Motorcycle "Chezet" - a cherished dream of Soviet biker


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In the early thirties of the last century, when on European roads we already have the first “Java” on the Czech arms factory Ceska Zbrojovka (abbreviated "CZ") also decided to move production of two-wheeled vehicles.

Pre-war history of CZ

The First motorcycle "Chezet”, a photo of which shows a unit that looks more like the bike was designed and tested in 1930, and the following year released the first batch. The car was equipped with engine capacity of 60 cm3, located on the front wheel. The design was so bad that out of just over two dozen copies had been sold no one. Even the decision to simply give their employees the firm has added the first “Cheetam” popularity.

The Next model CZ76 with 76-CC engine, released in 1932, was much more successful, and a year later coming off the Assembly line CZ98, equipped with an engine of 98 cm3, and almost behind her – CZ175 engine 175 cm3. New motorcycle “Chezet” had double stamped the frame and a three-stage gearbox. The 175 was one of the most popular models of the pre-war period and were issued in the amount of more than 20 thousand chezet

Factory Ceska Zbrojovka after the war

After the second world war, the company resumed the production of civilian goods resumed production of an improved “Cezeta-175” with front telescopic fork, and later – with candlestick rear suspension. By the mid fifties, the company CZ is a concern “Java” and proceeds to the production of motorcycles designed for combining “Java” and include 123-and 148-kupovini engines. And yet the story “Cezeta” were not over, and factory engineers continue to develop their own motorcycles. The main stake was made on the sports industry. However, for a number of reasons related to the reorganization of the company, manufacture of sports models had some time to postpone.


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In 1962, rolled off the bike "Chezet”, are equipped with a 250 CC engine, which immediately showed itself not only in Czechoslovakia but also in international competitions. On “Cheetah” was by the famous racers of the time, and from different countries – Igor Grigoriev and Viktor Arbekov from the Soviet Union, Joel Robber from Belgium, Paul Friedrichs, East chezet photo

Motorcycle “Chezet» in the USSR

In the 70-ies CZ has re-established the production of road motorcycles, focusing on the production of motorcycles with engine capacity 250 and 350 cm3, some of which came to our country.

In the former Soviet Union won the most popular CZ motorcycles with two-stroke single-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of 123 and 172 cm3 and two-cylinder units with capacity of 250 and 350 cm3. However, the latest models were made for numerous clubs DOSAAF that existed practically in any, even the smallest town. Same as “Java" motorcycle "Chezet»» became a Soviet motor-fans a symbol of prestige and the standard of bike chezet

Sunset era CZ

Unfortunately, the events of the nineties that occurred in the Soviet Union, not only led to the disintegration of the former Union state, but also the entire Soviet bloc. The position of the factory Ceska Zbrojovka was catastrophic. Showing increased interest in products of the Czech manufacturer of Italian concern Cagiva bought the CZ factory and began the production of Roadster motorcycles sold under the brand Cagiva. The new bike was produced with two engine options-a two-stroke Cagiva (V=124 cm3) and four-stroke CZ (V=200 cm3). However, the project proved unprofitable and, eventually, from the production of motorcycle technology on the production capacities of the enterprise CZ was abandoned. And yet, motorcycle “Chezet” not only has it played a bright role in the history of European and world mototsiklostroeniya, but has also become world famous brand, the original card Czech masters from the town of Strakonice. Although, maybe he's still just ahead?..

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