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The Isuzu Trooper is a classic Japanese frame SUV. In different countries it was exported under different names. At the moment the model is not performed. Called the Isuzu Trooper SUV in Russia are not supplied, but is still present in the domestic used car market.

First generation

The First generation was produced for ten years (1981-1991). There was a short wheelbase version with three doors and a full-sized model in five-door body. It had a solid rear axle and independent front suspension.

Isuzu Trooper

Engine Isuzu Trooper could have a volume of 2.0 and 2.2 liters. The car had four-wheel drive and was equipped with disc brakes. Five years after the start of sales (1986) range of power units was added to the new engine volume of 2.3 liters. This engine has undermined the credibility of the SUV: the power unit proved to be very brittle. In 1987 the company abandoned this engine and began to set the standard at the time the power unit V6 2.8 liters (borrowed from General Motors). The company actively developed its own new engine.

This year was designed 2.6-liter V6 gasoline engine. Late model Isuzu Trooper had a split rear axle. In 1987 the car has changed, she has changed optics, from now on, "Isuzu-trooper" was equipped with rectangular headlights.

Second generation

The First representative of a new generation of Isuzu Trooper rolled off the Assembly line in 1991. It was then a short wheelbase car with three doors and a full long-wheelbase cars with five doors.

Isuzu Trooper 3-door

The Car was equipped with V6 engines with a volume of 3.2 liters. The power of such a unit was an impressive 200 HP, there was also a diesel engine. Its volume was 3.1 liters at a power of 120 HP It was a inline-four-cylinder powerplant. Paired with any of the engines are installed hydrotransformer machine.


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To pay tribute to the engineers of the engines, as their device was the simplest. There is even a saying about this car: many of the owners said that the Isuzu Trooper repair can be carried out in the forest right at the knees.


The Second generation of "the Trooper" in America, caused a scandal. The model is acknowledged to be unsatisfactory. The reason for this was a certain instability of the car causing it to rollover. The company "Isuzu" was outraged by the situation and the beginning of the litigation. The trial was long, sometimes he stood on the side of the Isuzu, and sometimes went over to the side of the opponent. Ultimately the company was unable to win the case against the Americans in the US (not surprising).

Isuzu Trooper three door

During the vessels car sales fell to a record low and never was able to rise to a high level as it was prior to the court proceedings. It argued that such simple and even a sneaky way were released leading position in the U.S. market in the SUV segment for the lagging American manufacturers. Before the scandal Isuzu has been the leader in sales and had virtually no real competition.

But in the real reviews Isuzu Trooper praise. Yes, the years take their toll, and the cars rot, but this is a natural process. But the maintainability of the car and its virtually limitless resource – is the calling card of the Japanese cars of those times.

Final opinion

This is a working mule on which you can travel on any roads, but what roads, this SUV moves even on any terrain. No obstacles are not afraid of him.

You need a car for outings in the forest or just to ride every day? You are able to repair machines yourself? Then the Isuzu Trooper is for you! It has no clever electronics, it there is nothing superfluous. But it is to say that it is a comfortable car that on a flat road as if floating.

Isuzu Trooper

All the parts you can find and buy. This is possible thanks to the unification of the time. Thus it is necessary to Express my gratitude to Japanese manufacturers of cars, because the company support the production of components for cars, which have long been discontinued. The prices for parts are reasonable.

The SUV does not produce any impression on the surrounding motorists who like the same type of small car, but the situation is changing for the city. If someone didn't notice you at "Isuzu-trooper" in the city, gets in trouble and the side mirrors are bogged down in the mud, he was very surprised, when you are on your "tank" get him out without any problems.

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