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The American car market is characterized by powerful mechanisms of natural selection, through which are eliminated structurally weak, requiring frequent repair and maintenance of the machine. The demand for such cars is declining, sales are down and eventually stops production. Many of the problems associated with volatile demand and technical inconsistencies, there is a Ford, Buick and Chevrolet. But there is in the US, several car companies that have never experienced hardship from the recession. These firms apply a Dodge. And although the history of this manufacturer is full of various shocks of an economic nature, but on the logistical front too there were problems, the output of cars the Dodge brand has always been stable.

dodge stratusThe Company bears the name of the Dodge brothers who founded a small manufacture of automotive components and spare parts in 1900. The enterprise was successful, and after fifteen years of fruitful work, the brothers decided to open their own plant for Assembly of cars. However to work them in his new role failed because in 1920 both brothers died. No one had not occurred, that after seventy five years on the conveyor will be assembled a wonderful Dodge car Dodge Stratus. We're getting ahead of ourselves to touch the appearance of a completely exclusive model of the late 20th century, Dodge Stratus, and then continue the chronology of the development of the company Dodge. So gorgeous sedan streamlined under the name of Dodge Stratus made his appearance a splash at the auto show in Detroit in 2002.


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dodge stratus coupeAnd now let's go back to the historical past of the firm Dodge, which has remained without the owner. For eight long years, the company Dodge brothers was in a fever. Numerous questions related to the supply, Assembly and sale of finished products to decide there was no one. And finally, in the situation decided to investigate Walter Chrysler, owner of Chrysler. After much thought, he has acquired all the production assets of the firm Dodge, and it became part of the Chrysler Corporation. In the period from 1930 to 1942 Dodge produced passenger cars, and since the spring of 1942 moved to the production of heavy front-line jeep. In mass production, was a double series of military vehicles WC and WF. Dodge military products were in great demand in the USSR and all-wheel-drive jeep Dodge WC were supplied in large quantities on the system of lend-lease. At the same time, the firm launched the production of powerful aircraft engines that were installed on the Soviet Yak-9.

2003 dodge stratusAt the end of 1945, production of the jeep was dropped, and Dodge has returned to pre-war models of cars. New development was not one of the manufacturer, and customers had to settle for the old machines, obsolete. Only in 1960 that Dodge had developed two new models of the Challenger and Charger. Both cars had sport coupé, and the demand for them kept for ten years. At the jeep Dodge WC was designed and built by the Dodge Power Wagon, which became the ancestor of a whole family of pickups. The whole of the Dodge was going well until in the late 70-ies of the Chrysler caught up with the crisis. Corporations were threatened with bankruptcy, and if not for the help from the state, the firm would be sold for debts. At this time, the Chrysler and with it Dodge, managed to swim out, but needed new projects and fresh design developments was not.

dodge stratus exteriorBut still managed to produce two new vehicles: Dodge Aries, beautiful stylish sedan, and Dodge Caravan. The most successful Dodge Stratus was released in 2001. The model was single, it was immediately modified, and the serial production continued in five variants. Dodge Stratus coupe was the most interesting. Sedans differed in engine power: 202, 154 and 135 HP, and the coupe had the motors 202 and 148 HP, All engines were carbureted. The predecessor of this five Stratonov was another car designed in 1995. This stratus was produced until 2001. Two years later came off the Assembly line of Dodge Stratus 2003, the last of the family of Statusov.

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