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Mitsubishi GALANT latest generation has American roots. The previous version was perceived as cool by our compatriots. After restyling the car appeared in a completely different way.Mitsubishi Galant VIII

The Most significant adjustments occurred in the rear lighting and interior decoration of the car because it caused a lot of criticism from journalists, as well as motorists. Machine design – a matter of taste, but the high-quality interior trim and sound insulation of the car business class is paramount.

The Mitsubishi Galant VIII has an incredible smoothness, ignoring how small and relatively large irregularities. Train tracks also go unnoticed this machine.

Like smoothness is very important on the track. Mitsubishi GALANT 8 feels with a sharp rotations of the steering wheel even at speeds of 120 km/h. This also applies to bad roads.

High-quality road surface the car behaves quite confident, even when sudden maneuvers at speed 150 km/h This speed limit is quite comfortable for driver and passengers.Mitsubishi GALANT 8

The Mitsubishi Galant VIII is equipped with precise and high-quality brakes that can stop the car without any pecks or departures from a straight line. The brake pedal is relatively soft and easy to be dosed. The basic specification of this model equipped with an antilock system (ABS), electronic distribution of power brakes (EBD).

The two-ton car accelerates pretty confident the engine Mitsubishi 2.4 MIVEC S4. The engine is very “powerful” and gives confidence to the driver as for city driving and on the track. However, the sound of the engine at 5 thousand revolutions can not be called pleasant.


How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

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How does the exhaust system?

How does the exhaust system?

The exhaust System is designed to remove combustion products from the engine and output them to the environment. It also must be ensured a reduction in noise pollution to acceptable limits. Like any other complex devices, this system consists of seve...

It Should be noted that the Mitsubishi Galant VIII will bring more enjoyment to its owner by slowly drive away. Paired with a flexible engine is time-tested automatic transmission with electronic control system and the ability to shift manually.

According to the marketers and engineers, gearbox “adjusted” under the riding style of the owner of the car after the next start of the engine. Gear ratios for the transmission are selected so that the moment of changing gear is very difficult to quantify even under heavy acceleration.

In General, riding on this car are a pleasant sensation. This is largely due to the quality suspension, and torquey engine.

With all this would cost the expected increase in fuel consumption, but the Mitsubishi Galant VIII is no exception in this regard. A fully filled tank of 67 liters is only enough for 600 km, i.e. fuel consumption is 11 liters per 100 km with mixed driving.Mitsubishi GALANT

In urban environments, this figure will be much higher, but when driving the highway, at cruising speed of 120 km/h, the engine will burn no more than 9 liters per hundred kilometers.

The Car is equipped with airbags on the perimeter of the cabin, climate control, cruise control, power driver's seat and sunroof, as well as other useful attributes.

One of the most important questions that interested potential buyers is the price of the car. It is about 25 thousand dollars, which is quite low cost for the car business class.

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