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Personnel Assessment allows you to identify how competent the employees involved in the enterprise, and it is the performance of their work – the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of the company. To clarify the impact of performance of different employees assigned duties it is necessary to use special evaluation techniques. They allow you to determine what are the strengths employed, what are the weak aspects of how you can use the worker to great effect and benefit.

General idea

Evaluation of personnel is performed by using a dedicated system, tailored to the individual characteristics of a particular company. Within this assessment evaluates the following characteristics of all team members:

  • Skills;
  • Experience;
  • Skills.

Responsible for the evaluation of personnel in organizations individuals are a program on the basis of which it is possible to improve personnel structure and think through what management methods should be implemented to improve the efficiency of the workflow. Developed ways to improve the level of qualification, methods of selection of profession, forming a personnel reserve.

Goals and Objectives

Personnel Assessment allows us to understand the extent to which the employee, solving imputed to him the responsibility of the task, applies the skills acquired earlier, and also gives an idea about the development of an innovative experience that allows us to solve unusual, complex problems. Really useful result gives a comprehensive approach to the issue. The person responsible for the analysis, should be well versed in the nuances of all the workflows, responsibilities of workers. Evaluation starts with determining the extent to which the employee to the position occupied at the present moment, allows us to estimate the potential associated with each of the workers, to find ways to implement it to their mutual advantage: for the person and for the company, giving him a job. The analysts, working with information about the workers, must take into account the goals the goals of the company.

business personnel evaluation

When hiring a person to work staffing professionals analyze the following main features of the Challenger:

  • Qualification level;
  • Experience.

But obtained from diplomas, certificates, certificates and recommendations data, and the first impression formed during the interview – this is only a General idea, which does not always correspond to reality: in practice, the employee may confirm the experience of which so confidently pointed out in the summary, show their unpreparedness. There is another option: human resources sees that the man will cope with much more complex tasks than inherent to the position for which the applicant took.

Cooperation with the employee provides the necessary objective data to determine the extent to which the face corresponds to the position occupied by them. Analyzing the indicators of assessment of personnel, human resources service to identify additional knowledge, personal characteristics, relates them to the criteria that are important to the selected position.

Specialists on staff to pay attention: it is necessary not only to be able to perform of employees and to assess the quality of their work, but also to ensure that what these individuals give themselves. Every person working in the enterprise should self-assess their abilities, possibilities and prospects. His conclusions and the resulting personnel service allows us to understand the extent to which the needs of the employee and its capabilities are similar, as it is combined with the goals of the company, what contribution a person can bring to the common cause.

Regular organization of certification and assessment – scoring method:

  • The formation of an efficient industrial structure.
  • Allocation of labor resources;
  • Improve performance of health staff.

Controlling, giving employees new opportunities, evaluating the activities of personnel, personnel specialists make a significant contribution to the optimization of the workflow of the company. This is useful on a personal level, as every employee can be sure that his abilities are used to the fullest extent possible in the given conditions. This stimulates even more carefully, responsibly and efficiently to fulfill all the tasks assigned to the employee.

Main goals: what?

The Assessment of work allows us to understand the extent to which the costs of specific work related to funds spent by the company on the workplace and the worker occupying it. In particular, the analysis can identify experts whosethe performance level is extremely low. To contain such a person for the enterprise is unprofitable, and to optimize spending should organize personnel reform in order to transfer the worker to a position in which he will be able to realize their potential, using all available skills without affecting overall gain.

Evaluation of staff allows you to clearly restrict the functionality of a specific worker in the overall workflow of the enterprise, based on his inherent skills. There are situations when a person excels in teamwork, strives to new heights, demonstrates the excellent working qualities. It is possible that one of the areas of activity of the enterprise requires such properties of the personality, and therefore, the employee can be an important and valuable frame to affect the revenue component, and thus lead the organization to success. The main task of the employer – to see this potential and create conditions for its implementation.

