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Each car is divided into classes and body types, indicating that their functional characteristics and purpose. For ordinary users, all models can be divided into sports, family, and SUVs. They vary in size, maneuverability, capacity, speed, maneuverability, security, and manageability.

Description model hatchback Toyota Urban Cruiser

Toyota urban cruiser

Well-Known Japanese manufacturer of all classes of vehicles has long established itself on the market: he is not inferior to competitors, surprising new solutions and engineering ideas. Toyota Urban Cruiser touched the soul of every motorist. The machine has front-wheel drive and boxer engine, which is located at the bottom. It can be concluded that the car a low center of gravity, and this means that it is stable and safe, has good traction and excellent flotation.

This is a car in which everything is thought out and balanced. To make the rear of the car the most of mobile engineers put very narrow tires. It seems that because of this decision, the car will be unstable, but this is absolutely not true: his agility is so light that with the control handle even a beginner. This characterizes the car as a family in a comfortable and spacious interior will fit all your amicable family; in the roomy trunk is perfectly consists of purchased products, and after a hard working day or a weekend with the wind and heat can drive out of town or travel with family on the weekend. In fact, the car is a mini SUV and is characterized by stability, maneuverability, maneuverability, allowing it to become a vehicle for all occasions. In addition, the Toyota cars have always been quality and reliability.

Technical characteristics of the car in petrol engine variant

The Engine of this model can be presented in two versions: petrol and diesel variant. Equipped with a petrol four-cylinder 1.3 litre, with a capacity of 101 l/s and a maximum speed of 175 km/h Acceleration to 100 km in this modification is 11.7 s and the torque ranges from 132 to 205 nm at the maximum revolutions per minute - 4000. The number of stipulated seats five car length 3.9 m, weight 1700 kg, fuel tank capacity 42 l. transmission in both versions can be both mechanical and automatic, with six gears with front-and all-wheel drive.


Specifications in diesel versions

As for the diesel version, this design for economy with four-wheel drive. Engine size - 1.4 l, and the maximum speed (and other characteristics) coincides with petrol modification. The engine is equipped with turbocharger and intercooler, fuel consumption is 4.9 liters per 100 km. Each of these options is presented in the best traditions of the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The price of "diesel" and "gasoline" were not significantly different.


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Exterior and interior design

The Car looks quite compact. He developed a new class of mini-SUVs. The beautiful design stands out for its uniqueness and individual, unique style. The car is elegant and at the same time personable, not stiff, but presentable. Serving high window line, massive rack and larger rear wheel arches make the car "Toyota urban cruiser" more daring, aggressive and a little wild. Front and rear bumpers with trapezoidal, which is typical for Toyota, massive, pronounced grille gives the car even more class and overall. toyota urban cruiser

The interior, like the exterior design, customized, colorful and personable. Interior decoration of engaged professionals who know a lot about fashion and basic areas - known firm ED2 in the South of France. Wide and expressive dashboard with panels on which are located the tachometer and speedometer, comfortable and spacious seat with the ability to transform, the original tight compartment, represented in a variety of colors. However, a lot of rough shapes and hard plastic.

Basic and advanced configuration

The basic equipment includes front and rear electric Windows, climate control, CD player, 6 speaker system without key of ignition, 7 airbags, ABS, VSC and TRC. Additionally, you can install a satellite navigation system, heated seats and leather interior. It's not all the features of this car: it is possible to expand the package according to your desire, there is a possibility of external and internal tuning and urban cruiser owner reviews

Japanese Toyota Urban Cruiser: owner reviews

Most of the reviews focused on the exterior design of this car, because it really leaves no one indifferent. Praise the car for its compactness, presentable and aggressive appearance. Less reviews gets a car. Owners love its roomy trunk and spacious, but the design and specifications have not gained such popularity. Buyers proud of their purchase, and all because this is the dream of every advertising campaign that embodied all at once. Like chocolatebar, tasty, healthy and inexpensive, the Toyota Urban Cruiser – is a quality, reliable and comfortable car well-known brand for a relatively low price, which is only 24 000 $.toyota urban cruiser price

According to many car owners, it's a car with character: easily operated, the turning radius when maneuvering enough, the machine is agile and playful, but with her management easy to handle even for the most inexperienced driver. You will not be bored driving a Toyota Urban Cruiser.

As said by many users, the car is fun and nimble, easily controllable and maneuverable, in contrast to the majority of heavy and unwieldy SUVs. While his passing ability at the highest level: he is able to climb quite a steep climb to overcome the primer and roads, to protect from rain and harsh weather conditions.

This is one of the few vehicles that will meet the needs of the whole family. It is not a shame to take the kids to school or to the prom, to go to the club or to work, to rest or ride in the city - the perfect car for all occasions.

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