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On the Russian roads have become a usual Japanese trucks Nissan Atlas. They can equally well be seen on the intercity highway and in the centre of a large settlement. Today many automakers produce trucks of low carrying capacity. This is caused by the needs of the market and the structure of economic relations. The finished products from the warehouses of manufacturers are delivered to large wholesale markets. Today they are called logistics centers. Deliveries are made by heavy-load trucks. Car train can in one trip to carry up to forty tons.

Nissan AtlasAfter the goods arrived to the distribution center, it should be distributed to networks of retail trade. On the short arm is most convenient to use vehicles and medium-duty vehicles. Truck Nissan Atlas, whose characteristics are designed for just this task successfully copes with it. In this context it should be noted that, according to passport, its capacity is equal to one and a half tons. In practice, however, it is easy to carrying 3 tons of cargo. What other car can boast such endurance? Nissan Atlas is simple and unpretentious in operation. And this is the important point.

Nissan Atlas featuresIn the line of Nissan Atlas models have cars with a double cabin. These vehicles are convenient to use in the construction business or in the execution of orders at home travel. One of the characteristics of the machine and said – delivery truck. Because the manufacturer of such application is made, it is necessary to confirm the actual settings. The first thing that interests the customer when he chooses the car, is the fuel consumption. It should be noted that the truck has a diesel engine, it consumes on 100 km of run about seven liters of fuel. The figure is quite decent.

Nissan Atlas spare partsNissan Atlas installed 5-speed manual transmission. Cabin, you might say, ascetic. At the same time, the steering column can be adjusted. Power steering allows you to operate the machine without much effort. Visibility from the cockpit is wide, and it is considered a huge advantage. Seat, driver and passenger comfortable, they also can be adjusted. Dashboard has a minimum of indicators. They are all located very conveniently, for their review does not need to tilt the head in a particular way. It is necessary to note the presence of a special alarm. When the machine is moving in reverse, a loud signal. That one of the doors of the cab is not locked, will be reported in the same way.

Nissan Atlas featuresWith regard to the maintainability of the car, then that's all right. For Nissan Atlas spare parts can be ordered through catalogs or specialty stores. One of the main advantages of this truck is that the cost of its maintenance and repair is comparable to the maintenance costs of the car. Experienced owners recommend the use of brand engine and transmission oil. All the fluid is also preferable to use signature production. These little things greatly increase the between-repairs run, let you not to spend extra money on repairs.

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