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I'm Sure everyone knows this manufacturer as “UZ-Deo”. This brand produces cars such as the ‘Matiz” and “there”. Latest on the Russian market is a kind of people's car. But due to the fact that the car is 20 years old, “UZ-Deo” took the decision to develop a new model of the budget car. They became the Daewoo Gentra. Reviews, specifications, prices and specifications see our today's article.


Some people confuse this car with the new generation of “Nexia”. But it is not. Reviews say that the basis for the ‘Gentry" was taken “Chevrolet Lacetti”. This can be seen in appearance. How does the “DEU Gentry”, the reader can see in the photo below. daewoo gentra reviewsExternally, the car practically does not differ from the first generation of “the Lacetti” - the same slanted headlights, bulging arches and simple lines of the body. The only difference between the new Uzbek “Gentry” from the soplatformennika is a new bumper with other foglights and radiator grille.

Design by “the Lacetti” was established in the Italian Bureau “Pininfarina”. The Uzbeks have decided not to experiment and leave the exterior essentially unchanged. However, if the first generation of “Chevrolet Lacetti” was released in 2002 “Gentry” - in 2013. And produced in this format until now. During this time, the design is very outdated. However, thanks to the Italians exterior does not look nasty and dull, even in our time.


As for the size of the car Daewoo Gentra, reviews they say that the car moderately compact.
daewoo gentra owner reviewsThe Length of ‘Gentry” is 4,5 meters, width – 1.73 meters, the height – of 1.45 meters. Dimensions comparable to “the Lacetti” in the sedan. Recall that «Gentry” is produced only in one version – a four-door sedan. The soplatformennika also produced in station wagon and hatchback. What is the ground clearance of the car Daewoo Gentra? daewoo gentra owner reviewsThe owners say that despite the 14-inch ground clearance, the machine with confidence "digests" the road irregularities, not clinging to the sills and bumpers on the asphalt or dirt road. Stock clearance enough to go to the cottage or on vacation in the forest.


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Let's move to the inside of the car Daewoo Gentra. Owner reviews say the cabin is assembled on a level, with observance of all gaps. Fabric and plastic are of sufficient quality. However, there is one drawback in the cabin Daewoo Gentra. Owner reviews often criticize the decoration of the interior, which is made of wood. Thus, the manufacturer brought the buyer to the 90-th years, when the tree in the cabin was considered a sign of luxury and presentable. In 2017, this finish does not look, say reviews. And it is everywhere: on the door cards, under the instrument panel (which seems to be taken from ‘Nexia" second generation), above the glove box… When the same manufacturer is not included in the equipment of the leather interior. Seat even in the maximum configuration a rag. And this, along with “luxury” wood trim. On the center console – black and white cassette. Reviews say that it does not support USB, and is a significant drawback. daewoo gentra reviewsAlong with the negative salon ‘Gentry” and causes positive emotions. So, there is not a shortage of free space. Driver's seat has adjustment not only back, but lumbar support. Rear sofa has a switchblade armrest with two Cup holders. And it's available already in the basic configuration of Daewoo Gentra II. Owner reviews also note the presence of a compact hatch for skis, which allows you to carry bulky items. The Luggage compartment at the ‘Gentry” designed to 405 litres. For all the advantages end.

Specifications Daewoo Gentra

The owner Reviews indicate the lack of choice of power plants. And if “the Lacetti” was available for engines from 1.4 to 1.8 liters, and “Gentry” staffed one-liter unit 107 horsepower.daewoo gentra ii 1 5 at reviews the Engine has 16-valve timing mechanism and located transversely relative to the body. Maximum torque of 107-strong unit – 141 Nm. And it is only available on the “top”, which is a disadvantage.

Transmission dynamics and flow

Surprisingly, the manufacturer left it up to the transmission. “Gentry” can be equipped with one of the two proposed checkpoint. This five-step mechanics and a six-speed automatic. The latter was borrowed from “Chevrolet Cobalt”. By the way, «DEU Gentry” is one of the few cars of this class, which is already in the base can be equipped with an automatic transmission. Of course, for this you need to pay a little extra. But the prices are a bit later. Consider the dynamic characteristics. Acceleration to hundreds of car “DEU Gentry” takes 11.5 seconds. daewoo gentra ii reviewsHowever, the reviews from owners say that the real figure is at least 12. Maximum speed – 180 kilometers per hour. There is one feature the version of the Daewoo Gentra II 1.5AT. Owner reviews say that the box can be put into manual mode. Transmission has a quick response to the accelerator pedal. How much fuel consumed Daewoo Gentra machine? Reviews say that a-liter engine with automatic transmission consumes about 10 liters of fuel in city mode. The passport provided for 95-octane gasoline. But, judging by the reviews, the motor is easily "digested" and the 92nd.

Prices and specifications

The Initial value of the vehicle in the configuration of “Comfort” - 549 thousand rubles. Reviews say that the machine in the basic version has a good level of equipment. So, the version of “Comfort” provides for the stock fog lights, forged wheels with full wheel covers, Immobiliser, heated front seats, front airbags and 4 power Windows on the drive. However, in the “database” does not have air conditioning, ABS and radio. There is only audiopreparation six speakers. Version of “Comfort” with automatic transmission will cost 619 thousand rubles. daewoo gentra machine reviewsAs for the maximum configuration, the “elegant”, it is available at a price from 659 thousand rubles. This price includes 15-inch alloy wheels, sunroof, full stereo, air conditioning, ABS, second airbag, Central locking, power steering, heated rear window and side mirrors. The cost of a complete set “elegant” with automatic transmission are 729 thousand rubles.


So, we found what has a “DEU Gentry» reviews, specifications and price. For the price this car can compete with such machines as the «Lada Vesta”, “author” and “Volkswagen Polo”. “Gentry” is equipped with proven engine and transmission. In terms of service it's cheap enough machine. However, whether or not to overpay for antiquated design, and frankly budget salon, remains a question. In the secondary market has a lot of alternatives. Perhaps that is why the "Gentra" not so widespread in the domestic market. Because in the first place modern the buyer pays attention to the design.

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Advantages Interior • The presence of an air conditioner; • Electric drive adjustment of the side mirrors; • Function of heating of lateral mirrors; • Adjusting the driver's seat height; • The climate system delivers air to the rear passengers; • The presence of a hook for nets in luggage compartment and a light bulb for lighting the trunk; • heating function rear window with timer; • The ability to remotely open the gas tank hatch from the car; • Ability to remotely open the luggage compartment lid from the car; • Windshield heating function; • A single ignition key for locks and doors. Advantages Acceptable, affordable and attractive pricing policy Adjustment of driver’s seat height Approved ergonomics Comfortable dashboard Ease of maneuvers Good manageability Luggage compartment has a full spare wheel installed Low fuel consumption Opportunity for tuning Pleasant appearance Presence of air conditioner and hydraulic power steering Presence of mechanical and automatic transmission Satisfactory engine efficiency Satisfactory standard modification Side mirrors can be folded Standard suspension performance Disadvantages Build quality still suffers Inconvenient button to open the fuel tank Indefinitely unclear sedan design (to which vehicle the Gentra belongs) Impossibility to adjust the dashboard illumination level Lack of car dynamics Lack of noise insulation Low ground clearance Low quality assembly Slightly outdated appearance Small luggage compartment Uncomfortable seat heating function

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