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Modern realities allow the customer to choose any design organization, which is suitable in all respects, in timing, price and quality of services provided. Still not the last role in the creation of the project for the construction of plays a chief engineer. Decoding acronyms, chief project engineer. The functions of a specialist involve not only the affixing of the signature page on the project documentation for compliance with specific regulatory documents in the field of construction, but also a wide range of duties.

In the broadest sense, the ISU – specialist with higher education construction, a certain experience, passing periodically refresher courses, excellent organizational skills. The flexibility of mind and the experience of such a specialist will depend on the quality of the project. The chief engineer must propose new and original ideas that will satisfy the needs of the customer with minimum expenses.


Myths about the position ISU

Many customers are still fully confident that ISU – the person in charge fully for the quality of all documentation. In fact, earlier this specialist took personal decisions and bore the consequences for their responsibilities. However, to date such a person only the project Manager. The main functional duty officers – to ensure a dynamic flow of investments and returns from financial investments. Simply put, one looks at the project from an economic point of view, optimizing processes that will allow you to earn more income with minimal investment. Decisions of a technical nature are accepted by other participants of the project, of course, negotiate with the CPE.


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Chief engineer of the project may not even physically inspect all phases of the project, it is only one of the band members to create the project.

Go to Jail or not

Do Not think that in case of accident be sure to plant engineer. In fact, the pretrial investigation involves the appointment identify of the designer who made the incorrect factors or incorrectly made calculations that the contractor be charged. It turns out which organization gave an expert opinion. Although the penalty may be in respect of inspector, and in this case, the ISU puts his signature on the design documents, thereby confirming that he checked the documents.

project engineer

Highest qualification

Stable, but not the correct view that the ISU – the most qualified of the entire project organization. In fact, when we select a candidate for the position, the employer is guided by other criteria. For some it is important that the applicant had a second education, economic or profiling, for example, a diploma in building ventilation systems. The candidate must possess excellent communication skills, be organized, to keep under control the deadlines of all stages of the project, to be able to negotiate and other skills.

Which side of the GUI

Project Manager – it is a kind of referee, who must reconcile the parties. If the heating engineer and the electrician could not agree, naturally, that the chief engineer cannot be qualified in specific issues than specialized designers. Therefore, it needs to convey to both sides the economic feasibility of the dispute, in fact, to protect the interests of the investor without loss of quality and full compliance with safety regulations.

project Manager

Requirements for job descriptions

Special requirements for the form of job descriptions, the ISU is not, however, you should clearly prescribe the rights and obligations.

Eligibility requirements

Naturally, the best option when the specialist is first, the education profile, the second can act as an additional advantage when deciding when choosing an employer among the candidates.

As a rule, the chief engineer in construction must be experience in the requirements of the vacancy not less than 8 years. If the object is huge and industrial scale, the 10 years. The logical conclusion is that the applicant may not be younger than 28 years. To the top of the bar applicants for this position requirements are usually not, as even those are mostly of retirement age are full of energy with a huge and invaluable experience of designing and project management.

GIP decoding acronyms


ISU – is a key person. He has a broad range of responsibilities.

Project Manager required to provide technical leadership on design and prospecting works. To carry out supervision of direct construction of the object and its commissioning.

The ISU is obliged to take all possible measures to improve the quality of estimates and project documentation. Also prepares all the data for the conclusion of contracts with customers.

Responsibilities include development of schedules and tasks for subcontractors. In the future, it should monitor the performance of the obligations of the contractor.

Is Obliged to check non-infringement and patentability of materials, equipment, which used for the first time. Shall conduct the defense of the project.

The ISU needs to justify the retreat from the project of existing building codes. To prepare opinions on inventions and rationalization proposals of the designers.

Must evaluate the immediate risks that can arise on the way of implementation of the project. Obliged to monitor customer satisfaction, services of the company. To interact with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field conducting examinations. Must defend the project in expertise bodies and authorities.

Chief engineer on the construction distributes the responsibility between the developers design decisions and leaders. Interacts with the contract Department, accounting and other services of the employer.

Develops proposals on possible candidates of the developers particular design decisions.

Need to organize the work on elimination of discrepancies, technical documentation and project estimates. To reduce the cost of project documentation.

chief engineer in construction


Supervision today is voluntary and is not regulated by any normative acts, so that such a function can be envisaged only in local acts, that is in the job description.

Chief engineer in construction may participate in the working Committee for the selection trails and sites for construction, to participate in the design and testing of engineering networks. It should be remembered that the selection of sites and engineering surveys are not the responsibility of GIPA, this function is assigned to the customer. The chief engineer can only participate in the Commission and to Express their professional opinion. Has the right to participate in the review of projects.

Has the right to negotiate during the conclusion of contracts with contractors to determine the prices and to participate in tenders and tenders for design and survey works.

May submit proposals to senior management including information on introduction of new requirements in design and estimate documentation.

engineer construction

What you need to know GUI

Chief engineer should be guided by the applicable rules and laws, construction norms and rules, state Standards, construction code. To understand and apply in practice the provisions and requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 and GOST ISO 9001-2015. The ISU is obligated on a continuous basis to educate themselves and improve their qualifications. Should also have an idea about the organization and management of production. Needs to follow new developments in the field of design and construction. Know the rules and norms of labor protection, basics of copyright and patent law.


The Chief project engineer may be responsible under existing legislation, for architectural solutions and technical and economic indicators for the construction project, the timeliness and completeness of design and estimate documentation. Also, the job description may provide liability under the default of the signed job descriptions.

job description ISU

Profession – assistant chief engineer

Not so long ago appeared a new profession – assistant engineer. Such a position can take even a young specialist without work experience. Typically, the job is to direct assistance to the chief engineer. Key requirements include the following personal and professional qualities:

  • Higher or secondary education in construction;
  • Ability to read blueprints;
  • Activity;
  • Communication skills;
  • Knowledge of computer and special programs.

Naturally, officials ...

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