Performance Assessment provides an opportunity to understand what potential employees how you can implement it without spending additional funds, and benefit for the company. Ordinary workers, for a long time workers in the firm, acquire the skills, knowledge, extensive experience, and therefore receive base required for decision-making positions. Realizing this and applying the results of personnel evaluation to personnel changes, it is possible to effectively operating the management structure without spending money and time searching the third-party worker who had to teach.

Tasks: key aspects

Performance Assessment allows you to create powerful personnel reserve on the basis of employed in the enterprise of individuals, and thus reduce the costs associated with attracting new people. In addition, events provide the opportunity to:

  • Improve methods of monitoring the working process of the company;
  • To improve the control of discipline in the workplace;
  • Stimulate the interest of employees in improving individual performance;
  • To prepare high-level professionals;
  • To identify among the employed potential managers, to change their profile, submit to training;
  • Optimize staffing, to allocate responsibilities, functions, using the appraisal results (translation, reduction);
  • Introduce new levers of motivation, stimulating staff to improve performance, skills development.

For training personnel evaluation – an important aspect that encourages the company to take courses, programs, and seminars. Workers realize that it gives them new opportunities, improve career prospects, and therefore, the financial situation will become more stable. On the other hand, it is possible to realize the potential. The person, who see the attitude of the firm and assess its ready to create your own improvement projects, development of the company at different levels, often at an unusual, original ideas, really valuable for the firm.

staff evaluation

Validation: functionality

The system of personnel evaluation shall have the following functions:

  • Provide HR Department with relevant information;
  • Administration;
  • Increased motivation.

The Administrative function involves:

  • Transfer to a new position according to the results of the evaluation;
  • Improve;
  • Termination;
  • Referral to additional training;
  • Remuneration.

An Informative component of personnel evaluation is being implemented to improve the efficiency of management processes, interaction with the staff. In addition to the workers as much detail as possible to convey the information about the parameters of the evaluation workflow: productivity, quality of task execution. The evaluation of staff:

  • Assess the level of workload of employees;
  • Analyze the performance of the work;
  • Identify the compliance of the qualification level and requirements of the enterprise;
  • Increase wages, if it seems promising.

Motivation through assessment of employees – is a method of determining the extent to which different individuals are interested in increasing the productivity of the workflow. The results of the evaluation are important for individuals and for the company as a whole: it provides feedback, which can significantly increase production efficiency. Motivation is implemented through the possibilities:

  • Promotion on the career ladder;
  • Self-improvement at the expense of the company.
evaluation of personnel

Do I Need it?

Personnel Assessment and only then will benefit when thought out.

  • Analyze the parameters and scale for their research;
  • Methods of obtaining reliable information;
  • Approaches to analyze aspects of the workflow, not quantifiable;
  • The way to eliminate the influence of personal sympathies.

Not less important nuance – the correct selection of employees responsible for evaluation activities. Head will have to figure out if whether the firm such persons, whose competence is sufficient for adequate, accurate, objective business estimation of the personnel.

Usually the evaluation of the eventorganize in the following circumstances:

  • Stable flow of qualified, valuable staff;
  • The need for making staffing decisions linked with the managerial staff;
  • Change of the persons responsible for the management processes;
  • Change the strategy of the company;
  • Need in the project team that would be responsible for the strategic objectives;
  • The planned optimization of activities of the company;
  • Restructuring
  • Mass reduction;
  • Assessment of the competence of employees for training;
  • A persistent decrease in the production of discipline;
  • Frequent conflicts between the employed.

The Business estimation of the personnel required if the company management selected a new direction of the company, provided funds for their development and, therefore, staffing resources are required by which the work will be done. Often, evaluation measures are needed if formed the priority basis for personnel changes within the company, as well as with the increasing cases of complaints unhappy with your place of workers in hasinstance.

