VAZ 21083 is a small class for the masses


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VAZ 21083

VAZ 21083 – front-wheel drive three-door hatchback small class with a transverse engine.
It was Produced at the Volga automobile plant from 1984 to 2003, to date, produced a restyled version – VAZ 2113. The first descended from the conveyor cars has caused a huge surge of emotion. Still, after all of this to the Soviet avtoklassika was one way, that is, the event has been extraordinary. In the domestic market the model was called "Samara", which was subsequently changed to export “Satellite”. VAZ 21083 started the production of front wheel drive cars «Lada», which produce to this day. In addition to front-wheel-drive car was different from all of the same classics are good dynamic performance, safety and efficiency.

The VAZ 21083 new there was everything: front-wheel drive, bodystyle, engine, front suspension, contactless ignition system, rack and pinion steering, plastic bumpers, etc. Carburetor VAZ 21083Naturally, the first model often suffered from “childhood illnesses" in the form of scratches in the front panel defective locks, etc., which eliminated literally in the process of production. Some of them managed to get rid of, and some of them still poison the lives of the owners of the hatchback.

VAZ 21083 because of its tradernet was completed with wide doors, however, despite this, the entrance and exit to the back seat difficult. This concept is most often interpreted as youth sports car, and it has both advantages and disadvantages. The cabin is quite high-quality interior, the seats are comfortable, with three types of adjustment. From inconveniences it is possible to highlight the absence of rear seat head restraints, inconvenient location of the seat belts and the high edge of the trunk. Have the ability to fold the seat back to transport Luggage overall, however, a flat floor, as is the practice on modern cars, folded it fail. Another disadvantage of the hatchback (five-door version in particular) is not the best insulation, which is evident on rough roads or on the track when driving at speeds above 100 km/h.


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Engine VAZ 21083

Pay attention to the engine VAZ 21083. Initially, as the power unit for a vehicle mounted engine (1.3 l 65 HP) paired with a four-speed gearbox. With proper care, timely replacement of oil filter and careful handling of the resource of the engine was 150 thousand. km In 1987 to replace the outdated motor came carburetor VAZ 21083 with a volume of 1.5 l, and immediately the same injection unit with the same volume. Was in the practice of AVTOVAZ and export 1.1-liter version of the engine (53 HP), which did not differ tegometall, which, in fact, did not stick. Around the same time, it was decided to move to a five-speed mechanics, which is used to this day.

And there was small-scale or even individual model “eight”. For example, you can meet a hatchback right-hand drive (export version), auto with all-wheel drive model with hinged top. Often it was exclusive options, custom made.

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