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To purchase automobile tires each driver comes with the responsibility. The choice is especially affected by the manufacturer and the cost of the tires. Some can afford to buy a set of wheels from a leading brand others try to find a budget option. In recent years, special attention many drivers pay to Chinese rubber. Let us consider, what kind of products tyre manufacturers from China, you should pay attention.

Should you buy Chinese tires?

The Chinese goods are of rather dubious reputation, because many people are not just faced with poor quality and impracticality of products purchased. Recently, however, the Asian team has successfully correct the situation. This concerns the tire industry. Of course, in most cases, Chinese rubber is made just by copying the most successful models of tires from brands, but this applies only to external data, while the performance characteristics to significantly fall short of the original.

reviews on Chinese tires

Really nice tires – this is not only a good tread pattern, but also the high quality material used in the production process of the product. Not all Chinese tire companies account for this fact. So do not buy the first tyre, and to begin to better understand the market.

Among Asian brands are those that produce very high quality products at an affordable price. The wide range allows to choose tires for any vehicle type.

Top brands

Tires made in China, fully meet the international quality standards. This has allowed the Asian brands are hard to settle on the world market and become a worthy competitor to the more well-known tire manufacturers. For the production tires use modern equipment. Most companies tend to use high-quality raw materials. This allows Chinese tires for passenger cars to successfully compete with similar products from famous Japanese brands.


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Chinese studded tires

According to reviews from owners and experts, the most popular manufacturers of tires from China are the following companies:

  1. Fuzion.
  2. Infinity.
  3. Triangle.
  4. We.
  5. Maxxis.
  6. Ling Long.
  7. Sunny.

Each of these manufacturers has some of the most successful models of car rubber. Some of the ‘tire manufacturers" specializiruetsya in the production of tires for SUVs, and other produce a good “the studding” or summer tires.

Fuzion Tire

The Lovers of active drive you should pay attention to the tire brand Fuzion. It's a subsidiary of known tire giant Bridgestone, which was founded in 2003. Specializiruetsya on the creation and production of tires for racing.

Chinese automobile rubber

The Brand offers summer and all-season models wheels. They provide a high level of safety and excellent handling vehicle in all weather conditions. Demand for such models of summer tyres, like Fuzion HRi, UHP, ZRi, VRI and Touring. For four-wheel-drive SUV ideal Chinese tires Fuzion SUV and Fuzion XTi.

What does the brand Triangle?

The Corporation “Triangle” is one of the largest manufacturers of tires in China. Was founded in 1976 and initially specialized in the creation of tires for commercial vehicles. Currently, the brand produces all-season, winter and summer radial tyre for passenger cars. The manufacturer uses natural rubber and advanced equipment to create high-quality products.

Chinese tires for passenger cars

Reviews of the Chinese rubber “Triangle” you can find the most different. Winter tires, for example, a driver called noisy, but quite soft. This means that even at low temperatures the wheels get good grip with the road. On the positive side proven models such as the Triangle PL01, PS01, Triangle, Triangle TR777.

Summer tires “Triangle”

High-Speed summer tire Triangle TR918 have excellent stability and low rolling resistance due to the linear tread pattern. The system of grooves allows you to quickly remove moisture from the contact spot. The tires received from the developers reinforced sidewall which helps to absorb impacts when driving on uneven surfaces. The average cost of a kit varies 10700-11800 rubles.

Chinese automobile rubber “Triangle” in model TR928 has an original tread pattern with variable pitch. Thanks to this design we managed to minimize the noise and to obtain the maximum level of acoustic comfort. To achieve such performance, the developers used in the composition of special additives. In addition, tires have a high level of security, which is confirmed bynumerous tests — in both urban and suburban mode. Buy a set of tires can be for 8400-12500 rubles. The cost will depend on size of tires.

Best models

A Good patterns are Triangle TR968 and TR967. Positive reviews Chinese rubber is deserved due to the unique tread pattern which provides high quality traction with a wet road surface and minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. Also most of the models of the wheels has an improved energy efficiency, which has a positive impact on fuel consumption and wear resistance.

Maxxis Tyres

The Maxxis Company relating to the holding Cheng Shin Group, supplies to the domestic market is very decent quality tires. The brand began its existence in 1967 and has already established itself on the positive side.

Since 1981 manufacturer collaborates with famous Japanese brand "Toyo", which specializiruetsya to create and produce high-speed tires. The high quality of the products is the fact that the tires Maxxis set (as original equipment) car brands such as “Nissan», «Hyundai», «Toyota" Peugeot», «Ford».

Chinese winter tires

The popular summer Chinese rubber models Maxxis MA-Z1 Victra, HP-M3 Bravo and MA-S2 Marauder II. The tires have high performance and safety performance. To create them uses innovative technology and quality compound. The owners of summer tires Maxxis you are not afraid of premature tread wear and holes on the roads.

Winter tires

Chinese Maxxis tires for winter use provides good traction on snowy road surface. The manufacturer also claims that the tires brake effectively and have excellent traction on icy asphalt. So is this really the case?

Car Owners, who had to try a “winter” from Maxxis, I leave both positive and negative reviews. Among the “sticky” well the tires in the model Maxxis MA-PW Presa Snow.

reviews on the Chinese winter tires

Directional tread pattern ensures good driving stability and eliminates aquaplaning. Significantly improve the quality of adhesion has allowed special fins, located on the lateral parts of the Chinese winter tires. They promote the effective braking on wet and snowy roads. Even at very low ambient temperatures the tires maintain the softness through the use of high polymer rubber compound.

The Maxxis Arctic Trekker NP3 – excellent Chinese studded tires. Dual-layer protector with a unique pattern provides quality traction on winter roads. The first (top) layer contains silica and rubber. These components allow you to maintain the tyres flexibility and softness. The bottom layer has got a solid structure for uniform distribution of pressure inside the wheels. Drainage system to effectively cope with the removal of moisture and snow porridge, increasing the contact patch. The price of a set of such tyres starts from 11,000 rubles.

Products brand Sunny

When looking for cheap tires is worth to pay attention to the products offered by a Chinese company Sunny, the specialists of which are constantly improving models of rubber and use modern equipment for their production.

Chinese rubber studded

To Hear good reviews about the Chinese winter tires Sunny quite often. Many domestic car owners remained under pleasant impression from the model SN3830. She has an aggressive directional tread pattern, which the unique design of fast self-cleaning from snow porridge. This model is available in a wide dimension range.

Among the summer tires, Sunny SN3970 demand. Tyres with symmetric directional tread pattern designed for fast riding and long trips with high loads. Well behaved both on dry pavement and wet road surface.

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