Iliac psoas muscle: what is the consequence of its hypertonicity?


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Doctors of Ancient Greece called it “the womb for the kidneys" of the yogis consider it the most important muscle in the body, and Hippocrates first gave her the name “psoa” - lumbar. Where is the ilio-psoas muscle and what is its importance – consider in this article.


This muscle formed by the Union of two muscles: the iliac, which is located in the inner cavity of the pelvis, filling the iliac fossa and the psoas major, which originates from the 12 thoracic vertebra and to the extent of sinking down along the spinal column attaches to the first four lumbar vertebrae.ilio-psoas muscle

The Fibers of the two muscles come together and attach to the front of the line of the thigh in the hip joint area, greatly affecting his mobility.


The Main function of the ilio-psoas muscles (further - MRP) is to hold the torso in an upright position, adjusting its position in space, being the strongest flexor of the hip joints. She also attracts the hips to the torso and rotate them out, fixes the position of the kidneys in the right place.

In fact, this muscle is one of the most important in the structure of the human, connecting the three important segments: the legs, pelvis and torso. Yoga practitioners know about its paramount importance in human movement, therefore, call it “physical body”.

Exercises from yoga stretching

Stretching the ilio-psoas is fairly simple in execution, but it must be done regularly to achieve a stable result.feature of ilio-psoas

  1. “the Rider" deep lunge back with your left foot, lowering the knee to the floor. Try as low as possible to lower the pelvis and thigh of the left leg to the floor while trying to hold the body vertically or bend backward. For a deeper stretching can bend the left leg at the knee and draw the heel toward the right buttock, also trying to pull the spine up.
  2. “a half-bridge": lie on your back resting the soles of the bent feet on the floor, raise the hips up to the line of the pelvis, directing the pubic bone to the sternum.
  3. Sitting with slightly bent legs (knees and feet together), put the torso into the hips and try as far as you can push the lower ribs, hands, too, to stretch forward, trying to fold the body in two straight lines. Feet over time you can straighten, provided the tight contact of hip and lower ribs.

Massages can help get rid of the main muscle spasm, but as a prolonged use it becomes ineffective and turns into a constant dependence on the master, stretching takes more than 10 minutes and can be performed at any time, almost anywhere.


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What is dangerous hypertonus MRP?

The Syndrome ilio-psoas is a very common phenomenon among people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those whose work involves lifting heavy loads. Unfortunately, the majority of doctors does not give a meaningful value of this muscle as the provocateur of many diseases of different nature:

  • Hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine is almost always provoked by a spasm of the MRP that is manifested by excessive deflection of the waist, inadequate load on the intervertebral discs, which can lead to the formation of protrusions and hernias;
  • MRP spasm squeezes the area of the kidneys, causing them to move with the statutory nature of the place, as a consequence – disruption of the circulatory and excretory systems;ilio-psoas muscle where it is located
  • As the ilio-psoas muscle is attached to the vertebrae in the thoracic and lumbar spine, her long uneven tone or spasm can cause curvature of the spine: scoliosis, at the same time, if the overvoltage will be at different levels: top and bottom, then a rotation (twisting around the axis) with projection into the pelvis, possibly shortening one of the limbs;
  • Because of its deep location of the muscle has a direct impact on the work of the organs of the abdominal cavity, and leaving this zone, the nerve endings also influence these processes, therefore, the treatment of diseases of the internal organs must start with the elimination of spasm of the MRP. stretching ilio-psoas
  • chronic spasm of the iliac-lumbar muscles exerts pressure on the area of the hip that disrupts his mobility and can lead to inflammation or degeneration of the joint.

Arthritis, arthrosis and coxarthrosis-disease, which can cause hypertonicity. Incorrect load on the hip joints will entail an overload of the knee and ankle.

What triggers the shortening of this muscle?

A Sedentary lifestyle, prolonged Cycling and skiing significantly affect the muscle spasm in this area. In the world of sports there are quite a lot of exercise, also shortening this area: the raising of the casing with fixed legs (in school often this way surrendered the standards on the press), climbs straight legs from the floor up, many of the exercises in "sedentary" machines.

The Most common indicator of hypertonicity of muscles-protruding belly (weak abdominal muscles) bulging of the lower ribs and gluteal muscles passive (the two main muscles are the antagonists of the iliac-lumbar). So if you need to fix the situation, along with the MRP exhaust need to strengthen these two areas, and actively pumping them with the correct exercises.


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