"Mosquito nose will not undermine" the origin, meaning and situation of use


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Different ways to appreciate a job well done. If the situation is conducive to informal communication, we can say: ‘Well, Ivanov (in this case, under the pseudonym may be hiding anyone), you have fulfilled the work so that the mosquito nose will not undermine!” But what does the last expression, we will analyze in accessible and understandable examples.

A mosquito Bite and a perfect job

In the idiom "regrind" irrelevant "to make a sharp". In the old days the word “undermine” was synonymous with “bite”.

Well-known that mosquitoes bite in an unprotected clothing places on the body. Thus, if the mosquito is where carousing, then on the body there are many open areas.

mosquito nose will not undermine

Now imagine that the body – the case (absolutely any). And, for example, we say of him: “the mosquito nose will not undermine”. It is easy to guess that this is the highest evaluation of the result, i.e., the work done so well and accurately that you cannot even show the slightest claim, comparable to a mosquito bite for a person.

Favorite smugglers in the service of the Russian language

Many of you probably guessed that it will be about the masterpiece by Leonid Gaidai – “the diamond arm”. There is a colorful character Lelik. Towards the end of the movie, when S. S. Gorbunkov is a taxi, there is a policeman, and a gangster. The protagonist of the film, probably realizing who it was, began to talk about diamonds, the police.

the importance of the mosquito nose will not undermine

Many Further developments are known: the Venus jumps out of the car, call the boss, consults with him, returned to Gorbunkova and says that: “To his wife will come as a cucumber, no plaster, no dust, no noise. Michael Ivanovich was allowed to remove the cast today!” But theoretically, of course, to the detriment of a unique author's style Lelik might add: “we will Do everything so that the mosquito nose will not undermine!”


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Cultural working environment and idiom

It's No secret that in Soviet times there was a certain cult of the working man. In the 50-60-ies of XX century, this character was very popular in the movies of those years. If you look at those films, the viewer will be resilient, a young factory worker who does everything so that the mosquito nose will not undermine. And this applies not only work, but life in General. Such a hero that no question could knock out of the saddle. The Soviet authorities wanted her to have such a young and vigorous person.

If we look at modern blockbusters, then our time becomes a little scary because the characters “Blind”, “Boomer” or «Brigade» do not want at all to ask any questions with them and to speak is disturbing.

Perfectionism and the expression of Komar (the moral of the idiom)

Each idiom teaches something. This, for example, instruct the person to do it so had no claims to quality. By the way, this situation insists and our world. According to modern criteria, it is necessary to work most effectively, i.e. quickly, efficiently and with full dedication.

You Can ask yourself why for a symbol for the perfect job you have selected a mosquito? We only offer our version.

It Seems that a mosquito bite - something trivial, think about a spot to jump... Yes, it is, but in fact, this spot can be combed to the extent that people will lose any “presentation”.

And with the case that people work. It has to be perfect not in favor of abstract notions of quality or another, for whatever reasons, and because minor flaws spoil the whole appearance of the final result.

Someone will shout: “This is perfectionism!” No, not at all. Perfectionists are chasing an abstract goal – is made by a subject that does not exist in nature. And the expression “the mosquito nose will not undermine" (idiom) instructs the person to do everything so that not even the slightest of flaws, because they can sometimes ruin all.

mosquito nose will not undermine the idiom

This is good that it is absolutely universal. No matter what people earn for a living, an office worker he or maybe a housewife. Only one thing matters-to do the work necessary at a high level.

So, we understand the idiom meaning. “the mosquito nose will not undermine” took us all this time.

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