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We All love the capital and quotes about Moscow, but really you can learn it only in the case if you live there. Unique combination of traditions, nationalities and habits make her a ‘state within a state". This, of course, Russian, but is quite different. Best of all it understand creative people, care which is expressed in anecdotes and aphorisms.

Quotes about Moscow from celebrities

Here are some famous quotes:

  • Today, Moscow is a bum who stole a tuxedo and came to the casino. Mikhail Zadornov.
  • Here I could wear anything, and nobody paid attention to me. Faina Ranevskaya.
  • Survival in Moscow – is money, the profession and the soul! Yevgeny Mironov.
  • Rhythm of this city so that one day you can replace the three in the country. Elena Yakovleva.
  • In the capital, it is impossible to sleep. Alexander Domogarov.
  • It is a city where you know who you are. Grigory Leps.
  • The Iron curtain is moved between Russia and Moscow. Hits.
  • Basis of my policy: don't want to leave Moscow. Luzhkov.
  • The Capital of Russia is bad for the soul. Clarkson.
  • This is the city for action. A. Knyazev.

quotes Moscow

Statements of historical personalities

Quotes about Moscow can be quite negative. Poverty, covered with sequins, striking not only for modern minds. Here's an example:

  • For the salvation of Russia is required to destroy Moscow. Kutuzov.
  • Only suicide, celebrations and bad bridge, nothing more nothing proposed by Moscow. A. P. Chekhov.
  • From the green city it turned into “advertising”. Ermolov.
  • Not only love, but also hate Moscow. Frey.
  • The more distance from Moscow, the more moral people. Yakubovich.
  • Only tube and Gaza – a city similar to champagne. Harsh.
  • Each pig a Swan walks. Adeev.
  • Nobody In Russia, except residents of the capital, not like Moscow. Circle.

quotes about Moscow


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It's not always pleasant

Funny quotes about Moscow laid the bitterness of disappointed hopes and dreams. Not all succeed, which is so important for Muscovites, and the disappointment is brutal:

  • Moscow is so multiethnic that I even met a Russian person. S. Jankowski.
  • Live In the capital not talent, and those who are lucky. Sergei Garmash.
  • I'm so glad that in Moscow we have only one! I. Krasnovskaya.
  • On 1 January I can get some sleep. A. Uvarova.
  • I don't want to see Paris and to die. I dream to arrive to Moscow and to register. G. Moskvin.
  • Tube – this is the norm, as of late. D. Breitenbecher.
  • Fish from the Moskva river for another half hour catches a radio station “Retro”. Urgant.
  • Moscow not to shout – the most remote region of Russia. M. Mamchich.
  • All of the capital going, and I'll wait when she will grow up to me. A. Pashinin.

great quotes Moscow

Quotes about Moscow from people

A great city, paint pictures and make movies, she has been praised Pushkin, Nekrasov and Gogol. The capital of the hated and proud. Movie phrases and poems long ago came into use:

  • Went to Moscow – we disperse the anguish.
  • Who in the capital did not happen, he has not seen Russia.
  • As from our Kremlin the land begins.
  • Muscovite can not be born, they need to be.
  • Moscow says the others are working.
  • Russia - mountain, and Moscow underneath it all there rolls.
  • It's a big lottery, you can win!

No One indifferent to the city, although sometimes it seems that the people themselves too busy to think about his attitude. Fashion quotes of the great, «Moscow does not trust tears», two realities: the capital and the periphery – these are our love and envy.

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