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What is the complex? It is a whole composed of separate elements, United with one purpose and performs some common task. Also the complex – this is the concept underlying the field of psychology. For example, it is when a person considers himself inferior. Let's look at this concept in more detail.

Inferiority Complex

An inferiority Complex is called the list of negative thoughts that often relate to the human body and its mental faculties. what is complexIt seems Unfortunate that according to certain parameters, he loses to other people. Developing the complex in the early years of life is influenced by maternal or paternal convictions as well as as a consequence of mistakes, failures, disappointments. At the age of 12–16 years later, when the mechanisms responsible for self-assertion, play a critical role in behaviour, comes the final formation of this deviation, and the teenager starts to behave not quite normal. Many young people know the meaning of inferiority complex, but they do not consider themselves subject to him.

What is the difference?

To assert itself, the man begins to try to be better than others and in any way seeking to emphasize their own superiority. If you follow the actions of the people under the yoke of inferiority complex, it becomes clear their abnormal timidity, the constant fear and excessive sensitivity. They live very hard. Such people often suspect that above them who secretly scoffs, they are very insecure and tend to take things personally. what is an inferiority complexThat is complex. This is really awful, nobody wants.


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How is the idea of their own inferiority?

If you dig deeper, the most basic emotion, which is based on this deviation, is fear. Of all the senses that he occupies a dominant position in infancy. The child, who had not fed, it seems that he will die without food, it is controlled fear, and so he yells and bursts into tears. The years go by, and now the kid becomes a teenager. During this period in his life from time to time appear a moment of weakness, confusion, loneliness, can also occur cases contributing to the loss of self-confidence. So the teenager experiences a sense of their own inferiority. If a mother or father often criticized him, emphasizing his inferiority complex fully seizes it, and man can until you die from it not to get rid of. Of course, his life itself becomes defective. However, knowing what a complex, you can try to get rid of it; often this can help the psychologist.

Whole life under the yoke of complex…

If you take into account that fear is often a comprehensive and actively growing, the confidence in his lameness goes into all aspects of life. In particular, there is a feeling of mental inferiority. meaning of the complexThe Poor constantly compares himself with others on a subconscious level and comes to the conclusion that they are all better than him. And he allegedly lacked the knowledge, abilities, he is in a more deplorable state, etc.

What else are the complexes?

Every city has a shopping complex, and often not alone. What differs it from the normal shops? Mainly the fact that this place is not just for shopping, but also for families.

On the first floors of shopping malls are often located large supermarkets. However, in addition to food, you can buy a variety of household goods, the cost of which is low enough.

On the second and third floor can be placed all sorts of boutiques that sells clothing and shoes, and discount centers. shopping MallOften in shopping complexes are bookstores. Also, traditionally there are also cinemas with more or less number of rooms.

More complex

The Word “complex” is also used when it comes to exercise, pursuing a specific goal, e.g. weight loss. This form of exercise aimed at burning fat on areas of the body, which is problematic. In fact, the meaning of the word “complex” knows most people. Many have heard about the benefits of physical activity. What to consider when undertaking such a complex exercise?

Most importantly, physical activity should not to bore you too much. You should not follow the example of professional athletes. The fact that excessive and overzealous exercise can cause the body begins to store energy. It is logical that you will constantly want to eat. set of exercisesThe Food helps replenish energy. And your main task – to reduce weight, not to set a record, and it is aimed at the complex of exercises for fat burning. You must always remember that.

Standard list of exercises for weight loss

Easy charging, fast walk, run calm and measured swimming for 45-60 minutes – here is a typical list of exercises for slimming which is indispensable for obese people. All this helps to achieve the goal. Wishing to lose weight should understand that swimming is an important advantage: a certain amount of energy is spent in the movement, but the weight loss is also due to the fact that the body constantly strives to maintain optimum body temperature, and as a result burns more fat.

Now you know what is complex. That word will never lead you into confusion, it became extremely clear to you.


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