Valuation is required if the company is the development or updating of motivational factors. System of personnel assessment is required if such was not – the development and implementation of the program will give access to the new features of the personnel policy.

performance evaluation of staff

Evaluation: methods

Modern methods of personnel assessment – quite a large variety of approaches United by one goal – to give the most accurate assessment of each individual worker in the company.

One of the basic options – analysis of documentation. It is indispensable when a person can only take on the work without the information gleaned from actual observation of its activities. Analysis of documents will be useful in the course of cooperation, as the materials can be gleaned some useful information about qualifications and the same level. Analyze:

  • Summary;
  • Recommendation;
  • Features;
  • Certificates
  • The documents confirming obtained education.

This method of staff assessment involves the identification of the authenticity of all securities provided by the employee. If the person taking the position, after some time compare the stated in the submitted documents and actual performance of its work, evaluating the present level of qualification, testing whether that skilled person as he was.

Effective methods of evaluation:

  • Analyze employee behavior at job interviews;
  • Testing programs to assess the professional level for a particular job;
  • Analysis of the requirements established in the regulations, the employee satisfaction them;
  • Business essay.

The Preparation of material for test in the profession usually trust the head of the unit, which can employ a worker. In some cases, it is reasonable to employ the external expert, highly qualified narrow specialists.

For analysis of the performance of the workers tasks and the results corresponding to the established norms must develop a rating scale on the basis of which to formulate conclusions.

The Essay allows us to estimate the extent to which the employee is able to solve in the short term put before him the problem. Analysts can understand what are the strategic abilities of colleagues as he has an inherent ability determine the best ways out of difficult situations peculiar to a certain position.

methods of personnel assessment

Methods and options

For the analysis you can use the criteria of personnel evaluation for psychological testing. The staff issued tests, the results of which describe the personality type of the person and give specific score – assessment of the qualities of workers. Conduct personality tests – scope of responsibility of personnel specialist who has undergone specific training. The technique is quite complex and the analysis of its results is carried out with a preliminary acquaintance with the methods of processing data for a specific questionnaire.

Evaluation of staff competency – another very popular and effective method. To do this, first make a list of characteristics on the basis of which you can evaluate the efficiency of the worker, the quality level of the performances objectives. List of competencies should correspond to a certain position, for different jobs are set individually.

Another method of performance evaluation of staff – ranking, in which explore all the employees of a single Department. The analysis is based on the performance of persons whose activities are related to each other. Rating chain analysts are guided by pre-formulated list of criteria.

On most modern businesses are resorting to the technique called "360 degree". This includes an analysis of information about a particular person coming from different sources:

  • Colleagues;
  • Clients;
  • Subordinates.

Analysis of information allows us to estimate the extent to which the person is required for a particular job competencies as it manifests in their everyday life.

Another well-known approach – Assessment centre applyfor the analysis of manufacturing positions, and for evaluation of personnel management (this reveals the efficiency of the HR Department, managing staff). An integrated approach begins with drawing up a rather extensive list of options, each of which will have to evaluate the performance of employees. Observers should be several. The team tracks a group of employed, following the execution of their tasks, evaluates the behavior of the individual participants, their actions. Observers have a script optimal reaction experimental in different situations. Following it, is determined by the extent to which individuals show an adequate response to the factors. Obtained with this observation, the results are discussed within the responsible for the team's analysis and conclusions serve as a basis for making management decisions.

Well established involving the interaction of the superior and subordinate method of staff assessment. The efficiency of personnel management with the help of such technology, called CVM, due to the peculiarities of the method of work begins with the formulation of objectives for the employee, determine the time span for their execution. The task of the head – choose a reasonable period, a reasonable number of targets to make sure they were all really important, corresponded to specific posts. In formulating objectives, it is necessary to monitor compliance with the criteria:

  • Ability to measure results;
  • The specifics of language;
  • The importance of the task;
  • Time limits;
  • Able to successfully achieve the planned.

