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Outstanding lessons - these are lessons that children attend with pleasure, where they are engaged, focused, learn something new and achieve real results. In practice it is not always possible to demonstrate real progress in the next hour, and when the class has 30 people, the evaluation of each student becomes truly challenging.

lessons is

The Secret to a good lesson

Progress is something that happens and is measured over time. Learning is something that should be in every lesson. A good lesson is what? The secret lies in proper planning, reflection, receptivity and stability of a teacher. Let's look at each ingredient:

  • Planning. The lesson should be planned so that gaps in training can be filled. And appear they can only in the end of the previous lesson, so you need to plan to do in advance, given the progress made and what to learn failed.
  • Self-reflection of the teacher is to be able to adapt their lessons. This means, when all is not well, you need to make some changes in the next plan. Outstanding teachers, as reasonable people, know that they do not have answers to all questions and willing to learn from their mistakes and also from their colleagues.
  • Sensitivity. It is important to consider and to feel the dynamics in the class. It is important to act quickly when the pace of the lesson varies, students ' attention is scattered, the tasks are daunting and require assistance.
  • Resistance to negative factors. You can't let setbacks and negative emotions to gain the upper hand. All the trouble necessary to overcome and move on, becoming stronger. This also need to teach children.

a good lesson is


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Important components of a modern lesson

There are 6 elements of an outstanding lesson:

  1. Clear goals and objectives for each class. The reason is not important - the result is important. It should be focused the main focus of the lesson. This means that the teacher needs at the beginning of the lesson: to know what will be the ending.
  2. A Fun and motivating atmosphere. Good lessons is the comfortable condition, which even after years will remind you of the happy time spent in school. If the student likes the lesson and it feels good, and motivation is always at a high level.
  3. Focus on the student's activity. Modern lessons is not monotonous lectures, 80% of speaking is the speech of the learners (especially foreign language), and the remaining 20% for teachers. Each student, if possible, must be heard, the teacher should set up this process.
  4. A Clear connection between the lesson and everyday life. Periodically need to demonstrate how and when to use new skills outside of the classroom. This will help to stay motivated and enthusiastic.
  5. Immediate remediation. Err not bad, it's bad to commit again and again the same error.
  6. An Inspiring teacher. How can you progress if your mentor is not inspiring you? The teacher should be dynamic, positive, flexible, it needs to be on the same wavelength with those whom he teaches.

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Effective lessons are well planned lessons

There are various learning strategies for creating an effective lesson plan. First, it must be achievable, objective and goal that must be in accessible language to convey to students.

Secondly, it is necessary to model their expectations. For example, if you have planned a science experiment, the first thing you need to do is to show the students how to use materials, and also to tell them about the consequences of misuse.

Third, we need to actively involve children in the learning process, students should not only attend but to participate. Here you can use the methods of cooperative learning.

Fourth, you need to the teacher to be active and mobile. While the children are busy applying skills in practice, it is important to move around in the classroom to ensure that all involved in the process, ask questions that will help to ensure correct understanding of a particular topic.

And fifth, it is necessary to praise for good behavior and hard work. A good lesson is time spent not only with benefits but also with pleasure.

school lesson is

The Advantages of the lesson

Advantage of the lesson is that there is a propitious opportunity­ness to the combination of frontal, group and individual work. School lesson is the main form of organization of educational process, which has certain time constraints. The teacher is available a systematic and consistent presentation of educational material, and managing the development of cognitive method­ties and the formation of a scientific Outlook among the students.

The Teacher manages the class uses a variety of types, tools and techniques. With age-appropriate, creates favorable conditions for mastering the basics of the disciplines, and are brought up and develop cognitive and creative abilities.

lessons is

What is today's lesson?

Democratic type of lesson is when the children are not afraid to Express their opinion, do not feel fear of something new is a process that is equally comfortable for both student and teacher.

A Huge impact on the learning process provide educational programmes, new educational-methodical complexes, a variety of didactic materials and hand-outs, information technology. All this gives a lot of opportunities to build lessons in a more interesting, vibrant and rich manner. Modern lesson is designed to provide the development and education of the person that will be in demand in the society. This is a brand new, but at the same time not losing its connection with the past, the actual lesson, which used a new form of methods and approaches that are directly relevant to the person living in the twenty-first century.


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