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A car Engine requires periodic maintenance. In the process of completing this task necessarily changing used grease. For this acquire funds with a specific composition. This can significantly extend the life of the motor. The choice of lubricants must be approached responsibly. Today, the market of consumables for vehicles presents a large number of options.

One of the most popular compositions today among Russian vehicle owners is the Oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30”. Reviews specialists and drivers will help make the decision about the need to acquire facilities for their machines.

General characteristics

The Characteristic line of motor oils “Total Quartz» Begins with information about manufacturers. It is published by TotalFinaElf, the center of which is located in Paris. The company is engaged in the development and creation of lubricants for different groups of vehicles. Therefore, all scientific research and studies are conducted only in this direction.Oil Total Quartz 9000 5w30 reviews

Oil "Total Quartz” it is known throughout the world for over hundreds of years. In our country it appeared relatively recently. The products of the French brand immediately became popular among Russian drivers. Relatively high cost has not deterred consumers from European lubricant.

Feedback about the oil “Total Quartz 9000 5W30” Is quite ambiguous. However, experts say that it is really a quality product. The cost of the cans of 4 liters with an average of about 1700-2000 RUB. This is a fairly expensive product. High value explain the performance characteristics of the oil.


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Motor oil "Total Quartz 5W30” is an all-season product. It is a synthetic agent. Its basis consists entirely of artificial ingredients. This allows the tool to withstand high operating loads, effectively remove excess heat from the engine and ensure easy starting in extreme cold.motor Oil Total Quartz 5w30

In the product includes a balanced set of additives. Represented several series of “Total Quartz”. They differ in the tolerances of automotive manufacturers. Reviews of the oil “Total Quartz energy 9000 5W30” that leave professional mechanics, talking about his specialization. This product is recommended for new engines of KIA vehicles.

For More universal series considered the Future of NFC. This range is suitable for certain models of cars «Ford», “Jaguar”, “Volvo”. When choosing the presented tools should be familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations. Not for each type of motor will fit new synthetic consumables.


Oil Total Quartz 9000 5W30 is used in petrol and diesel variants of engines. These engines belong to the class of the new generation. You can also use submitted to oil for power specifications of equipment, year of manufacture which will not be below 2000Motor oil Total Quartz 9000 5w30

Oil is suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters, liquefied gas or unleaded gasoline. The most represented product is suitable for systems with direct fuel injection. You can also use this tool in multi-valve machinery, engines with turbocharging.

Special composition allows to operate the system at high loads. Often such conditions are determined for city driving. In Metropolitan areas the machine can long time sitting in traffic. The motor needs high quality heat dissipation. This allows to make the oil “Total Quartz”.


Reviews about motor oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30” talking about high performance tools. However, it should be used under conditions which clearly stipulates the manufacturer.Motor oil Total Quartz 9000 5w30 reviews

All-Season oil “Total Quartz” in the crankcase of the car both in summer and winter. It provides full operation of the engine in a heat range from -25 to +30ºC. the tool ensures quick start-up of the engine in a strong frost. In the summer when the temperature special formula of the oil enables it to stay on all parts of the system. A thin film of material is not torn, does not appear to dry the surface.

The Synthetic base is more fluid than the mineral varieties of lubricants. Due to this particular oil quickly coats all parts of the system. In older cars with high mileage microcracks, holes in the insulating materials. Using synthetic lubricant can flow out. Therefore, synthetic applies only to new engines.


To properly evaluate the properties of the products of the French brand, it is necessary to consider the technical Oil properties “Total Quartz 9000 5W30”. This tool has a base that is made of 100% PUmaterials.

The Density of oil is equal to 851 kg/m³ at 15ºC. the Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC is 9.8 mm²/s flash point, according to the manufacturer, is 223ºC. This rather high indicator.Oil Total Quartz energy 9000 5w30 reviews

The base number of the oil equal to 10.1 mn KOH/g. This suggests the ability of oil to efficiently remove contaminants from engine components, to neutralize the corrosion.

The lubricant Solidifies at a temperature of -36ºC. the characteristics fully meet the high demands of today's manufacturers of motor vehicles.