Assessment: analysis to optimize workflow

If you pre-compile a list of criteria to assess the effectiveness, can be analysed using fairly reliable methodology KPI based on the research productivity of different workers. Formulating criteria for the analysis, consider the goals, challenges facing the firm at the same time adhere to the most simple and clear wording: an employee whose work will be to analyze, need to understand the nature of the parameters.

Often resort to recruitment audit to assess staff. This technique gives the opportunity to evaluate the quality of labor resources, efficiency of the management system, the feasibility set for the enterprise objectives through the staff available at the moment. Analysts, planning HR audit, first examine the objectives of the company, and only then begin to work with the data on employed. The right approach allows to identify dangerous areas and the most promising directions of development.

Certification – a method of staff evaluation that allow to assess to what extent the real working process the worker complies with the standards and requirements for the position held, the specific workplace.

evaluating the effectiveness of staff

Popular lately are test cases. These are the methods of assessment on which work begins with the description of some situation peculiar to a particular trade. You need to be more structured, precise, objective description provided to the analyzing employee. The task of the staff member – to determine which way the solution of the problem will be optimal for the given conditions. Analysts receive enough information to evaluate the competence, knowledge, abilities, personality characteristics, at the same time teaching worker behavior in such conditions.

Assessment and analysis: for the benefit of the efforts?

Obtained in the course of personnel evaluation information should be analyzed to organize and structure. The only way to get an objective view on human resources of the enterprise. Correctly, responsibly itnesses to the task, you can:

  • To understand how their staff are competent;
  • How great professional contribution of different persons in the company;
  • How is the qualification level corresponds to the purposes, aims, standing in front of the employees;
  • To reward employees in accordance with qualifications, benefits they bring to the firm;
  • To determine what is the scope of responsibility of officials taking into account the duties;
  • Understand how balanced human resource firms, mistakes made;
  • To outline the main tasks for the upcoming assessment events;
  • Study the strengths, weaknesses of the chosen method of analysis;
  • Identify legal risks inherent in the current structure, design work (considering laws and regulations);
  • To make recommendations to eliminate the violations discovered during the inspection;
  • Understand how to improve the quality of human resource;
  • Create a plan focused on staff development, paying particular attention to risk factors.


Implementation of the evaluation staff of the enterprise requires correctly to choose best for a particular company method. There are situations when the user stops on the way, not appropriate to the maturity level of the organization. A neglected motivational factor, both monetary and intangible.

It is Important to note that the staff is too frequent inspections are usually perceived negatively, and managers this work seems tedious, a waste of time – irrational. To obtainmaximum efficiency frequency of treatments should be selected considering the characteristics of the company.

In many companies the feedback between managers and staff is too weak, so the line workers simply do not perceive evaluation as something important, meaningful. Playing the role of self-esteem: some people – higher than the actual abilities, others – low. In either case, it becomes a significant obstacle to the assessment of the competence of the worker, skills that he has in reality, and therefore could apply for the benefit of the company.

Attention to details

For any modern company assessment of personnel – an important aspect of management management a major step towards improvement of the enterprise and optimization work activities. A reasonable application of the techniques, methods, improves the efficiency of the working process, strengthen the motivational component, to improve the competence of personnel to do the job more productive.

evaluation of personnel

Personnel Assessment – is a technological aspect personnel services. For the successful implementation of activities must have the skills, knowledge. To entrust the evaluation of personnel should only professionals who had undergone special training. In formulating the estimates, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of corporate culture and the specific requirements of various positions.

In fact, during the evaluation of the employee is compared to the real person and the ideal image of which is to create, considering the requirements of the position, performance leadership established by the labor market conditions. In the analysis of HR managers receive information about the peculiarities of the psychology of workers, the level of performance, can find ways to improve this figure. In total, this allows to strengthen the competitiveness of the firm rationally to allocate resources, improve customer service and increase profitability of the enterprise. Regular evaluation of staff – a method of correcting the HR policy and source of information for management decisions and the path of advancement of the enterprise market.

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