the work of several ministries prevented to adopt this invention. I must say that it was not classified properly, and soon found out about it in the West. As a result, the opening procollagenase gunpowder was patented to anyone not known to the American Navy Lieutenant D. Dermott.

What was invented by Mendeleev for the army, of Russia during the First world had to buy from the United States. In fact, it was the same percolating powder, which is synthesized in the laboratory of Russian scientist.

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