Laboratory Results

Reviews about motor oil "Total Quartz 5W30” Provided by the experts after conducting independent testing. When considering the test results conclusions can be drawn about the quality of this consumable.

The study revealed that the rate of viscosity corresponds to the manufacturer's value. This is the norm for vehicles of class ACEA A5/B5.Oil Total Quartz 9000 5w30 specifications

The base number is also determined at the manufacturer level. This indicates a high ability of the tools to neutralize any contaminants and to prevent the development of corrosion.

Several different pour point of the oil. Manufacturer specified threshold of -36 ºC, and the test showed that the lubricant begins to solidify at -44ºC. This excellent result, which indicates the possibility to start the engine even in the bitter cold. The results of the study, experts noted the oil “Total Quartz” as a high quality product.


Motor Oil "Total Quartz 5W30” consists of a mineral base and special additives package. They ensure lubricant to all modern norms and requirements.Motor oil Total Quartz 5w30 reviews

The additive Package used in the creation of formulation “Total Quartz”, called Infineum. The sulfur content of the oil is at the level of 0,242 units. This is a good result. The lubricant meets the highest environmental standards, developed in Europe.

Also included an anti-wear additive ZDDP. They are formulated with zinc and phosphorus. The ashless dispersant in the formula is the forest. Detergent and neutralizing additive is calcium. It is a modern, high-quality additive package. They provide stable, full-fledged operation of the engine.


Provides feedback about the oil, Total Quartz 9000 5W30 highlight a number of advantages of consumables. Experts say that when used correctly fuel economy up to 10%.

Oil is resistant to oxidation (high alkaline number). This allows to increase the intervals of operation of the oil before the 3 thousand km, the Engine provided a reliable protection. Thus it is characterized by higher performance.

Represented oil meets environmental standards that are set by the international community. It does not harm the environment and human health with proper maintenance.

After using “Total” the motor is clean. The product contains minimal amounts of sulfur and phosphorus. The rate of ash content is also low.

Expert Reviews

Engine Oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30" reviews which have experts, is a quality product. It can significantly extend the operation of the motor. However, when selecting a new lubricant must be carefully examined tolerances and the recommendations of the manufacturer of the motor vehicle. Otherwise, the use of such funds for the motor can be fatal.

Synthetic oils have a negative impact on the items of the mechanisms of old cars. Therefore it is not recommended to pour into the crankcase of the engine with high mileage or systems that do not meet the requirements of the manufacturer of the oil.

Experts say that this oil is high class for the new motors. It is consistent with the manufacturer specifications, as well as the highest European standards.

Negative feedback drivers

Motor oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30” almost all users are marked as a high-quality product. Approximately 3 percent of drivers left him negative feedback.

Some owners of the vehicles claim that the oil is too expensive. While its quality does not meet their expectations. It quickly burns. Pour new oil quite often.

Also found a lot of fakes are presented lubricant. To get the desired result from the use of “Total Quartz”, you need to purchase a vehicle from approved distributors. Also categorically it is impossible to pour oil into the crankcase of the engine, making sure the correct system requirements. Otherwise, you can expect even more serious consequences than a quick burn oil. Improper use may eventually require an engine overhaul or complete replacement.

Positive feedback

Motor oil "Total Quartz 9000 5W30” in 97% of cases receives positive feedback. It provides an easy startmotor even under extreme temperature fluctuations. The motor is clean. Its power increases. Gasoline consumption is significantly reduced.

When using the presented means the engine runs for a long time, does not require a major overhaul. Oil consumption in the new system is minimal. This allows you to save money for periodic motor maintenance.

Also, the drivers noted the high quality cleaning is presented oil. They argue that the carbon deposits, soot does not accumulate on the metal elements of the system. Oil for a long time is not oxidized. This allows also to extend its operation.

Having Considered the features of the Oils “Total Quartz 9000 5W30" reviews experts and experienced drivers, it is possible to note the high quality of the lubricant. It requires the vehicle owner to carefully approach the choice of the tool for the engine of your car. This product significantly extends the operation of the engine, ensures its stable performance. Savings is achieved through reduced fuel consumption and a long useful life of the lubricant.

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